Camine : Jagger Centre 2001_09

Camine played on September 2001 at the Mick Jagger Centre, Shepherds Lane, Dartford.
The MP3 offerings here are a sampling of live recordings from an excellent gig at this important new Venue.
They give an idea of the quality of the music we expect from their new CD when it is released - when these perfectionists are satisfied with it. As always the quality of the harmony singing from these twins is remarable.

I am hoping to soon be able to sell the CD as a whole or just individual MP3 tracks on KentFolk, using the Canterbury-Kent "shop" (probably 50p to £1 per each MP3 file), and will then be able to place more MP3s here.

As always, these MP3 files are mounted here with the artist's approval - If you like them, please buy Camine's new CD when it comes out, or their excellent Jacob's Ladder CD "Kite", From :

Andy Renshaw
(from Camine)

Tel: 01227 786 126

Camine : Jagger Centre 2001_09

MP3 Music - Three full tracks :

1: Raglen Road

Ramona: Whistle, vocals
Zinta: Guitar, vocals
- 6min 49sec, 6.4MBytes.


2: Open your eyes

Ramona: Vocals
Zinta: Vocals
- 3min 9sec, 3.0MBytes.


3: Two Reels

Andy: Percussion
Ramona: Whistle.
Zinta: Guitar.
- 3min 33sec, 3.3MBytes.


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