RJ3 Faversham Folk 2001.

Wednesday 7th November 2001.

A KentFolk live recording.

Robb Johnson (guitar, highly original songs), our very own Saskia Tomkins (exquisite fiddle, viola) and Miranda Sykes (wonderful double bass) were guest artists at Faversham Folk Club, in the Chimney Boy.

And an excellent evening it was, too, some fine playing, interesting songs.
Kent Folk has a recording - although single mike only - here are three of the songs - including a highly topical one on the terrorist troubles and the war in Afghanistan that has not yet been released.

MP3 Music.

Some MP3s recorded at the gig are down-loadable below :
disc_aa.gif - Oliver Twist (3min 4 sec) (1.4 MB)
disc_aa.gif - Seven Years Old (3min 9sec) (1.5 MB)
disc_aa.gif - Peace at Last (4min 18sec) (2 MB)