Monkey Puzzle.


Monkey Puzzle are a recent group that are one of Kent's quality acts; they comprise :

Monkey Puzzle (and Chris Taylor) are in Jordan at the Jerash Folk Festival at the moment. I just wonder where they will be in a year or two - hear them now while they are still based in Kent, and you can see them for the price of a pint or two of beer.
- [So ever since, to hear Laura you have had to spend most of the year in Aus, but we have had a few great gigs from her on flying visits, she has brought some great music back with her; and Lucy has been making excellent progress as well, playing with some great names. Check out Fiddlers Various 2005- Beau 2007].

Monkey Puzzle Gig Recordings.

Monkey Puzzle had a most excellent gig at the Ship Centurian in Whitstable, on the 22nd of June (2000), and I came away with over two hours on tape. Sorry that it has taken me so long to put it up in the web, but just selecting only a few 30 second slices was hard - and Laura and Lucy want to polish some bits that were my first choice. I have moved sound files to a new host and am now able to put up a complete recording of the Moldovian Hora.

Thanks to Ray Sandwell for an excellent mix from his sound desk.

MP3 Music.

Short 30sec 0.5Mbyte MP3 excerpts from the gig are down-loadable below : - also full track :
disc_aa.gif - Jenny's welcome to Charlie
disc_aa.gif - Moldovian Hora - disc_aa.gif - 3min 8sec, 2.9MByte
disc_aa.gif - Full Rigged Ship Set - 1
disc_aa.gif - Full Rigged Ship Set - 2 (Cajun)
disc_aa.gif - Full Rigged Ship Set - 3

Recording © copyright: Dr. Beau Webber, Laura Targett, Lucy Randall and Peter Gazey, 2000.
(p) performance: Laura Targett, Lucy Randall and Peter Gazey, 2000.

Monkey Puzzle Gig Photos.

I have realised that I do not have a single photo of a Monkey Puzzle gig - too busy listening, I guess.
Still I do have photos of Lucy, Laura and Pete at other gigs and sessions, so here are a couple.

lucy+laura_21.jpg) pete_gazey_22.jpg)