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Look Now


Look now, that's me in the mirror

Look now, tell me what you see

Look now, darling please move closer

Look now, you're standing next to me

Trying to work out problems with a love that's past and gone

Standing at your shoulder crying when it falls apart

Neither of us had a choice about what would happen

My choice would be to love, not to depart


It's a dance as old as time, two people maybe touching

Breaking up to say goodbye, without a prayer

I awaken in the morning to hear the telephone ringing

I hope to hear your voice, but you're not there


I meet you the next day, like two cats in an alley

The warmth that should have gone still remains

You try to say goodbye, but instead you draw me closer

Now two hearts beat as one once again

Chorus x 2 with

Look now, do you want to make love to me

As the last line


Bob Simmons on Friday 21st September 2001