Original Songs on KentFolk


Dance to the possible

Are you looking, trying to find some answers to your questions

Are you hoping if you're answered, that you'll understand what's said


Do you realise I'm open to suggestion

But don't suggest impossibilities

I listen to what you say

And dance to the possible

How easy is it to write a letter to someone who really needs you

Would you listen to the answer if you received it yourself?


Pick up the phone, have a conversation, but what's been said

Saying aimless things, "What's the point?", when someone really wants



Sitting at a table, looking out across an empty room

The space that tells a story could be filled and provide, give an answer


I am going to write a song to tell you how I'm feeling

I would like to write the truth, but the words get in the way


Last line x3

Bob Simmons on Friday 15th June 2001