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February 2006

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From the Sussex news (below) :

The Waterboys, Karma to Burn, Tour

Atmospheric, raw, exciting and passionate, The Waterboys (best known for the smash hit single Whole of the Moon), are re-formed and ready to rock. Performing tracks from their stunning new live album Karma To Burn, their trademark blend of rock'n'roll, acoustic soul and firebrand Celticfolk is as strong as ever, don't miss your chance to see them live when they come to Brighton Dome

'[Mike Scott is] one of music's last true mavericks' The Guardian
Thu 2 Feb 8pm £18, £22

From: "Kent Band" kentband_at_blueyonder_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Funding for talented young musicians

The charity AWARDS FOR YOUNG MUSICIANS helped 120 young people last year.
The charity is looking for more talent to support in 2006. Individual awards are for under 18s and range up to £2000 each.

Musically talented young people can apply to the charity for help with buying an instrument, paying their music tuition fees or attending music courses. Application forms are available from and the deadline for getting them in is 31 January 2006. Awards will be made in April 2006.
It is notoriously difficult to define talent and, in the absence of another method at present, the eligibility criteria is "distinction in last music examination". Parents are also required to give evidence of need for financial support.

For more details contact:

Bridget Sime
Awards for Young Musicians
Tel: 01268 571887
E: awards_at_a-y-m_dot_org_dot_uk; Website:

From: "Folk Spots" folkspots_at_btinternet_dot_com
Subject: Kent goes to Washington

Hi all,

Today I attended the Seminar called by KCC and the Smithsonian to find out more about their plans for 2007. It looks certain that the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2007 in Washington DC will include a strong contingent of businesses and arts from Kent. KCC are committed to putting in $400,000 and the Smithsonian will put up over $1,500,000. There will also be other sponsorship and commitments. This funding is for the whole festival which will include businesses and arts from several other countries, US States, Wales, Ireland, etc. not just Kent. The idea from KCC's point of view is to promote Kent in economic and tourism terms through what is effectively a giant expo style event and an arts festival rolled into one. The Festival has been running successfully for over 30 years or there about. It will include all forms of performing arts, dance, music, etc. not just folk so let us hope with the Smithsonian influence folk gets a good look in. It looks very exiting so I have registered an interest and will keep you informed when I hear more.
Check out the Smithsonian website at


Alan has offered to coordinate the Kentish Folk response to this initiative.

From: Leila Maggs
Subject: FW: SEFAN:2005-11-03:02: 'Kent goes to Washington' - KentFolk
Dear Dr Webber,

I am replying on behalf of Rebecca Casson to answer your questions regarding the Smithsonian Festival in 2007.

The Festival runs for ten days - normally the last weekend in June and the first in July which covers the July 4th holiday. It is the largest annual cultural event in the U.S. capital and receives considerable publicity, typically reaching 40 million readers and viewers through print and electronic media. England has never featured in the Festival, neither has a county, and this is a unique opportunity for Kent. For more information visit

The Smithsonian are particularly interested in people who currently practice traditional crafts and trades or produce Kentish items. Some individual places at the festival will be fully funded, with honorariums paid, but we are also seeking partners from organisations that may wish to promote themselves on an international stage.

The Smithsonian usually produce a cd for each festival on their folkways label - see for more information.

The theme for our part of the festival has yet to be confirmed. However, the Curator has expressed an interest in the following areas: Music related to calendar customs and activities (Boxing Day, May Day), "Folk Music", Hopping songs and pub songs. However, at this point no program is fixed and all enquiries are very exploratory.

I hope that has answered your questions - if you have any more please feel free to contact me.
Many thanks


If you go to you will find thousands of folk tracks - you can listen to brief snippets, and then if you like the tracks, download them for 99c each.
Suggestions to me beau_at_kentfolk_dot_com for tracks from Kentish (or other) music that satisfy the above request, and for musicians that deserve mentioning (i.e. Ken Latham and his CDs)

Kentish Festivals :

Follow the above link to find the dates of the Kentish Festivals in 2006, with links to the individual festival web pages.

Suggested gig-list formats

I recently added the capability to generate some of the Event Tables, that the KentFolk monthly calendars are created from, by the direct reading of a limited number of venue and group gig lists that are on the web.

Hopefully I will have more time to extend the number of Event Tables that can be updated this way.

Please follow this link if you are thinking of puting your gig lists on the web, or plan to send gig information to KentFolk.

New Licencing Laws - effects on music

Subject: SEFAN:2005-06-20:01.' Two in a bar rule' to go on 24 November 2005
Don't forget to keep pushing your venues, contacts etc.
to ensure that they're all in order.
luv 1d x

Begin forwarded message:

From: Fee Lock via MF Broadcast engine
Subject: 'Two in a bar rule' to go on 24 November 2005

This is a broadcast message for The Morris Federation
=======message follows========

The 'two in a bar rule' will finally cease on 24 November 2005. This exemption from public entertainment licensing for one or two live performers was originally introduced in 1961.
Music and licensing minister James Purnell announced the date during a debate on licensing on Wednesday 08 June A DCMS press statement also confirmed the date:
24 November marks the end of the 'transition period' during which all existing licences must be converted or varied to the new premises licence.
Many, if not most, two in a bar gigs will have to be licensed under the new regime. Such gigs could be lost or postponed because local authorities may not be able to process the necessary 'variation' applications within two months (i.e. by 6 October, two months after the 6 August deadline for conversion applications). The new law states that variation applications not processed within two months are deemed refused.
Landlords whose live music applications have failed for this reason could continue to trade after 24 November, but without the live music (unless they opted for a Temporary Event Notice, up to 12 allowed per premises per year). To get a permanent live music authorisation they would have to appeal to the magistrates court to reinstate their 'variation' for live music, or re-apply to the local authority. Either way this will take months, not to mention the paperwork, fees, and potential for knock-on costs.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Penny Allen / Anthony John Allen

South East Folk Arts Network:
Company Limited by Guarantee No: 5114495

Stepback Project & Broken Ankles:

"Fiddlers Various", with 7 top quality/virtuoso fiddlers and all British uillean pipe champion, in the excellent Littlebourne Thatched Barn, plus two pub gigs over a long weekend:

went even better than I hoped - gigabytes of recorded sound, 4 hours of video - I hope to get the photo report up soon, just also a very important time for my research at the moment so that has to take precedence.

Adrian `O

Adrian `O - our very own Story Teller and Landscape Photographer - has taken camera (and Sue !) on a round the world exploration - I have seen some of his previous photographs, and can not wait to see what he had brought back.
Follow the Adrian `O's travels link to find out more.

So now Adrian and Sue are back - congratulations on a successful and wonderful trip - and thanks for taking us along by e-mail - now we just wait for the photos ...

On the 29th September Adrian did a very well attended evening of Stories, Poems and Songs in the Alma in Deal.
Adrian writes : From: Adrian O
Subject: Another Performance

The Date Of The Big Slide Show ( Called Passages ) From Our Big Trip
Is Sat 21 Jan 06 At The Landmark Centre Deal 7.45 Pm

Images - Poems - Music - with Special Guest

Katie Bradley..... Who Will Sing Over Selected Passages

Further Info To Follow In The Next Week Or So...... It Will Be A Ticket Only Will Be £5....and Can Be Had By Calling 01304 370119

This Will Be Followed In Feb 06 ( Sat 18 Th ) At The Same Venue By Another Performance of Earth Poem.........with Ramona Egle on Harp And Low Whistle...had A Lot Of Requests For It To Be Seen Again.....again ...will Be Ticket Only Give Us A Ring

Further Info Will Follow

Hope To See You Soon......................adrian O.

From: Adrian O adrian_o_stories_at_hotmail_dot_Com
Subject: Adrian's Images and Poems

Hi Everybody......... Well The Dates Are Set...... The Venue Booked....and Tickets Are Now Available If You Would Like Them. After An Amazing Trip to The Other End of The Earth.......and Returning with 6000 Images and A Book Full of Poems......The First Performance of " Passages " Will Be On Sat 21 Jan 06 at The Landmark Centre, High St. Deal. at 7,45. with Guest... Blues Singer.... Katie Bradley..... Whose Wonderful Vocals Will Add....That Extra Special Quality.....To.... The Best Set of Landscape Photos I Have Ever Taken.
Tickets Must Be Booked in Advance..... We Are Not Allowed to Sell On The Door
There Will Be A Bar Available ........ Tickets Are £5 Chqs to A. Sullivan

Available from Adrian Sullivan
2 Mariners View
Sandown Rd
Deal. Kent Ct14 6pg. Tel 01304 370119

Dont Forget to Include Your Address

and Then..........
4 Weeks Later.....On Sat 18 Feb..... Same Venue.....Same Time....

A Performance of " Earthpoem " ........An Evening of More Landscapes..and Poems.

with Harp and Low Whistle by The Very Talented...... Ramona Egle ( of Camine )

This Show Will Also Include New Material Shot On Our Recent Journey..... Tickets Are

Also .... £5 ........ Available As Above..............................
We Hope to See You at One.. If Not Both of The Above.........Best Wishes Adrian and Sue.

Ps. For Those Who Enjoy .....Poems....Stories...and Songs......Adrian Is Performing at ........The Swingate Inn..... On The Deal to Dover Rd.... This Saturday 26 November 05
at 7.45...... Maybe See You There.

Gypsy / Romany music

British tradition Gypsy / Romany music.

Gypsy / Romany music has for hundreds of years been a part of local music in Kent. I have been digging to see what I can find, and have found worryingly little.
Eastern tradition Gypsy music is found more frequently, Saskia Tomkins, who will be at "Fiddlers Various" on 5th June, can fiddle in this tradition.

The Orchard family down to the West Country are a most significant heritage.

Rod Stradling of Musical Traditions Internet Magazine says : "Tom is the grandfather - a singer and occasional box player. His wife, Amy Birch, is a wonderful singer. Tommy is the father - he's a box player and step-dancer."

Jean Orchard, says :
I was just looking at the website pages that you gave me and saw the line up of the Topic CD and it reminded me to let you know that Amy Birch on that CD is my mum and I am singing 'Over Yonders Hill' on our new CD!
(now released, aim to get my copy- beau)

The Orchard family were in London at the Musical Traditions : Keith Summers Fest. : MAY 20TH - 22ND 2005
Sat. At the King & Queen, 1 Foley Street London W1W 6DL

A brilliant day, many excellent players and singers, with a strong contingent from Ireland. The Orchards were all I had hoped for an more, with Amy in fine voice singing old ballads, and Jean has indeed a lovely voice, singing some excellent somgs. Fine accordion and mellodeon playing from Tom and Tommy (as well as fascinating step dancing), but young Ashley was to me an excellent sign that there is much more fascinating music to come from this family.

KentFolk has a day-long recording in mp3, and part of the day and all of the evening as a .wav file - fills a DVD. This will be edited, and parts, with the musicians approval, may be available. Photos to come.

Sunday evening from 7.30, Rosie Stewart and The Orchard Family performed at The Old Rose & Crown, Hoe Street

So if you know of players/singers in the Gypsy / Romany tradition, particularly any fiddlers, or know someone that might know, please do contact me. It would be great to hear this music if we still can.
cheers, beau_at_kentfolk_dot_com , Tel: 01227 721 736, Mob: 07875 170 593.
I will add updates as I learn more.

Old Wine Warehouse, Ramsgate

I regret that I believe the music here has folded - I will let you know if there is more.

Celtic and other Sessions

If you have been looking for the Wednesday Celtic session at the George Inn, Stone St. this has now terminated again - the session is back in the Anchor Inn in Wingham, until further notice.

However there are also now sessions in a number of pubs on different days of the week.

A most important session is an excellent French/European/Breton Session, that has some very traditional instruments, including pipes, "reed-capped shawm", and hurdy-gurdy, all in an excellent pub with good beer.
See the photo-report on the new section: [Current Gig Photos], where there are also some sound-clips.
This session is on :

2nd Monday of the month:
at The Rose, The Green, Wickhambreaux, CT3 1RQ : a French/European Session at 8.30pm.

A new French/European/Breton Session is just starting up at the Yew Tree, Barfreston, CT15 7JH, and will probably be on the 3rd Tuesdays of the month.
2nd Tuesday of the month there is a new Swing Jazz session in the Dove at Dargate, ME13 9HB : Dargate Django Djam as a working title! - Yes excellent - very enjoyable - beau
On the last Tuesday of the month: there was a mixed session/folk evening in the Kings Head, Hythe, but this is now no more - it is hoped to re-start this elsewhere ...

Celtic session at the Anchor Inn, Wingham, on the A257 near Canterbury. New musicians very welcome.
1st Wednesday: Watershed (English), Simple Simons, Canterbury.
last Wednesday of the month: Larry and friends, Simple Simons, Canterbury.

This mixed session has now moved back to the Bear, in Faversham;
and an excellent evening it is, well attended by a range of musicians (including some young ones), and a packed pub.
White Hart Folk Club, Hythe - This has now been subsumed into "Folk at The Drum" :
Folk At The Drum, North Stanford just off Stone Street which is just North of the Hythe exit from the M20.
New: The Two Brewers Acoustic Music night runs on the first Thursday of every month at the Two Brewers, High Street Rochester 8.30pm onwards, hosted by Sally Ironmonger Trio. ( Open Mic Night, PA provided.
Alternate Thursdays: Jack Pound's Open Stage, Butt of Sherry, 132 High St, Hythe, CT21 5LD. 8.30 pm, ring Jack : 01303 262 052.
New: (opposite) Alternate Thursdays: Open Stage at The Rose Inn, Wickhambreaux, CT3 1RQ , 8.30 pm, ring or text Nick (07984 117259), or The Rose Inn (01227 721763).

1st Sunday and 3rd Sunday: The Celtic session that was in the Compasses, Sole Street, Crundale has now moved to the Rose and Crown, Stelling Minis, CT4 6AS Lat/Longitude:51.181999N 1.065000; Tel:01227 709265
2nd Sunday and 4th Sunday: Country and Blues Club, 8.30pm to 11.00pm Fordwich Arms, Kings St., Fordwich, Near Canterbury. 01227 710444, Contact Ray 07729627467

The last Sunday Celtic session at Deal has no home at the moment.

From: Sally-Ann Ironmonger sallyann_at_sironmonger_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk Subject: Acoustic Music Night - Two Brewers, High Street, Rochester
Can you please advertise the above in Kent Folk gig guide?

The Two Brewers Acoustic Music night runs on the first Thursday of every month at the Two Brewers, High Street Rochester 8.30pm onwards, hosted by Sally Ironmonger Trio. . Open Mic Night, PA provided.

..· ´¨¨)) -:|:-
¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:|:-
-:|:- ((¸¸.·´*.`from Sally

From: nicholas_at_dslhome_dot_co_dot_uk

MEDIA RELEASE Date: 9.1.06


Local musicians, singers and songwriters are invited to perform at a new Open Stage Night, (to be) launched at The Rose Inn, Wickhambreaux on Thursday 19th January. The Open Stage is an informal evening of music, mainly "unplugged" but with a house PA system to ensure acts can be heard above the usual chatter of drinkers.
The organiser is Nick Clarry, and he is keen to encourage performers at all levels, including first-timers who have never played in front of an audience.
QUOTE: " The Open Stage is a showcase for local talent, but also something for people of all ages to enjoy. Watching live music can be quite passive, but here the performers and audience can get to meet each other and chat."
"Running a rural Open Stage is a challenge, especially in winter, but this is a lovely historic pub with loads of character and warm log fires".
After the launch night, the next evening's entertainment will be on 9th February, and then every fortnight on Thursdays. Entrance is free and the music starts at 8.30pm.
Musicians interested in playing can ring or text Nick (07984 117259). Other enquiries: The Rose Inn (01227 721763)

Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 11:06:36 -0000
From: Folk in the Barn folkinthebarn_at_foxinsocks_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk The Folk in the Barn - musicians get-together is tonight (Thursday 12th January)
at Barham Methodist Church Hall - 7.30pm. Those
that have expressed an interest have already been informed,
but if there's anyone else that would like to come along you'd be very welcome. This first meeting is really to discuss where to go from here - as well as having a sing and a strum!

bye for now

01227 831493
07799 790 738

Subject Kings Head, Hythe
From NICK BOWDON nickbowdon_at_btinternet_dot_com

Hi Beau,

The mixed session at the Kings Head, Hythe on the last Tuesday of the month is no more. The lanadlord changed and so did the character of the pub, so it is planned to move it to the Botolphs Bridge Inn, possibly on a Wednesday. I will email you the details when all is confirmed.


Cajun Music and Dance

Get yourself on the new Cajun email list : Cajun In Kent
-- if you would like to be reminded about Cajun events in Kent, do email Satu at the above address.
(replace _at_ by _at_ symbol)
Cajun Dances

Samedi Gras
To raise money for victims of the New Orleans Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Saturday 4th February 2006

Wild Turkey,
Biggin Hillbillies
Happy Trails
Appalachian Dancing by Taproots

at the Royal Function Rooms, Star Hill, Rochester.
7.30 - midnight, Tickets £10 inc. dance workshop with Wild Turkey and Kay Anderson.
Call Ann : 01634 405840
All proceeds to be American Red Cross (Louisianna chapter) and New Orleans Musicians.

Mardi Gras


Hackney Ramblers
Saturday 4th March 2006, 7.30 - midnight,
at St. Peters Church Hall, Cromwell Road, Whitstable, Kent. CT5 1NA;
Tickets £7 inc. dance workshop 8 pm. with Wild Turkey and Kay Anderson.
More information, 01227 779 178,

Cajun Dance Workshops

These workshops are led by Kay Anderson, with Wild Turkey (Yves and Chris from Cajunologie) providing the live music.

2:30pm - 4:30pm at St. Peters Church Hall, Cromwell Road, Whitstable, Kent. CT5 1NA; £3.50, ring 01227 779 178 :
26th February 2006
23rd April 2006
28th May 2006

Also 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm, now at Davis Estate Community Centre, Barberry Avenue, Chatham, ME5 9TE, (was at Star Hill Function Rooms, Star Hill, Rochester); £3.50, ring Ann on 01634 405 840.

26th March 2006.

Breton Music and Dance

There are regular French and Breton music and dance sessions on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 1.00pm at Hollingbourne Village Hall.

There is now a well established French and European Session in the Rose in Wickhambreaux, on the second Monday of the month. This is a top quality session in an excellent local pub.

See the photo-report on the new section: [Current Gig Photos], where there are also some sound-clips.

To hear this sort of music under decent recording conditions:
Drohne - Hurdy-Gurdy, Bagpipes, Woodwind - Phil Martin
(was broadcast on BBC Radio 3: Live Studio Session on Andy Kershaw Show - Broadcast 20th March 2005, 10:15 to midnight and also streamed on the web.)
get their new album "Hurdy-Gurdy Mandrohne", distributed by Cube Roots.


Winter 2006

TUES 31ST JAN The Bottleneck blues Club, The Roffen, Rochester ME1 1DY THE DAVID MIGDEN BAND plus Happnin' Boy
Migden & Gibson are familiar to most of you but I don't think anyone has seen the "Big Band". I have & it's one of the finest line-ups I've had the pleasure to listen to. All the guys are superb musicians & David's latest album "Little Stranger" showcases this sophisticated ensemble beautifully. OK it's not pure blues but some of the best contemporary blues influenced music I've heard in a long time. They have been featured on the Ken Bruce & Michael Parkinson progs. On BBC Radio 2 & 4 & many regional radio shows. Happnin' Boy supported Delta Moon last year in Hertfordshire & blew us all away to the extent that DM were driven to sing harmony vocals with him .we all loved him he's unique.
FRI 17th FEB The Bottleneck Blues Club, Zaffa, Maidstone ME13 1RH THE INCREDIBLE BLUES PUPPIES plus support tbc.
Led by Alan Glen (Yardbirds, 9 Below Zero, Little Axe) this new band produces straight down the middle electric blues to warm the cockloads of the heartsprings of any red-blooded blues fan. The band have exceptional pedigrees Dino Coccia (drums ~ Larry Garner, Sonny Black, Jim Mercer (bass ~ Paul Lamb, Pinetop Perkins), John O'Reilly (guitar) with Alan sharing duties on vocals, harp & guitar. This is a new band for us all & you can check 'em out on TUES 28TH FEB The Bottleneck, The Roffen, Rochester ME1 1DY LITTLE TOBY WALKER (USA) plus support tbc.
This is Toby's only appearance at the club during this his Nth tour of the UK to launch a brand new CD featuring some big names on the US music scene including ex Muddy Waters guitarist Bob Margolin. Toby's playing is outstanding which is why Martin Guitars & National Reso-phonic are just two of the major manufacturers to endorse him. His full tour schedule is on The Bottleneck site. Lot's of interesting stuff on Toby's site too FRI 10th MARCH The Bottleneck, Zaffa, Maidstone ME14 1RH
THE SOULKITCHEN (International) plus LITTLE TOBY WALKER (USA) Soulkitchen are a new band I discovered last year. Their music is modern electric blues influenced by T-Bone Walker, Albert Collins & Robben Ford to name but a few major artists these guys have listened to excellent arrangements, a tight rhythm section, great vocals & guitar. Toby will do the support this night. TUES 28th MARCH The Bottleneck, The Roffen, Rochester ME1 1DY THE CORRINA GREYSON BAND
It's been a while since Corrina has graced our stage at the club so I'm really looking forward to this one. She is one of the UK's finest vocalists having performed with all the big names & always chooses the very best musicians for her band. This is music of the highest order as her current line-up will attest THURS 13th APRIL The Bottleneck ~ TBA
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please Note : Doors 8:00pm 'til late ~ we only keep tables until 9:00pm Late licence, No Smoking area, Waitress Service, you may dine if you wish or just have a good time! Programme may change without notice. Prices may vary. Please check before setting out. Tel: & Fax: 01634 314602 Mobile: 07702 554989
Web: or email blues_at_bottleneckblues_dot_co_dot_uk Powerhouse Productions UK LTD
P.O.Box 211, West Malling, Kent
ME19 6JR

Gulbenkian Theatre

Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham Gulbenkian Theatre Canterbury Friday 3 March 7.45pm Aly and Phil are two of Scotland’s most loved and best known traditional musicians and they will be bringing their inimitable brand of virtuoso music and comic patter to the Gulbenkian Theatre Canterbury on Friday 3 March. As one of the founder members of Boys of the Lough, Aly Bain is regarded as Scotland’s supreme traditional style fiddler and was awarded the MBE in recognition of his services to music. Phil is no less a notable character having been named one of Scotland’s 25 most influential people and also honoured with an MBE. Apart from being a stunning accordion player, he is a sought after composer and musical director for TV, films and theatre. Aly and Phil were the winners of the ‘Best Duo’ award at 2005 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and will undoubtedly present an evening of folk music not to be missed. Tickets £14, Concs £12

Box Office 01227 769075

On line bookings

Kingston Barn

From: Folk in the Barn folkinthebarn_at_foxinsocks_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Happy Christmas from Folk in the Barn!

Festive Greetings Everyone!
Firstly a very warm welcome to those of you who have recently signed up to the Folk in the Barn emailing list. Hopefully you won't want to, but If at any time, you'd like to leave the list, just drop me a line. In the meantime, your details will be kept private and won't be passed on.

Well what an evening to end on! Martyn Joseph was as breathtaking as ever, and from your lovely comments, I guess you thought the same. It's great to get your feedback about the concerts, so please keep it coming. Its good also to hear your suggestions about future performers, please let me know your personal favourites. I can't make any promises but I'm always open to suggestions. No Carey, I don't think I could afford Donny Osmond!! Jimmy maybe!!!! - No no no, don't panic I won't!!

There have been some amazing gigs this year, from Mercury award nominee Seth Lakeman back last February, who with his brother Sean and Big Ben on Bass gave us a wonderful evening in the Kingston Barn. Show of Hands, as professional and spellbinding as ever. Miranda Sykes and her band were fantastic and I'm sure will have a great future and following if Steve and Phil ever let her go!! ColvinQuarmby gave us another brilliant night in the Barn, with the best audience participation I've heard, which helped everyone keep warm on what must have been the coldest night of the year.

Keep an eye out for some of these performers at local festivals next year, I know that CQ and Miranda have both been booked to perform locally. More details from their websites in due course.

Tickets for Martin Simpson are selling well, so if you're interested in seeing the 'BBC2 folk awards - Musician of the Year' (nominated again this year also) don't leave it too late, I'd hate you to miss out on a ticket. Martyn Joseph saw that he was coming and commented on how brilliant a guitar player he was. Ring or email me the usual way.

Martin Simpson - Canterbury Cathedral International Study
Centre - Friday 17th February 2006, doors 7.15, Tickets
£13 or £11 cons

"One of the finest finger pickers and slide players of our time" - Guitar Magazine.

His live performances alternate between great subtlety and
'feel' and driving bottleneck blues, keeping alive the original country bluesmen like Blind Willie Johnson and McTell.
He takes a basic song and augments it so skilfully with
astonishing fretboard harmonics and other devices that
make it an epic. This man is a genius and just HAS to be
heard. "His guitar playing, tempered by years of accompanying vocalists, has an eloquence that need recognise few peers"
- Folk Roots.

Recently named one of the top 15 artists of the decade by
Acoustic guitar magazine, his new cd 'Kind Letters' is
available to order from Special
guests on the cd include the wonderful Irish band Danu,
the fantastic musical skills of fiddle player Nancy Kerr
and bouzouki player James Fagan. Martin Simpson is
one of the most visible examples of the relationship between
the Celtic folk of the UK and American music such as
country and the blues, which branched away from their
British sources as American immigrants grew distanced
from their past countrymen. Simpson's life charts a similar
journey - one of the most technically gifted guitarists alive today. He's a pretty good singer too!!

To book, please ring or email to check availability and then
send your cheque payable to me 'D Earl' at 18 Derringstone
Downs, Barham, Canterbury, Kent CT4 6QE including
a SAE. Please put your home address on the outside of the
envelope in case of mis-delivery. I'm glad to say that the
postal probs we had back in November seem to have stopped
so my confidence in the system has returned!

It just leaves me to say have a Wonderful Musical Yule
(try saying that after a glass of Stones Ginger wine!)
and hope to see lots of you again in 2006. Oh and thanks
SO much for coming along and supporting the gigs, I really
couldnt do it without you, you are all Top Bananas as
Mr Colvin would say.


Debs Earl, who's NY resolution is to sort out her website!!
(computers grrrrrrrrr!)
Folk in the Barn
01227 831493
07799 790 738

From: Folk in the Barn folkinthebarn_at_foxinsocks_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk Subject: FITB - Martin Simpson reminder

Hi All
January - ugh! Cold....damp.... dark.... and my birthday, what gloom! Its a good job we have another fantastic concert to look forward to!!

I know the festive season has been expensive and stressful but please don't forget to let me know if you'd like to come and see Martin Simpson, a bright spot in the middle of miserable Feb, which is often worserer than Jan!

Here's some more blurb in case you're not sure.....

'Martin Simpson is one of the finest acoustic finger-style and slide guitar players in the world. Winner of BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Musician of The Year 2002 and 2004 and also winning Best Album in 2002 for The Bramble Briar, he is a superb interpreter of traditional music and song from Europe and from the American South. Growing up in
Lincolnshire he was inspired by the likes of Martin Carthy, Davey Graham and Richard Thompson during the folk revival of the 60s. He was also hugely influenced by the recordings of Big Joe Williams, the Reverend Gary Davies, Blind Willie Johnson and Doc Watson, which has led to an eclectic style of playing and repertoire that is all his own. He has worked with the likes of Jackson Browne, David Lindley, June
Tabor, Martin Carthy and Eric Bibb and is a popular and much loved solo performer.Both spell-binding, and highly entertaining, he is a master of his craft'

When - Friday 17th Feb, doors 7.15pm
Where - Canterbury Cathedral International Study Centre
How much - £13 or £11 for concessions
How - usual way - email me, send a cheque to D Earl please (not folk in the barn) we're not that professional yet!! plus a SAE
and if you're very good and keep all your New Year resolutions, i might let you know when Show of Hands are coming!!
take care

01227 831493

Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 11:06:36 -0000
From: Folk in the Barn folkinthebarn_at_foxinsocks_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk Subject: FITB - SHOW OF HANDS 2006

Ok as promised....

Show of Hands will be back at the Study Centre

on Friday April 21st


Saturday April 22nd

and no I can't do buy one get one free - sorry!!

The two nights will hopefully alleviate the perpetual problem of the gig selling out and people being disappointed at not being able to get a ticket. You are of course very welcome to come to both performances and there will be a reduction in ticket
price for those that want to do that. The sets will be slightly different to allow for that.

There is still the possibility of a workshop. Various factors have meant that its been difficult to arrange details, not the least of which was the guys extensive and all consuming
Autumn Tour and the fact that they are now working very
hard in the studio recording the new album, which should
be available for the Spring Tour. As soon as I know the
plans I will let you know.

In the meantime tickets will go on sale to the general public from Monday but being special folkinthebarn list members
you get first bite.

Please book tickets by emailing me with your requirements
and following that up with a cheque payable to D Earl, and
send to 18 Derringstone Downs, Barham, Canterbury, Kent
CT4 6QE, plus a SAE

Standard price £14, concessionary price £12
Both nights - Standard price £24
" " - concessionary £20

Doesn't it come round quickly!!!

While I think of it, the Folk in the Barn - musicians get-together is tonight (Thursday 12th January)
at Barham Methodist Church Hall - 7.30pm. Those
that have expressed an interest have already been informed,
but if there's anyone else that would like to come along you'd be very welcome. This first meeting is really to discuss where to go from here - as well as having a sing and a strum!

bye for now


01227 831493
07799 790 738

Subject FITB - CQ Tues & SoH Sat 22nd
From Folk in the Barn folkinthebarn_at_foxinsocks_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk
Thanks to those of you who ventured into Chatham Tuesday
night and helped pack out the Medway Folk Cellar for another
fantastic ColvinQuarmby gig. Those who couldn't make it, it
was described by Doug Hudson the promoter as the best gig
they've ever had in the Folk Cellar - high praise indeed, thanks a million Doug. I've never thought of a custard cream as a fat anaemic bourbon, but from now on......!!!???!!! (you had to be there!!).

Anyway, its a great venue and easy to get to, check out their other gigs sometime

Tickets for Show of Hands at the CCISC on Saturday 22nd have
now SOLD OUT! But there are still plenty left for Friday 21st at the moment. If you can only make Saturday and haven't yet booked, it is still worth letting me know as the reserve list often get lucky, even if its last minute.


01227 831493

Cullin's Yard

From: promotions_at_cullinsyard_dot_com
Subject: Menus

Hi Everyone... and a Happy New Year to you all.

We have parted company with our Chef John and have a new Chef on board called Steve.... and his food is lovely. Please check out todays menu, and you will get an idea of what we will be offering.... I am working closely with him to ensure that we get a great balance of dishes, and I am sure you will all enjoy his cullinery delights.
Also I will publish the Valentines menu on the site later today, so don't delay in booking up for that evening..... Candles, Romance, Great Food and Excellent Dinner Jazz.
Tonight sees the welcome return of Bill Barnicle and Friends playing some great old time Jazz..... come down and enjoy a relaxing evening...
Kindest Regards One and All
Jason & Everyone _at_ Cullin's Yard...


From: Amanda Peters fiddleinthesky_at_hotmail_dot_com
Subject: Re: Hello

Would any-one is the Medway area ans anywhere else in Kent be interested in starting up a Border Morris team.

Men and women.

If so they can contact me on fiddleinthesky_at_hotmail_dot_com or 01634 308035. If there is interest it would be based in medway.


Sussex Folk

From: Martin Snodin martin_dot_snowdin_at_btopenworld_dot_com
Subject: News from Acoustic Sussex (including new 2006 dates and venue changes)

News from Acoustic Sussex ...

In this issue...
* Changes at the White Hart venue
* Reminder - Keith James - the Songs of Nick Drake - this Friday (4 November)
* New 2006 dates announced
* Remaining shows in 2005
Changes at the White Hart venue

If you came along to our recent Joe West show (or if you've visited our website), you will know that there are new landlords at the White Hart venue in West Hoathly. Changes to the restaurant and their future plans make continued use of the venue for our particular genre of music rather uncertain. So until things are more settled, most of our shows in the coming weeks and months will be concentrated on the Chequer Mead Theatre in East Grinstead. As you probably know, Chequer Mead is a
purpose-built community arts centre, conveniently located in the centre of East Grinstead, with excellent parking opposite. It has a delightful 340-seat auditorium with the best acoustics you're likely to hear anywhere. More information at:

[IMAGE] Chequer Mead auditorium

We have three top quality shows lined up here in the next two months (the first this coming Friday) and some exciting plans for the first few months of 2006 (see below). We are also investigating the use of an alternative venue to the White Hart for 2006, within easy reach of East Grinstead - so watch this space!.

Reminder - Keith James - the songs of Nick Drake (this Friday 4 November)

[IMAGE] Nick Drake

Respected singer/guitarist Keith James performs his sixth UK tour in which the entire performance is dedicated to the work of the most-revered of all English singer songwriters, Nick Drake, who died in 1974, aged 26. It has taken 20 posthumous years for Drake's music to gain recognition. Today, he stands alongside the likes of Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison in the annals of music history.

4 November, Chequer Mead, East Grinstead, 7.15pm (concert starts 8pm). James is accompanied by Rick Foot on double bass and supported for the show by the seasoned performer, Rosalie Deighton. Before the show, the rare 45 minute documentary film A Skin Too Few will be shown in the foyer, starting at 7.15pm. Tickets are £10 (concessions apply). Box Office 01342 302000. For more information, visit our website.
New 2006 dates announced

It might still feel like summer but the leaves are turning and we are already looking ahead to the new year! New confirmed shows at Chequer Mead Theatre are:

* 17 January - Cathie Ryan Band
Irish American Cathie Ryan, with her crystalline vocals and insightful songwriting, is an original and distinctive voice in Celtic music. Since her acclaimed seven year tenure as lead singer of Cherish the Ladies, the Detroit born Ryan has established herself as one of Celtic Music's most popular and enduring singer-songwriters. Cathie has released 4 critically acclaimed CDs and is featured on more than forty compilations of Celtic Music. In 2003 Cathie was included in the famous Irish music collection, A Woman's Heart ^Ö A Decade On placing her amongst Irish music's finest female vocalists and songwriters. It was the first time Americans were featured in the series and she shared the honour with Allison Krauss, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris. More:
* 31 January - Karine Stolwart
Scottish Borders based singer-songwriter Karine Polwart established herself at the forefront of the UK folk-roots scene after scooping three prizes at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in February 2005. By telling stories, painting pictures and posing questions, Karine succeeds in her aim to communicate profoundly persona and quietly political messages without posturing and with plenty of room for individual interpretation. Her humanity and sense of justice, as well as her warmth and wit, shine through. More: * 16 February - Nick Harper
Son of the famous Roy Harper, Nick Harper is a highly accomplished guitarist to whom the term virtuoso truly belongs. Yet his guitar playing is only a part of his skill. As well as a distinctive and soulful voice, Nick is a rare kind of artist, one who reaffirms faith in the art of original songwriting. Nick has developed a reputation for creating great audience rapport. While his songs can be intense and emotionally charged, in concert Nick is relaxed, spontaneous and always enthralling. More:
* 14 March - Jacqui McShee's Pentangle
One of the most respected bands on the live music circuit. Four virtuoso instrumentalists fuse folk, jazz, and other influences into a rich and sophisticated sound ^Ö the perfect vehicle for Jacqui's rich smoky voice. Pentangle band members are much in demand and have many musical commitments ^Ö for instance, Jacqui McShee works regularly as a duo with celebrated guitarist John Renbourn; Spencer Cozens and Gary Foot tour with Joan Armatrading; percussionist Gerry Conway plays full time with Fairport Convention; and Alan Thompson works on Glasgow's music scene. More: * 11 May - Eliza Gilkyson
Returning to Chequer Mead by popular demand after her 2005 show, American roots artist Eliza Gilkyson is on her 4th UK tour in 3 years. Her album, Land of Milk and Honey was nominated for a Grammy Awards in the Contemporary Folk category. Her latest CD, Paradise Lost, was given a 4 star rating by the Austin Chronicle: "This new offering in her contemporarily flawless oeuvre is tender and cathartic to the point of jubilation, brimming with radio-polished tunes and exquisite traditional folk." More: Other gigs in 2006 (at venues to be confirmed) include Jonathan Kelly, Steve Tilston, Amy Wadge, Stephen Fearing, Briege Murphy and more. Details to be confirmed as soon as possible.

Remaining shows in 2005

After the Keith James show on 4 November, we have two more fantastic shows remaining in 2005. Tickets for both are selling fast now, so please get yours early to avoid missing these great performers:
John Tams and Barry Coope (24 November, Chequer Mead)

[IMAGE]John Tams
John Tams, one of the country's leading songwriters, with the widely respected singer and keyboard player Barry Coope in a duo that has proved a winning combination. Tams will be remembered by many as Daniel Hagman in the ITV Sharpe series - a role he played for five years alongside Sean Bean. He also co-wrote the music for the series. Winner of Album of the Year at the BBC Folk Awards for his solo album Unity and also Song of the Year for 'Harry Stone'. His new album The Reckoning was released on 5 September. It was voted album of the month by Mojo magazine and already being hailed as a contender for folk album of the year. More information at:

Dougie MacLean (8 December, Chequer Mead)

[IMAGE] Dougie MacLean
Dougie MacLean has built an international reputation as songwriter, composer and extraordinary performer, with concerts and festivals all over the world including the Carnegie Hall in New York. His songs and compositions have been heard far and wide. Caledonia was covered by Frankie Miller and gained No 1 in the Scottish charts, then Dolores Keane took it to No 1 in the Irish charts. His music has been used in TV Drama (eg. BBC's A Mug's Game) and he has been the subject of three BBC TV Specials (The Land-Songs of Dougie MacLean, SongRoads and Children of the Sea). More information at: __________________________

For more information on any of the above , visit our website
All the very best - support live music where you can!

Martin Snodin
Acoustic Sussex (
01342 716975
email: martin_at_acousticsussex_dot_org_dot_uk

From: Martin Snodin martin_dot_snowdin_at_btopenworld_dot_com
Subject: Good tidings from Acoustic Sussex...

Good tidings from Acoustic Sussex ...
Happy Christmas one and all - I hope you managed to get along to some gigs and enjoyed the music and much as we did!

And we have some good tidings for you...
News of a new Acoustic Sussex venue!

From February, we're trialling The Ravenswood, at Sharpthorne (between East Grinstead and Haywards Heath), for some of our gigs. Venue website:

Tidings of new 2006 recently confirmed dates!
* 16 January Cathie Ryan Band (more
at: * 31 January Karine Polwart (more at: * 6 February Jonathan Kelly (more at:
* 16 February Nick Harper (more at: * 27 February Amy Wadge (more at:
* 14 March Jacqui McShee's Pentangle (more at:
* 27 March Christine Collister (more at:
* 24 April Stephen Fearing (more at: * 8 May Steve Tilston and Chris Parkinson (more at:
* 22 May Clive Gregson (more at:
* 25 May Eliza Gilkyson (more at:
More information on venues and ticket prices etc on our website at:

Hope to see you all in 2006!

Martin Snodin
Acoustic Sussex (
01342 716975
email: martin_at_acousticsussex_dot_org_dot_uk

From: Vic & Tina Smith tinvic_at_globalnet_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Four Attractive Concerts at the Brighton Dome

Eddi Reader eddi reader

Glasgow-born Eddi Reader is one of popular music's most thrilling performers. From backing vocals for the Eurythmics to Fairground Attraction's Perfect, she is renowned for her rare blend of honeydew vocals and passionate, instinctive performances. For this special concert Eddi and her band perform songs from her extensive back catalogue, plus material from her acclaimed album of material by 18th century Scottish poet Robert Burns, accompanied by a 9-piece string ensemble

'Reader's elegant renderings of such songs as 'My Love is like a Red Red Rose' and 'Jamie Come Try Me' seem fresh and magical.' USA Today
Tue 24 Jan 8pm £15, £17.50

Richard Thompson + Jeb Loy Nichols

Having earned numerous awards and honours including the Ivor Novello Award for songwriting, the Orville Gibson Award for guitarists, and the No. 19 spot on Rolling Stone's 2004 list of all-time guitar greats, Richard Thompson continues to prove why he is one of the biggest and most well-respected names in folk music in this special solo concert, performing tracks from his acclaimed new album Front Parlour Ballads
'Front Parlour Ballads may just be the most concise and potent distillation of Thompson's art to date' Uncut [Album of the Month, Sep 2005]

Wed 1 Feb 7.30pm £17.50, £20

The Waterboys Karma to Burn Tour

Atmospheric, raw, exciting and passionate, The Waterboys (best known for the smash hit single Whole of the Moon), are re-formed and ready to rock. Performing tracks from their stunning new live album Karma To Burn, their trademark blend of rock'n'roll, acoustic soul and firebrand Celticfolk is as strong as ever, don't miss your chance to see them live when they come to Brighton Dome

'[Mike Scott is] one of music's last true mavericks' The Guardian
Thu 2 Feb 8pm £18, £22

Beth Orton

Undoubtedly one of the UK's finest singer/songwriters, this is a rare chance to hear Beth Orton live as she tours with her stunning new album Comfort of Strangers

Wed 15 Feb 8pm £18.50

From: "Kent Band" kentband_at_blueyonder_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Instruments for school in Sierra Leone
Reply-To: kentband_at_blueyonder_dot_co_dot_uk

I am seeking instruments for a school band in the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown.

The School is called "The Methodist Boys High School", and the band comprises both present and past pupils.

It is a School that produces talented musicians but because of the War everything was at standstill. It is now they are trying to build the band again.

We would be very grateful if you can assist us in acquiring second handed instruments listed below:

4 Trumpets
4 Cornets
2 Bb trombones
2 Bb Euphoniums
2 Bb Baritones
2 Eb Horns
2 Bb Bass
1 Eb Bass
2 Tenor Saxophone
2 Alto Saxophone
2 Bb Clarinet
1 Bass Drum
4 Side Drum with snare
5 Harness to carry above drums
2 Pair of cymbals
2 Triangles
1 Mace/Staff

Please if even not all, at least something that they can move along with.

My contact details are

Jessie Moore
Telephone - 0207-501-9847
Mobile - 07939-296092