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November 2005

Sorry for the lateness of the November calendar and news - a failed edit (just before a save) badly damaged my gig reading program - I have finally made the time to spend a day re-building it, and it is starting to work again. Also my lap-top has been away for repair (twice), impacting on the day (and night) job as well as pleasure.

Talking of pleasure, KentFolk has just paid its first visit to the Ennis Trad Festival in County Clare, Ireland - and it lived up to and exceeded expectations. There were at least 5 of us from the Kent Celtic sessions there. I certainly was only able to sample about 1/10th of what was on offer. But I have a head full of fiddle music of exceptional standard (although the accordions, melodions and flutes deserve a strong mention as well). Met some friends from previous visits to Clare, made new ones.

Just a pity that the (originally Shannon based) EUjet at Manston have folded, and although Kent International Airport has its freight licence back, the new owners Infratil ( Glasgow Prestwick International Airport ) say "passenger flights would take longer".

Many of you will know Ken Latham - possibly first from his excellent spoons playing, but you will have gradually come to realise that this quiet, retiring man is also well respected for his shanty singing, and his own verse and song - he wrote a poem for my Thesis Party, in 2000.

Ken Latham, known affectionately by his fans as the "Woodnesborough Bard", is launching his new double CD at Deal Folk Club on Friday December 16th at 8.15p.m. (Royal Marines Association, the Strand, Walmer) - Everyone welcome.

Ken, a regular performer of both self-penned verses and songs at Deal Folk Club, has become well known on the East Kent folk scene for his perceptive reflections on life, his historical pieces on incidents, both local and national and for his deep-voice renderings of his own songs, with themes ranging from the two World Wars and coal mining in East Kent to hop picking and the joys of boat trips from Deal pier to Ramsgate. Ken, in pensive mood, can bring tears to your eyes; that self-deprecating humour always makes you smile and his version of Shallow Brown makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

Ken although born in Rotherhithe, London, has spent most of his life in East Kent, first moving here during the war, to escape the blitz. In 1946, aged 14, he became a telegram boy at Sandwich Post Office, moving on to become a local postman, delivering post in Sandwich town, Stonar, Richborough, Sandwich Bay, Eastry and Woodnesborough for a total of 47 years.

Ken married Audrey Fagg in 1955 and they brought up their 3 sons in Eastry, where Ken was heavily involved in village life. 1979 saw them move to Woodnesborough road, Sandwich. Unhappily Audrey died in 1993 after a long fight with cancer. It was after this that Ken began attending Deal Folk Club and Avril Cameron, the club.s host, eventually persuaded him to get up and perform.

"I believe the Folk Scene to be a very important part of our national arts movement" said Ken, "involving as it does, song, dance, music of various genres, poetry and storytelling. So, there you'll find me, watching the dancers, joining in with the choruses in club-room or bar, rattling spoons at sessions or just leaning on the wall, by the bandstand during Broadstairs Folk Week, as I witness the sheer joy being generated by the performers."

And you'll also find Ken delighting his own audiences at folk clubs around the area with his own verses and songs, many of which are now available on the new double CD, "Ken on Life" and "Ken on Kent". At Ken's request all profits from sales of the CD are to go to the Pilgrims Hospice, Canterbury.

Copies of the CD are available from :
Adrian and Sue Sullivan 01304 370119
Further information about the CD launch from:
Bill Howarth 01227 786303

If you have not met local musician Andy Renshaw by now (Camine, Jacobs Ladder) it is time you did - he is also an artist, and now is mounting a further exhibition : Landscape Images at the Horsebridge Arts Centre, Whitstable : Workshop 3 - 19th to 27th November : Imprinted Journey.

Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and Louisiana

We have had a number of visitors to Kent from New Orleans and Louisiana, who have brought us great music :
Chris Taylor, Bart Ramsey, Neti Vaan
Chris Taylor, Bart Ramsey, Neti Vaan in the Ship Centurian, Whistable.
Mike West, Katie Eulis
Mike West, Katie Eulis ("Truck-stop Honeymoon") at Sweeps this year.
Neti Vaan, the excellent Cajun and Jazz fiddler, and Bart Ramsey the keyboard and accordion player, with interesting self-penned songs, ( were I believe on the road in Europe, and away from the damage, but I have not heard about the state of their home.

More recently we have heard the great song writer Mike West and Katie Eulis at both Sweeps and Broadstairs. I believe that they are OK but living with their children in a car in a Kansas car park.

So it is with great pleasure that I report that the benefit evening at the : Pavilion On The Sands, Harbour Street, Broadstairs, on Friday 28th October succeeded in raising £1712.03 .

It was as excellent evening, with the time from the performers denoted freely.

Yves Langlois, Neti Vaan
Yves Langlois, Neti Vaan in the Ship Centurian, Whistable.

Kim Headley & Linda James, of Broadstairs Folk Week, write : A huge thank you to those of you who supported the Cajun Country night at the Pavilion on 28th October. I am delighted to say that we have made a total of £1712.03
to send off to the American Red Cross Hurricane Appeal. Thank you all
Please come along and support a more local good cause at the Pavilion on 12th November when Broadstairs Folk Week puts ona ceilidh with The Cock and Bull Band. This band always provides a great evening of music, whether you dance or just listen. Doors open from 8.00pm, ceilidh starts 8.30pm. Tickets £7 advance or £8 on the door . tel 01843 604080 for further details or credit card bookings.
The caller for the evening is now Chris Shaw as Michael Catovsky can't make it for personal reasons. Chris is a great all-round caller, with some pretty nifty dances!

See you there!
All the best


From: "Kent Band" kentband_at_blueyonder_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Funding for talented young musicians

The charity AWARDS FOR YOUNG MUSICIANS helped 120 young people last year.
The charity is looking for more talent to support in 2006. Individual awards are for under 18s and range up to £2000 each.

Musically talented young people can apply to the charity for help with buying an instrument, paying their music tuition fees or attending music courses. Application forms are available from and the deadline for getting them in is 31 January 2006. Awards will be made in April 2006.
It is notoriously difficult to define talent and, in the absence of another method at present, the eligibility criteria is "distinction in last music examination". Parents are also required to give evidence of need for financial support.

For more details contact:

Bridget Sime
Awards for Young Musicians
Tel: 01268 571887
E: awards_at_a-y-m_dot_org_dot_uk; Website:

From: "Folk Spots" folkspots_at_btinternet_dot_com
Subject: Kent goes to Washington

Hi all,

Today I attended the Seminar called by KCC and the Smithsonian to find out more about their plans for 2007. It looks certain that the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2007 in Washington DC will include a strong contingent of businesses and arts from Kent. KCC are committed to putting in $400,000 and the Smithsonian will put up over $1,500,000. There will also be other sponsorship and commitments. This funding is for the whole festival which will include businesses and arts from several other countries, US States, Wales, Ireland, etc. not just Kent. The idea from KCC's point of view is to promote Kent in economic and tourism terms through what is effectively a giant expo style event and an arts festival rolled into one. The Festival has been running successfully for over 30 years or there about. It will include all forms of performing arts, dance, music, etc. not just folk so let us hope with the Smithsonian influence folk gets a good look in. It looks very exiting so I have registered an interest and will keep you informed when I hear more.
Check out the Smithsonian website at


Alan has offered to coordinate the Kentish Folk response to this initiative.

From: Leila Maggs
Subject: FW: SEFAN:2005-11-03:02: 'Kent goes to Washington' - KentFolk
Dear Dr Webber,

I am replying on behalf of Rebecca Casson to answer your questions regarding the Smithsonian Festival in 2007.

The Festival runs for ten days - normally the last weekend in June and the first in July which covers the July 4th holiday. It is the largest annual cultural event in the U.S. capital and receives considerable publicity, typically reaching 40 million readers and viewers through print and electronic media. England has never featured in the Festival, neither has a county, and this is a unique opportunity for Kent. For more information visit

The Smithsonian are particularly interested in people who currently practice traditional crafts and trades or produce Kentish items. Some individual places at the festival will be fully funded, with honorariums paid, but we are also seeking partners from organisations that may wish to promote themselves on an international stage.

The Smithsonian usually produce a cd for each festival on their folkways label - see for more information.

The theme for our part of the festival has yet to be confirmed. However, the Curator has expressed an interest in the following areas: Music related to calendar customs and activities (Boxing Day, May Day), "Folk Music", Hopping songs and pub songs. However, at this point no program is fixed and all enquiries are very exploratory.

I hope that has answered your questions - if you have any more please feel free to contact me.
Many thanks


If you go to you will find thousands of folk tracks - you can listen to brief snippets, and then if you like the tracks, download them for 99c each.
Suggestions to me beau_at_kentfolk_dot_com for tracks from Kentish (or other) music that satisfy the above request, and for musicians that deserve mentioning (i.e. Ken Latham and his CDs)

Kentish Festivals :

Both the recent Tenterden Folk Festival and the Canterbury Festival were, as usual, excellent - if you missed them you can find out details of this years Kentish festivals by following the above link.

Tenterden Folk Festival 2005

Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October 2005

Canterbury Festival 2005

8 to 22 October 2005

Also now follow the above link to find the dates of the Kentish Festivals in 2006, with links to the individual festival web pages.

Suggested gig-list formats

I have just added the capability to generate some of the Event Tables, that the KentFolk monthly calendars are created from, by the direct reading of a limited number of venue and group gig lists that are on the web.

Hopefully I will have more time to extend the number of Event Tables that can be updated this way.

Please follow this link if you are thinking of puting your gig lists on the web, or plan to send gig information to KentFolk.

New Licencing Laws - effects on music

Subject: SEFAN:2005-06-20:01.' Two in a bar rule' to go on 24 November 2005
Don't forget to keep pushing your venues, contacts etc.
to ensure that they're all in order.
luv 1d x

Begin forwarded message:

From: Fee Lock via MF Broadcast engine
Subject: 'Two in a bar rule' to go on 24 November 2005

This is a broadcast message for The Morris Federation
=======message follows========

The 'two in a bar rule' will finally cease on 24 November 2005. This exemption from public entertainment licensing for one or two live performers was originally introduced in 1961.
Music and licensing minister James Purnell announced the date during a debate on licensing on Wednesday 08 June A DCMS press statement also confirmed the date:
24 November marks the end of the 'transition period' during which all existing licences must be converted or varied to the new premises licence.
Many, if not most, two in a bar gigs will have to be licensed under the new regime. Such gigs could be lost or postponed because local authorities may not be able to process the necessary 'variation' applications within two months (i.e. by 6 October, two months after the 6 August deadline for conversion applications). The new law states that variation applications not processed within two months are deemed refused.
Landlords whose live music applications have failed for this reason could continue to trade after 24 November, but without the live music (unless they opted for a Temporary Event Notice, up to 12 allowed per premises per year). To get a permanent live music authorisation they would have to appeal to the magistrates court to reinstate their 'variation' for live music, or re-apply to the local authority. Either way this will take months, not to mention the paperwork, fees, and potential for knock-on costs.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Penny Allen / Anthony John Allen

South East Folk Arts Network:
Company Limited by Guarantee No: 5114495

Stepback Project & Broken Ankles:

"Fiddlers Various", with 7 top quality/virtuoso fiddlers and all British uillean pipe champion, in the excellent Littlebourne Thatched Barn, plus two pub gigs over a long weekend:

went even better than I hoped - gigabytes of recorded sound, 4 hours of video - I hope to get the photo report up soon, just also a very important time for my research at the moment so that has to take precedence.

KentFolk Events 2005

KentFolk hosted quite a bit of music this year :

The St. Patrick's Night special - Thu. 17th March, with Camine, in the Red Lion Hotel sold out well in advance, and in spite of sold out notices more than 300 people tried to book. This was an excellent evening, with a rib-sticking Irish stew - I have photos and a recording, and will do a photo report as soon as I have a moment.

The next event was Spring Cajun Dance with Wild Turkey, on Saturday 7th May, (the week-end after Rochester Sweeps festival 2005), in the Littlebourne Thatched Barn.
One chair was left unsold - but everyone was dancing, so no problem there, an excellent evening.
I will try and get the photos up soon.

The most ambitious was a long weekend, the first weekend in June, when there was a

"Fiddlers Various" showcase,

with 7 fiddlers : Ben Paley, Saskia Tomkins, Ian Cutler, Laura Targett, Chris Wood, Ramona Egle and Yves Langlois, in the Littlebourne Thatched Barn on Sunday 5th June.

There were also pub gigs :
Fiddler Saskia Tomkins in the King William IV in Littlebourne.
Monkey Puzzle with Laura Targett on fiddle, Lucy Randall on Bodhran, and Pete Gazey on Guitar will be in the Red Lion in Wingham on Monday 6th June

A brilliant weekend, thanks to the players, and my thanks also to all those who have said how much they enjoyed it - hundreds of photos, GBytes of good quality sound, 4 hours of video ...

I have finally had time to complete and upload the Fiddlers Various photo report

The next event is an :

Autumn Barn Dance,

in the Littlebourne Thatched Barn, on the 24th September, with the Longstone/Camine fusion that was such a success 2 years ago.

Fiddling around the World"

KentFolk put on two Canterbury Festival umbrella events :
U16a: 2pm Sunday 16th October 2005: "Fiddling Around the World" - an illustrated afternoon talk, and
U16b: 8pm Sunday 16th October 2005: "Fiddling Around the World" - an evening concert.

Fiddle virtuoso Chris Haigh is deeply knowledgeable about fiddle styles from all round the world : on his web-site, he lists :
Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Klezmer, Mid East and The Med, India, China, Mexico, Cajun, Old Time, Bluegrass, Western Swing, and Jazz.

He gave an afternoon talk about these styles of playing, and their ornamentation and cultural background, demonstrate some with his fiddle, as well as demonstrating some of the ethnic fiddles he has brought back.

He also showed images and sound clips of a number of these styles that he has accummulated from his travels around the world.

In the evening Chris Haigh and Alan Dunn gave a concert featuring
Venue: Kingston Barn, The Street, Kingston, Nr. Canterbury, Kent. CT4 6JQ

Less support for this gig than earlier Fiddlers Various gigs, though all those who attended said what excellent events they were. We will see if anything like this years gigs happen again.

Adrian `O

Adrian `O - our very own Story Teller and Landscape Photographer - has taken camera (and Sue !) on a round the world exploration - I have seen some of his previous photographs, and can not wait to see what he had brought back.
Follow the Adrian `O's travels link to find out more.

So now Adrian and Sue are back - congratulations on a successful and wonderful trip - and thanks for taking us along by e-mail - now we just wait for the photos ...

On the 29th September Adrian did a very well attended evening of Stories, Poems and Songs in the Alma in Deal.
Adrian writes : From: Adrian O
Subject: Another Performance

Hi Folks, Just To Let You Know About The Next Performance By The Man In The Green Hat......yes Himself.....adrian Will Be At

The Swingate Inn ( On The A258 Deal To Dover Rd 500 Yds From The Jubillee Way / Duke Of Yorks Roundabout )

On Sat 26 Th 7.45 Pm

With A Different Set Of Material.....

So If You Are Free It Would Be Great To See You. Info Phone 01304 370119

Stop Press !!!!!!!! The Date Of The Big Slide Show ( Called Passages ) From Our Big Trip
Is Sat 21 Jan 06 At The Landmark Centre Deal 7.45 Pm

Images - Poems - Music - with Special Guest

Katie Bradley..... Who Will Sing Over Selected Passages

Further Info To Follow In The Next Week Or So...... It Will Be A Ticket Only Will Be £5....and Can Be Had By Calling 01304 370119

This Will Be Followed In Feb 06 ( Sat 18 Th ) At The Same Venue By Another Performance of Earth Poem.........with Ramona Egle on Harp And Low Whistle...had A Lot Of Requests For It To Be Seen Again.....again ...will Be Ticket Only Give Us A Ring

Further Info Will Follow

Hope To See You Soon......................adrian O.

From: Adrian O adrian_o_stories_at_hotmail_dot_Com
Subject: Adrian's Images and Poems

Hi Everybody......... Well The Dates Are Set...... The Venue Booked....and Tickets Are Now Available If You Would Like Them. After An Amazing Trip to The Other End of The Earth.......and Returning with 6000 Images and A Book Full of Poems......The First Performance of " Passages " Will Be On Sat 21 Jan 06 at The Landmark Centre, High St. Deal. at 7,45. with Guest... Blues Singer.... Katie Bradley..... Whose Wonderful Vocals Will Add....That Extra Special Quality.....To.... The Best Set of Landscape Photos I Have Ever Taken.
Tickets Must Be Booked in Advance..... We Are Not Allowed to Sell On The Door
There Will Be A Bar Available ........ Tickets Are £5 Chqs to A. Sullivan

Available from Adrian Sullivan
2 Mariners View
Sandown Rd
Deal. Kent Ct14 6pg. Tel 01304 370119

Dont Forget to Include Your Address

and Then..........
4 Weeks Later.....On Sat 18 Feb..... Same Venue.....Same Time....

A Performance of " Earthpoem " ........An Evening of More Landscapes..and Poems.

with Harp and Low Whistle by The Very Talented...... Ramona Egle ( of Camine )

This Show Will Also Include New Material Shot On Our Recent Journey..... Tickets Are

Also .... £5 ........ Available As Above..............................
We Hope to See You at One.. If Not Both of The Above.........Best Wishes Adrian and Sue.

Ps. For Those Who Enjoy .....Poems....Stories...and Songs......Adrian Is Performing at ........The Swingate Inn..... On The Deal to Dover Rd.... This Saturday 26 November 05
at 7.45...... Maybe See You There.

Gypsy / Romany music

British tradition Gypsy / Romany music.

Gypsy / Romany music has for hundreds of years been a part of local music in Kent. I have been digging to see what I can find, and have found worryingly little.
Eastern tradition Gypsy music is found more frequently, Saskia Tomkins, who will be at "Fiddlers Various" on 5th June, can fiddle in this tradition.

The Orchard family down to the West Country are a most significant heritage.

Rod Stradling of Musical Traditions Internet Magazine says : "Tom is the grandfather - a singer and occasional box player. His wife, Amy Birch, is a wonderful singer. Tommy is the father - he's a box player and step-dancer."

Jean Orchard, says :
I was just looking at the website pages that you gave me and saw the line up of the Topic CD and it reminded me to let you know that Amy Birch on that CD is my mum and I am singing 'Over Yonders Hill' on our new CD!
(now released, aim to get my copy- beau)

The Orchard family were in London at the Musical Traditions : Keith Summers Fest. : MAY 20TH - 22ND 2005
Sat. At the King & Queen, 1 Foley Street London W1W 6DL

A brilliant day, many excellent players and singers, with a strong contingent from Ireland. The Orchards were all I had hoped for an more, with Amy in fine voice singing old ballads, and Jean has indeed a lovely voice, singing some excellent somgs. Fine accordion and mellodeon playing from Tom and Tommy (as well as fascinating step dancing), but young Ashley was to me an excellent sign that there is much more fascinating music to come from this family.

KentFolk has a day-long recording in mp3, and part of the day and all of the evening as a .wav file - fills a DVD. This will be edited, and parts, with the musicians approval, may be available. Photos to come.

Sunday evening from 7.30, Rosie Stewart and The Orchard Family performed at The Old Rose & Crown, Hoe Street

So if you know of players/singers in the Gypsy / Romany tradition, particularly any fiddlers, or know someone that might know, please do contact me. It would be great to hear this music if we still can.
cheers, beau_at_kentfolk_dot_com , Tel: 01227 721 736, Mob: 07875 170 593.
I will add updates as I learn more.

Old Wine Warehouse, Ramsgate

I regret that I believe the music here has folded - I will let you know if there is more.

Celtic and other Sessions

If you have been looking for the Wednesday Celtic session at the George Inn, Stone St. this has now terminated again - the session is back in the Anchor Inn in Wingham, until further notice.

However there are also now sessions in a number of pubs on different days of the week.

A most important new session is an excellent French/European Session, that has some very traditional instruments, including pipes, "reed-capped shawm", and hurdy-gurdy, all in an excellent pub with good beer.
See the photo-report on the new section: [Current Gig Photos], where there are also some sound-clips.
This session is on :

2nd Monday of the month:
at The Rose, The Green, Wickhambreaux, CT3 1RQ : a French/European Session at 8.30pm.

There is a new Swing Jazz session in the Dove at Dargate every Tuesday : Dargate Django Djam as a working title! - Yes excellent - very enjoyable - beau

On the last Tuesday of the month there is a mixed session/folk evening in the Kings Head, Hythe.

Celtic session at the Anchor Inn, Wingham, on the A257 near Canterbury. New musicians very welcome.
1st Wednesday, Watershed (English), Simple Simons, Canterbury.
last Wednesday of the month: Larry and friends, Simple Simons, Canterbury.

This mixed session has now moved back to the Bear, in Faversham;
and an excellent evening it is, well attended by a range of musicians (including some young ones), and a packed pub.
White Hart Folk Club, Hythe - This has now been subsumed into "Folk at The Drum" :
Folk At The Drum, North Stanford just off Stone Street which is just North of the Hythe exit from the M20.

Sunday: On the 1st Sunday and 3rd Sunday the Celtic session that was in the Compasses, Sole Street, Crundale has now moved to the Rose and Crown, Stelling Minis, CT4 6AS CT4 6AS Lat/Longitude:51.181999N 1.065000; Tel:01227 709265

The last Sunday Celtic session at Deal has no home at the moment. Fordwich Country and Blues is restarting on 27th November. From: Ray Fielder
Subject: Return to Fordwich

Good News,
We are returning the Country and Blues Club to Fordwich [Details below]. Please spread the word

Hope to see you there
Best Wishes
Ray Fielder


Sunday 27th November 2005
8.30pm to 11.00pm
Fordwich Arms,
Kings St
Near Canterbury
01227 710444

After a short break, Fordwich Country and Blues Returns to the Fordwich Arms

Hosted by resident band Loose Change, we invite you to come and meet and join in with the sing-around/ jam sessions in the welcoming atmosphere of the Fordwich Arms.

Fordwich Country and Blues every 2nd and 4th Sunday

Contact Ray 07729627467

Ray Fielder

From: Martin Sutcliffe tincliffe_at_yahoo_dot_com
Subject: French Session


Just a reminder for anyone interested, there is the monthly French Music Session at The Rose Wickhambreaux Monday 14th November 8.30pm.
Be good to see you there.

Also, next week, Monday 21st November, at the Yew Tree Barfreston, there will be a mixed music session, so if you fancy playing or just listening do come and join us from around 8.30pm onwards.

Look forward too seeing you


Cajun Music and Dance

Get yourself on the new Cajun email list : Cajun In Kent
-- if you would like to be reminded about Cajun events in Kent, do email Satu at the above address.
(replace _at_ by _at_ symbol)

From: Kent Cajun
Subject: Wild Turkey new CD + launch gig!

Hello all,

The long awaited Wild Turkey CD "Gumbo" out:
The CD will be available from all Wild Turkey gigs or you can order by post by calling 01227-779178.

"Gumbo" is priced £12 (please add £1.50 for postage & packing).
Satu - Promoting Cajun and Zydeco music and dancing in Kent!

Cajun Dances

From: Lynne Lane lynneandstevelane_at_btopenworld_dot_com
Subject: Cajunbarn

Hi everyone.
Please don't forget that our next gig at The Barn is this coming Sunday 11th. December when Cajun Company make a very welcome and long overdue return to The Barn. The American "Cajun French Music Association" (CFMA) awarded the Cajun Company from Holland the Prix dehors de nous 2003, being the best Cajun band outside of the United States. Their Prix is considered a Cajun Grammy. In the CFMA-history the Prix dehors de nous was only once awarded to a European Cajun band. The Cajun Company itself was already nominated for the award in 1998 when they were runner-up.

So, come along and start your festive celebrations early and let's turn this gig into a bit if a party

Sunday 11th. December
The Cajun Company
from Holland
6.30 - 10pm
£9/£7 cons.

Look forward to seeing y'all on Sunday
Steve and Lynne

Cajun Dance Workshops

These workshops are led by Kay Anderson, with Wild Turkey (Yves and Chris from Cajunologie) providing the live music.

2:30pm - 4:30pm at St. Peters Church Hall, Cromwell Road, Whitstable, Kent. CT5 1NA; £3.50, ring 01227 779 178 :
11th December 2005
26th February 2006
23rd April 2006
28th May 2006

Also 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm, now at Davis Estate Community Centre, Barberry Avenue, Chatham, ME5 9TE, (was at Star Hill Function Rooms, Star Hill, Rochester); £3.50, ring Ann on 01634 405 840.

27th November 2005
22th January 2006
26th March 2006.


From: andy renshaw andy_at_camine_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Dec. Camine gig list

Seasonal Greetings (apologies if that seems a little early) from all the dedicated staff at Camine Towers. Welcome to our Dec. gig list - you can almost smell the Brandy sauce. With Zinta being out of the loop for a while (taking a well deserved break) Ramona and Andy have had the opportunity to draft in some great musicians to stand in her mighty boots so a big thanks to Chris Sadler, Jem Scott, Simon Lee and Chris Talyor. It's been a chance for lots of new tunes and songs.
Here are a couple of dates coming up over the next few weeks. i

This Friday (2nd) sees Ramona and Andy playing with Chris Sadler on Guitar and Concertina at the George on Stone Street - Ramona will be bring along her harp. Hope to catch you soon.

Dec 2nd George Inn, Stone Street, Kent. (Canterbury to Hythe Rd) (01227) 709247 (9-11pm).

Dec 21st The Plough, Lewson Street, Norton Nr. Sittingbourne, Kent.(01795) 521348 (9-11pm).

All the best

Breton Music and Dance

There are regular French and Breton music and dance sessions on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 1.00pm at Hollingbourne Village Hall.

There is now a well established French and European Session in the Rose in Wickhambreaux, on the second Monday of the month. This is a top quality session in an excellent local pub.

See the photo-report on the new section: [Current Gig Photos], where there are also some sound-clips.

To hear this sort of music under decent recording conditions:
Drohne - Hurdy-Gurdy, Bagpipes, Woodwind - Phil Martin
(was broadcast on BBC Radio 3: Live Studio Session on Andy Kershaw Show - Broadcast 20th March 2005, 10:15 to midnight and also streamed on the web.)
get their new album "Hurdy-Gurdy Mandrohne", distributed by Cube Roots.


From: Bottleneck Blues blues_at_bottleneckblues_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Ben Andrews & Tom Doughty

Ben Andrews from Washington DC
Tom Doughty from Liverpool
The Bottleneck Blues Club
Fri 11th Nov ~ Zaffa, Maidstone

I have four tables left for this gig next it looks like we'll be getting an excellent justly deserved by the musicians represented this night.

Ben, voted "Best Overseas Blues Artist" in Blues in Britain is a quite remarkable talent.....for those who know him, one who has had his fair share of challenges, which is probably what makes his music unique. I know of no other acoustic musician in the World who can imbue his music with so much passion, feeling & virtuosity (er...except for all the others ~ before you all send me a list!).....he has a wonderful voice matched to superlative guitaring...he has performed on the main Pyramid stage at Glastonbury, been played many times on Paul Jones' BBC programme & on Jools Holland.....he was the only act to be called back for an encore at Bishopstock & remains to this day the artist to sell more CDs than any other at this festival (over 300). Susan Tedeschi had to cancel her Mojo signing that day due to the crowds queuing for albums.

Tom Doughty has overcome enormous personal tragedy to become one of Britain's foremost lap-slide players. He writes beautiful songs (my personal favourite being Darling Cora off his latest CD) & plays in some very unusual tunings which gives his music an indelible touch. He represented the UK in last year's International Blues Challenge Award in award that Geoff Achison, Toby Walker & Delta Moon have all won in the past.

This isn't just another gig.....this is what I strive to do.....present the very best pairing of musicians playing only superlative music.
I personally can't wait for this night.

Hope to see you.


On Tues 29th Nov. in Rochester Ben will do the opening set before Texan Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges takes the stage with his trio Eugene has become a big star on the World circuit & usually plays festivals & big venues but he's an old mate & I'm delighted to welcome him back to the club......blimey folks!!!!.....Eugene & Ben on the same bill.....what more can I do?
01634 314602
07702 554989

Gulbenkian Theatre

Mon 7 Nov 1.10pm
Lunchtime Concert

Alexander Volpov cello, Jonathan Duke piano

A chance to hear two outstanding musicians who have a close connection with University of Kent Music. They will perform a varied programme, from Boccherini to Fauré, together with some showpieces from Russian composers.
Admission free with a ‘give what you can’ collection

Supported by Furley Page

Wed 9 Nov 7.45pm
Union Dance Presents
Sensing Change

Identity is fluid: the self can be reinvented

Sensing Change builds on Union Dance’s twenty years’ of experience and expertise at combining contemporary dance, hip-hop, martial arts and urban style. This stunning double bill explores our rapidly changing ideals through exhilarating dance, captivating music and eye-catching design; demonstrating how the twenty-first century culture embraces and celebrates transformation.
Union Dance joins two new talents of contemporary dance: Rambert Dance Company’s Associate Choreographer Rafael Bonachela who effortlessly straddles the worlds of pop and art, and the highly accomplished Mavin Khoo drawing inspiration from his Malaysian roots as well as classical and modern dance. Their creations, from the invigorating to minimal, highlight the similarity and contrasts of the world around us.
“ impressively made and executed, Bonachela’s dance is like a spray of bullets that hit their target” The Times
“ hyperextended legs, sharply torqued angles, swivelled hips and exotically coiled arms” The Guardian
Tickets £14 Concs £12 Standby £7 GEN £6 Join Union Dance for a post show discussion in the café bar.

Recommended study on the A’ Level Performance Studies syllabus 2006

Thur 10 Nov 7.30pm
Canterbury Music Club
The Schubert Octet

Haydn String Quartet Op 77 No 1
Mozart Clarinet Quintet in A K581
Schubert Octet in F D803

The Schubert Octet comprises the Quince Quartet, four gifted passionate musicians whose leader Chris George is leader of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra whilst each of the others plays regularly as section leader in a major orchestra; plus the renowned Galliard Wind Ensemble and young virtuoso double bass, Elena Hull. Each pursues their own recital, chamber ensemble, orchestral or concerto career but they delight in combining whenever their busy schedule allows.
Tickets £10 Students & Unemployed £4
Sponsored by Pfizer of Sandwich

Fri 11 & Sat 12 Nov 7.45pm
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

The Ukes make a welcome return to the Gulbenkian with their all singing, all-strumming, all-plucking ukulele players, featuring only ukuleles little ones, big ones, high ones, low ones with not a guitar, drum, piano, backing track or banjo in sight.
"Iconoclastic. Unabashed genre crashing antics. Nothing is spoof proof." Toronto Star
Tickets £12 Concs £10

Sat 19 Nov 7.45pm
Monica Vasconcelos & Nois

Monica started singing in clubs in Sao Paulo and has been compared in rave reviews to Astrid Gilberto at her finest. Originally from Brazil, Monica’s Samba and Brazilian folk repertoire is performed with absolute authenticity, accompanied by the band Nois which she formed in London in 1995.
i Nois is led by keyboard ace and composer Steve Lodder and features the Brazilian guitar star Ife Tolentino.
“Vasconcelos and Nois gigs are warm, joyous experiences. The musicians obviously love making music together and that really gets across to the audiences” Time Out
Tickets £14 Concs £12

Wed 23 Nov 7.45pm
The Brodsky Quartet

Andrew Haveron violin, Ian Belton violin
Paul Cassidy viola, Jacqueline Thomas cello

Beethoven Grosse Fuge
Debussy String Quartet, Opus 10
Beethoven String Quartet in B flat major, Opus 130

Over the past few seasons, the brilliant Brodsky Quartet has taken us on a fascinating journey through Beethoven’s late string quartets. In this concert, they complete the cycle with Opus 130, together with a rare performance of the extraordinary Grosse Fuge which originally ended the quartet. As ever, the Brodskys also perform a contrasting work from the twentieth century, this time with a French flavour.
Tickets £15 Concs £13 Student Standby £6: unsold tickets will be available to University of Kent students from 7pm on the evening of the performance (ID card must be shown).

Thur 24 Nov 7.45pm
Ante Productions

Box Office 01227 769075

On line bookings

Kingston Barn

From: Folk in the Barn folkinthebarn_at_foxinsocks_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk Subject: FITB Martyn Joseph

Hi everyone
Another quick update.
If you'd like to see Martyn Joseph on 16th Dec, the tickets are starting to go quite quickly now so don't leave it too late.

They are £13 and £11 for concessions (Senior citizens, students, reg disabled) You can reserve them in the usual way from me
by email or phone 01227 831493 and then post me a cheque
plus a SAE to
18 Derringstone Downs, Barham, Canterbury, Kent CT4 6QE

I've added a bit more info about the wonderful Mr Joseph for those who've recently joined the list and have missed the earlier emails. Much of this is taken from his website (you can tell I didn't write it!!)

Folk in the Barn are thrilled to present the charismatic Folk Troubadour, Martyn Joseph,who will be playing at the Canterbury Cathedral International Study Centre on Friday 16th December.

At first glance Martyn Joseph is (just) another gifted singer songwriter. First impressions are there to mislead of course: Joseph's ambition is broader than entertainment, deeper than
commerce. Some musicians want to move your feet, some just
want to move you: Martyn Joseph wants to move heaven and earth.
Martyn, winner of the Welsh Music Awards 2004, Best Male singer, has been described by two of Britain's leading contemporary music magazines, Q and MoJo respectively, as having 'a depth, resonance and emotional punch, which belies comparisons', and as being 'an artist of enduring worth'. Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music and iconic songwriter himself, regards Martyn as one of Britain's 'most charismatic and electrifying performers'. The Boston Globe concluded that the man was a 'profound experience'. One observer after seeing Martyn in concert likened the experience and content to 'the beautiful business of being alive with all its jokes, absurdity and sadness, seared by music for the heart and head'.

Martyn's particular strength is in the lyrical narrative of his songs, be they contemporary protests against injustice and inhumanity, a musical psalm to the fulfilment and fragilities of love, or a piercing précis of social history. In this manner he carries on in the tradition of the six string balladeer as both catalyst and interpreter of our raddled and rewarding times, our personal and communal stories sung out loud in the spirit of Woody Guthrie, Ewan MacColl, Hank Williams and Bruce Springsteen. Amongst the considerable collection of positive reviews of Martyn's recording and live work, the two regularly recurring words describing, in particular, his performances are 'passion' and 'humour'.

Earlier this year he toured and recorded an album with Steve Knightley of Show of Hands, another regular and popular visitor to Folk in the Barn. It is a long time since this rare and talented performer has performed in East Kent, don't miss this opportunity.

Thanks for reading
see you soon

01227 831493

ps those coming to see CQ on the 19th, make sure you bring
your wallets as the new merchandise will be available, and could be a fantastic stocking filler idea for the ladies. If you're too excited to wait and see what it is you can read all about it on Longdogs. under 'CQ at the Ashcroft' thread! You have been warned


From: Amanda Peters fiddleinthesky_at_hotmail_dot_com
Subject: Re: Hello

Would any-one is the Medway area ans anywhere else in Kent be interested in starting up a Border Morris team.

Men and women.

If so they can contact me on fiddleinthesky_at_hotmail_dot_com or 01634 308035. If there is interest it would be based in medway.


From: Janice English janiengl_at_yahoo_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Mundy-Turner Xmas gig in Orpington

Firstly I must say what a great informative site you run - fantastic!
Wondered if you would be kind enough to add the following gig to your diary

Mundy-Turner-s Bonzer Aussie Christmas show returns to Orpington on Sunday 4th December 2004 at 6.30pm

Tickets available by phoning 01689 619878 / 853798
£6.50 adults £4.50 children

After the phenomenal success of their Christm as show last year, Warren Road School in Orpington are thrilled to welcome back acoustic duo Cath Mundy and Jay Turner for another tucker bagfull of Australian Christmas carols and beautiful original songs. Anyone lucky enough to see them tour with Fairport Convention or The Corrs will know why they are acclaimed so highly.
So forget those winter blues and get into the Christmas spirit Aussie style!!

Many thanks

Janice English

Sussex Folk

From: Martin Snodin martin_dot_snowdin_at_btopenworld_dot_com
Subject: News from Acoustic Sussex (including new 2006 dates and venue changes)

News from Acoustic Sussex ...

In this issue...
* Changes at the White Hart venue
* Reminder - Keith James - the Songs of Nick Drake - this Friday (4 November)
* New 2006 dates announced
* Remaining shows in 2005
Changes at the White Hart venue

If you came along to our recent Joe West show (or if you've visited our website), you will know that there are new landlords at the White Hart venue in West Hoathly. Changes to the restaurant and their future plans make continued use of the venue for our particular genre of music rather uncertain. So until things are more settled, most of our shows in the coming weeks and months will be concentrated on the Chequer Mead Theatre in East Grinstead. As you probably know, Chequer Mead is a
purpose-built community arts centre, conveniently located in the centre of East Grinstead, with excellent parking opposite. It has a delightful 340-seat auditorium with the best acoustics you're likely to hear anywhere. More information at:

[IMAGE] Chequer Mead auditorium

We have three top quality shows lined up here in the next two months (the first this coming Friday) and some exciting plans for the first few months of 2006 (see below). We are also investigating the use of an alternative venue to the White Hart for 2006, within easy reach of East Grinstead - so watch this space!.

Reminder - Keith James - the songs of Nick Drake (this Friday 4 November)

[IMAGE] Nick Drake

Respected singer/guitarist Keith James performs his sixth UK tour in which the entire performance is dedicated to the work of the most-revered of all English singer songwriters, Nick Drake, who died in 1974, aged 26. It has taken 20 posthumous years for Drake's music to gain recognition. Today, he stands alongside the likes of Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison in the annals of music history.

4 November, Chequer Mead, East Grinstead, 7.15pm (concert starts 8pm). James is accompanied by Rick Foot on double bass and supported for the show by the seasoned performer, Rosalie Deighton. Before the show, the rare 45 minute documentary film A Skin Too Few will be shown in the foyer, starting at 7.15pm. Tickets are £10 (concessions apply). Box Office 01342 302000. For more information, visit our website.
New 2006 dates announced

It might still feel like summer but the leaves are turning and we are already looking ahead to the new year! New confirmed shows at Chequer Mead Theatre are:

* 17 January - Cathie Ryan Band
Irish American Cathie Ryan, with her crystalline vocals and insightful songwriting, is an original and distinctive voice in Celtic music. Since her acclaimed seven year tenure as lead singer of Cherish the Ladies, the Detroit born Ryan has established herself as one of Celtic Music's most popular and enduring singer-songwriters. Cathie has released 4 critically acclaimed CDs and is featured on more than forty compilations of Celtic Music. In 2003 Cathie was included in the famous Irish music collection, A Woman's Heart ^Ö A Decade On placing her amongst Irish music's finest female vocalists and songwriters. It was the first time Americans were featured in the series and she shared the honour with Allison Krauss, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris. More:
* 31 January - Karine Stolwart
Scottish Borders based singer-songwriter Karine Polwart established herself at the forefront of the UK folk-roots scene after scooping three prizes at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in February 2005. By telling stories, painting pictures and posing questions, Karine succeeds in her aim to communicate profoundly persona and quietly political messages without posturing and with plenty of room for individual interpretation. Her humanity and sense of justice, as well as her warmth and wit, shine through. More: * 16 February - Nick Harper
Son of the famous Roy Harper, Nick Harper is a highly accomplished guitarist to whom the term virtuoso truly belongs. Yet his guitar playing is only a part of his skill. As well as a distinctive and soulful voice, Nick is a rare kind of artist, one who reaffirms faith in the art of original songwriting. Nick has developed a reputation for creating great audience rapport. While his songs can be intense and emotionally charged, in concert Nick is relaxed, spontaneous and always enthralling. More:
* 14 March - Jacqui McShee's Pentangle
One of the most respected bands on the live music circuit. Four virtuoso instrumentalists fuse folk, jazz, and other influences into a rich and sophisticated sound ^Ö the perfect vehicle for Jacqui's rich smoky voice. Pentangle band members are much in demand and have many musical commitments ^Ö for instance, Jacqui McShee works regularly as a duo with celebrated guitarist John Renbourn; Spencer Cozens and Gary Foot tour with Joan Armatrading; percussionist Gerry Conway plays full time with Fairport Convention; and Alan Thompson works on Glasgow's music scene. More: * 11 May - Eliza Gilkyson
Returning to Chequer Mead by popular demand after her 2005 show, American roots artist Eliza Gilkyson is on her 4th UK tour in 3 years. Her album, Land of Milk and Honey was nominated for a Grammy Awards in the Contemporary Folk category. Her latest CD, Paradise Lost, was given a 4 star rating by the Austin Chronicle: "This new offering in her contemporarily flawless oeuvre is tender and cathartic to the point of jubilation, brimming with radio-polished tunes and exquisite traditional folk." More: Other gigs in 2006 (at venues to be confirmed) include Jonathan Kelly, Steve Tilston, Amy Wadge, Stephen Fearing, Briege Murphy and more. Details to be confirmed as soon as possible.

Remaining shows in 2005

After the Keith James show on 4 November, we have two more fantastic shows remaining in 2005. Tickets for both are selling fast now, so please get yours early to avoid missing these great performers:
John Tams and Barry Coope (24 November, Chequer Mead)

[IMAGE]John Tams
John Tams, one of the country's leading songwriters, with the widely respected singer and keyboard player Barry Coope in a duo that has proved a winning combination. Tams will be remembered by many as Daniel Hagman in the ITV Sharpe series - a role he played for five years alongside Sean Bean. He also co-wrote the music for the series. Winner of Album of the Year at the BBC Folk Awards for his solo album Unity and also Song of the Year for 'Harry Stone'. His new album The Reckoning was released on 5 September. It was voted album of the month by Mojo magazine and already being hailed as a contender for folk album of the year. More information at:

Dougie MacLean (8 December, Chequer Mead)

[IMAGE] Dougie MacLean
Dougie MacLean has built an international reputation as songwriter, composer and extraordinary performer, with concerts and festivals all over the world including the Carnegie Hall in New York. His songs and compositions have been heard far and wide. Caledonia was covered by Frankie Miller and gained No 1 in the Scottish charts, then Dolores Keane took it to No 1 in the Irish charts. His music has been used in TV Drama (eg. BBC's A Mug's Game) and he has been the subject of three BBC TV Specials (The Land-Songs of Dougie MacLean, SongRoads and Children of the Sea). More information at: __________________________

For more information on any of the above , visit our website
All the very best - support live music where you can!

Martin Snodin
Acoustic Sussex (
01342 716975
email: martin_at_acousticsussex_dot_org_dot_uk