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July 2005


Stop-Press News 2005-07-05

Subject: NEW GIG

hi Beau,
the Yew Tree Barfrestone is under new management
and is starting to put on music again-
Wild Turkey are playing Thurs July 7th 2030-2230,
its going to be myself and Chris Sadler, so come along-
it would be good if loads of people turned up - it might
encourage Charlie, the new landlord to continue -

- a good venue, great to have music here again, please do support it - beau

I have just added the capability to generate some of the Event Tables, that the KentFolk monthly calendars are created from, by the direct reading of a limited number of venue and group gig lists that are on the web.

Hopefully I will have more time to extend the number of Event Tables that can be updated this way.

Anyway, as a result, there are quite a few more gigs on the KentFolk calendar than I usually have time to do other than at Christmas.

Suggested spreadsheet compatible gig-list format

Please follow this link if you are thinking of puting your gig lists on the web, or plan to send gig information to KentFolk.

Subject: SEFAN:2005-06-20:01.' Two in a bar rule' to go on 24 November 2005
Don't forget to keep pushing your venues, contacts etc.
to ensure that they're all in order.
luv 1d x

Begin forwarded message:

From: Fee Lock via MF Broadcast engine
Subject: 'Two in a bar rule' to go on 24 November 2005

This is a broadcast message for The Morris Federation
=======message follows========

The 'two in a bar rule' will finally cease on 24 November 2005. This exemption from public entertainment licensing for one or two live performers was originally introduced in 1961.
Music and licensing minister James Purnell announced the date during a debate on licensing on Wednesday 08 June A DCMS press statement also confirmed the date:
24 November marks the end of the 'transition period' during which all existing licences must be converted or varied to the new premises licence.
Many, if not most, two in a bar gigs will have to be licensed under the new regime. Such gigs could be lost or postponed because local authorities may not be able to process the necessary 'variation' applications within two months (i.e. by 6 October, two months after the 6 August deadline for conversion applications). The new law states that variation applications not processed within two months are deemed refused.
Landlords whose live music applications have failed for this reason could continue to trade after 24 November, but without the live music (unless they opted for a Temporary Event Notice, up to 12 allowed per premises per year). To get a permanent live music authorisation they would have to appeal to the magistrates court to reinstate their 'variation' for live music, or re-apply to the local authority. Either way this will take months, not to mention the paperwork, fees, and potential for knock-on costs.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Penny Allen / Anthony John Allen

South East Folk Arts Network:
Company Limited by Guarantee No: 5114495

Stepback Project & Broken Ankles:

"Fiddlers Various", with 7 top quality/virtuoso fiddlers and all British uillean pipe champion, in the excellent Littlebourne Thatched Barn, plus two pub gigs over a long weekend:

went even better than I hoped - gigabytes of recorded sound, 4 hours of video - I hope to get the photo report up soon, just also a very important time for my research at the moment so that has to take precedence.

KentFolk Events 2005

KentFolk is hosting quite a bit of music this year :

The St. Patrick's Night special - Thu. 17th March, with Camine, in the Red Lion Hotel sold out well in advance, and in spite of sold out notices more than 300 people tried to book. This was an excellent evening, with a rib-sticking Irish stew - I have photos and a recording, and will do a photo report as soon as I have a moment.

The next event was Spring Cajun Dance with Wild Turkey, on Saturday 7th May, (the week-end after Rochester Sweeps festival 2005), in the Littlebourne Thatched Barn.
One chair was left unsold - but everyone was dancing, so no problem there, an excellent evening.
I will try and get the photos up soon.

The most ambitious is a long weekend, the first weekend in June, when there will be a

"Fiddlers Various" showcase,

with 7 fiddlers : Ben Paley, Saskia Tomkins, Ian Cutler, Laura Targett, Chris Wood, Ramona Egle and Yves Langlois, in the Littlebourne Thatched Barn on Sunday 5th June, £10.

As accompanists we have both Steáfán Hannigan (all British uillean pipe champion and virtuoso bodhran player, plus a multitude of other instruments, including bouzouki,whistles and flute) and Chris Taylor (plays regularly at Leeds Castle, guitar, accordion, harmonica, bouzouki).

There will be a bar provided by the King William IV (Littlebourne), with a good range of beers, and there will be a limited number of tables for people to bring their own food. Seats will be numbered, so the earlier you book the better the seat you will get.

Both Ben Paley and Saskia Tomkins will be holding fiddle workshops during the day on the Sunday, £17 each.

There will also be pub gigs :
Fiddler Saskia Tomkins will be in the King William IV in Littlebourne on Friday 3rd June; Saskia is a most excellent player.
Monkey Puzzle with Laura Targett on fiddle, Lucy Randall on Bodhran, and Pete Gazey on Guitar will be in the Red Lion in Wingham on Monday 6th June; this will be a "Curry and Ceilidh" night, for £10.

If you do not know Chris Wood's playing, see below the quote from fRoots regarding his latest album "The Lark Descending".

Then there is an Autumn Barn Dance, in the Littlebourne Thatched Barn, on the 24th September, with the Longstone/Camine fusion that was such a success 2 years ago.

A brilliant weekend, thanks to the players, and my thanks to also to all those who have said how much they enjoyed it - hundreds of photos, GBytes of good quality sound, 4 hours of video - photo report in preparation ...

I can now say thet KentFolk is also doing a double fiddle event as Canterbury Festival umbrella events :
U16a: 2pm Sunday 16th October 2005: "Fiddling Around the World" - an illustrated afternoon talk, and
U16b: 8pm Sunday 16th October 2005: "Fiddling Around the World" - an evening concert.

Fiddle virtuoso Chris Haigh is deeply knowledgeable about fiddle styles from all round the world : on his web-site, he lists :
Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Klezmer, Mid East and The Med, India, China, Mexico, Cajun, Old Time, Bluegrass, Western Swing, and Jazz.

He will be giving an afternoon talk about these styles of playing, and their ornamentation and cultural background, demonstrate some with his fiddle, as well as demonstrating some of the ethnic fiddles he has brought back.

He will also be showing images and sound clips of a number of these styles that he has accummulated from his travels around the world.
Venue: Kingston Barn, The Street, Kingston, Nr. Canterbury, Kent. CT4 6JQ

See the


pages for links to more information and to buy tickets for all these events. and also the Festival box office for the Canterbury Festival events.

Thanks for the excellent support for the Fiddlers Various gigs, please do support the remaining events if you want anything like this to happen again.

Chris Wood - The Lark Descending

The new CD by Chris Wood (The Lark Descending ) seems to us to be one of the best out of the English folk scene in living memory. There has been much animated discussion on our message board about his recent live appearance on Late Junction playing tracks from it. I think its appeal goes way beyond people who think they like English folk, even to those who think they don't - especially because some of the modern songs on it are awe inspiring.
The album's going to be a milestone ... Sensational! Ian Anderson - Editor fRoots

Released on June 15th and available online at
The gold that we are searching for... is in our own backyard!

Chris_Wood, The Lark Descending.

"Fiddlers Various" Showcase is a chance to hear Chris Wood in person and to buy his latest CD (guitar as well as fiddle); at a recent gig in Faversham we discussed some of the pieces that he might do at "Fiddlers Various" - some of his ideas are fascinating - beau

Adrian `O

Adrian `O - our very own Story Teller and Landscape Photographer - has taken camera (and Sue !) on a round the world exploration - I have seen some of his previous photographs, and can not wait to see what he brings back.
But we are getting the stories as he goes - here are the set to date :
Follow the Adrian `O's travels link to find out more .... I am updating as they come in (usually over the week-end).

So now Adrian and Sue are back - congratulations on a successful and wonderful trip - and thanks for taking us along by e-mail - now we just wait for the photos ...

Manston are doing flights to Shannon - out on the Friday evening, back on the Sunday night, so ideal for a weekend. Clare is a great county for music - why not give it a try ?

If you can take a week off, go for the Willy Clancy Summer School in Miltown Malbay, County Clare, Ireland .... (other flights for shorter times away are sold out).

Gypsy / Romany music

British tradition Gypsy / Romany music.

Gypsy / Romany music has for hundreds of years been a part of local music in Kent. I have been digging to see what I can find, and have found worryingly little.
Eastern tradition Gypsy music is found more frequently, Saskia Tomkins, who will be at "Fiddlers Various" on 5th June, can fiddle in this tradition.

The Orchard family down to the West Country are a most significant heritage.

Rod Stradling of Musical Traditions Internet Magazine says : "Tom is the grandfather - a singer and occasional box player. His wife, Amy Birch, is a wonderful singer. Tommy is the father - he's a box player and step-dancer."

Jean Orchard, says :
I was just looking at the website pages that you gave me and saw the line up of the Topic CD and it reminded me to let you know that Amy Birch on that CD is my mum and I am singing 'Over Yonders Hill' on our new CD!
(to be released August - beau)

The Orchard family were in London at the Musical Traditions : Keith Summers Fest. : MAY 20TH - 22ND 2005
Sat. At the King & Queen, 1 Foley Street London W1W 6DL

A brilliant day, many excellent players and singers, with a strong contingent from Ireland. The Orchards were all I had hoped for an more, with Amy in fine voice singing old ballads, and Jean has indeed a lovely voice, singing some excellent somgs. Fine accordion and mellodeon playing from Tom and Tommy (as well as fascinating step dancing), but young Ashley was to me an excellent sign that there is much more fascinating music to come from this family.

KentFolk has a day-long recording in mp3, and part of the day and all of the evening as a .wav file - fills a DVD. This will be edited, and parts, with the musicians approval, may be available. Photos to come.

Sunday evening from 7.30, Rosie Stewart and The Orchard Family performed at The Old Rose & Crown, Hoe Street

So if you know of players/singers in the Gypsy / Romany tradition, particularly any fiddlers, or know someone that might know, please do contact me. It would be great to hear this music if we still can.
cheers, beau_at_kentfolk_dot_com , Tel: 01227 721 736, Mob: 07875 170 593.
I will add updates as I learn more.

Bridge Folk & Roots Festival.

An excellent weekend of music, kicked off by a Cajun dance with WIld Turkey on the Friday in Lousianna swamp heat. The Friday music was great, and Chris Wood & Andy Cutting were remarkable.

Old Wine Warehouse, Ramsgate

From: Eric Booth
Subject: Folk Night in Ramsgate

hello, I wish to inform you of a folk night that has been going for the last three months every Saturday at the Old Wine Warehouse Charlotte Court, Ramsgate.The line up varies from week to week.
There is no admission charge as yet and the session starts at 8.15 p.m. Meals are available, the phone number for the bar/restaurant is 01843 583000. I book the musicians and can be contacted on 01843 865456. There is also a jazz night every Friday with various musicians, if you want I can give you details also. Thanks in advance Eric Booth

A new venue, some good musicians, please do support it - beau

Celtic and other Sessions

If you have been looking for the Wednesday Celtic session at the George Inn, Stone St. this has now terminated again - the session is back in the Anchor Inn in Wingham, until further notice.

However there are also now sessions in a number of pubs on different days of the week.

A most important new session is an excellent French/European Session, that has some very traditional instruments, including pipes, "reed-capped shawm", and hurdy-gurdy, all in an excellent pub with good beer.
See the photo-report on the new section: [Current Gig Photos], where there are also some sound-clips.
This session is on :

2nd Monday of the month:
at The Rose, The Green, Wickhambreaux, CT3 1RQ : a French/European Session at 8.30pm.

There is a new Swing Jazz session in the Dove at Dargate every Tuesday : Dargate Django Djam as a working title! - Yes excellent - very enjoyable - beau

On the last Tuesday of the month there is a mixed session/folk evening in the Kings Head, Hythe.

Celtic session at the Anchor Inn, Wingham, on the A257 near Canterbury. New musicians very welcome.
1st Wednesday, Watershed (English), Simple Simons, Canterbury.
last Wednesday of the month: Larry and friends, Simple Simons, Canterbury.

This mixed session has now moved back to the Bear, in Faversham;
and an excellent evening it is, well attended by a range of musicians and a packed pub.
White Hart Folk Club, Hythe - This has now been subsumed into "Folk at The Drum" :
Folk At The Drum, North Stanford just off Stone Street which is just North of the Hythe exit from the M20.

Sunday: On the 1st Sunday and 3rd Sunday there is a Celtic session in the Compasses, Sole Street, Crundale. CT4 7ES

The last Sunday Celtic session at Deal has no home at the moment.


Get yourself on the new Cajun email list : Cajun In Kent
-- if you would like to be reminded about Cajun events in Kent, do email Satu at the above address.
(replace _at_ by _at_ symbol)

From: Kent Cajun
Subject: Forthcoming Cajun Events: June - July 2005

Hi there,

Plenty going on during the summer, so dust off your dance shoes and come on along!

The Dance Workshop dates for 2005-2006 have now also been confirmed along with new venue for Rochester workshops. For details, see

Thursday 14th July 2005
Folk at the Brook presents: CAJUN DANCE NIGHT with Wild Turkey at The Brook Theatre (Old Town Hall, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4SE). 8pm start, tickets £6 from The Box Office tel: 01634 338338 or by email boxoffice_at_medway_dot_gov_dot_uk For more information and a downloadable Brook Theatre brochure see the Brook Theatre Website at

Saturday 16th July 2005
WHITSTABILLIES at the Wrotham Arms (9 Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs, CT10 1QQ). 9pm start

Friday 22nd July
WILD TURKEY at the Prince of Wales (9 High Street, Strood, ME2 4AB) at 9pm.
Hope to see you on a dancefloor somewhere!

Satu - Promoting Cajun and Zydeco music and dancing in Kent!

Cajun Dances

See Satu's email above, also :

On Thursday 6th. October the Cajun Barn have The Ray Abshire Cajun Band from Louisiana, 7.30-11.00 pm.

Cajun Dance Workshops

These workshops are led by Kay Anderson, with Wild Turkey (Yves and Chris from Cajunologie) providing the live music.

2:30pm - 4:30pm at St. Peters Church Hall, Cromwell Road, Whitstable, Kent. CT5 1NA; £3.50, ring 01227 779 178 :

Also 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm, now at Davis Estate Community Centre, Barberry Avenue, Chatham, ME5 9TE, (was at Star Hill Function Rooms, Star Hill, Rochester); £3.50, ring Ann on 01634 405 840.

- Summer Break -
25th September 2005
27th November 2005
22th January 2006
26th March 2006.


From: andy renshaw andy_at_camine_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Camine Update.

Hi There and welcome to Camine's Monthly(ish) email update.

Dates coming up:

June 24th Canterbury Multicultural Day / National Refugee Week. St. Peter's Methodist Church hall, Canterbury.
A day of music, film, dance, fire-eating plus workshops. Camine performance at 6pm. Contact (01227) 459243.FREE ENTRY with some world class performers like Emmanuel Jal, Romani Rad & Tea Hodzic.

July 8th Halfway House, Halfway, Isle of Sheppy, Kent. (01795) 662917 (9-11pm).

July 13th The Plough, Lewson St. Norton Nr. Sittingbourne, Kent. (01795) 521348 (9-11pm).

July 14th Kings Head, Hythe, Kent. (01303) 266283 (9-11pm).

July 15th George Inn BEER FESTIVAL, Stone St, Kent.(Canterbury to Hythe Rd) (01227) 709247 (9-11pm).

July 16th Petham Village Fete, Petham Nr. Canterbury, Kent. Afternoon.
July 29th Tartar Frigate, Broadstairs, Kent. (01843) 862013 (9-11pm).
Aug 5th George Inn, Stone St, Kent. (Canterbury to Hythe Rd) (01227) 709247 (9-11pm).

Aug 6th Halfway House, Halfway, Isle of Sheppy, Kent. (01795) 662917 (9-11pm).

Aug 31st The Plough, Lewson St. Norton Nr. Sittingbourne, Kent.(01795) 521348 (9-11pm).

Please note that July's George gig is NOT on the first Friday........but the third (for a beer festival).

Other news...........

Great fun time was had by all in Scandinavia.
Camine played four dates in Sweden (Stockton) and seven dates in Helsinki, Finland.
A special experience for Zinta & Ramona to sail across the Baltic (being half Latvian),
one day they hope to return to play in Latvia, a place they have not yet had a chance to visit.
Photos etc on the web site. Andy managed to indulge himself
in his passion for Swedish traditional music and raided the local CD shops - a happy man.

Bridge folk & roots festival was more than we had hoped for,
the weather was fab and the crowds turned out in force.
Head count for the evening concert was around 250.
Anyone you'd like to see as next years main headline??? please email with suggestions - andy_at_camine_dot_co_dot_uk
Camine will be taking a short break from gigging in August, so the next update will be Sept.

A few Kent festivals that Camine will be at later in the year - Faversham Hop festival & Deal Maritime Festival.

See you at a gig soon.
Andy Ramona Zinta

From: Orpington Folk Club
Subject: Orpington Folk Club

Hi Beau, please note the New venue.

Orpington Folk Club
the 'Change of Horses'
Farnborough High Street

01689 852949

Brian Bruce
Has joined the organisers he can be contacted on: 0020 8856 5711
Many thanks.

Breton Music and Dance

There is a recently started French and European Session in the Rose in Wickhambreaux, on the second Monday of the month (see below). This is a top quality session in an excellent local pub.

There are regular French and Breton music and dance sessions on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 1.00pm at Hollingbourne Village Hall.

From: Steve Barrett
Subject: Les Batons

Just to let you know that there is a French Music Session at the Rose,Wickhambreaux, Kent (not far from Canterbury), on Monday 15th November at about 8.30pm.

If you are interested please try and come along - if enough are there it will become a regular session.
If you want to know more please email Martin Sutcliffe at
See you soon
(01303 253717)

See the photo-report on the new section: [Current Gig Photos], where there are also some sound-clips.

To hear this sort of music under decent recording conditions:
Drohne - Hurdy-Gurdy, Bagpipes, Woodwind - Phil Martin
(was broadcast on BBC Radio 3: Live Studio Session on Andy Kershaw Show - Broadcast 20th March 2005, 10:15 to midnight and also streamed on the web.)
get their new album "Hurdy-Gurdy Mandrohne", distributed by Cube Roots.


From: Bottleneck Blues blues_at_bottleneckblues_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Next Gig ~ early warning!

Fri 15th July The Errol Linton Blues Vibe plus Migden & Gibson (I hope!) The Bottleneck Blues Club, Zaffa, Week Street, Maidstone. [IMAGE]
Only one more date left in Toby's storming tour schedule & that's this Saturday the 2nd July at Pam's Bar,The Essex Arms, Brentwood, Essex. Tel: 01277 201164. This gig is organised by the very wonderful Ashwyn Smythe (for it is he!) of Phoenix Radio which has an excellent programme called Digital Blues. This is your last chance to catch Toby before he returns to New York on Sunday & I kid you not he is playing like I've never seen him play before. His show at The Spitz ( a lovely venue in Old Spitalfields Market ~ great food, great music, great vibe!) last Wed was a cracker as was his gig in Southsea last night.....& he keeps playing numbers I've never heard him do before!
I'll confirm the details soon for our next & last show of the season on the 15th July in Maidstone......Errol Linton is definitely on the bill but I'm waiting to hear from Migden & Gibson.....but no worries (What me worry? In the immortal words of Alfred E Newman) we're in for another tour de force show. Errol for those not in the know is a National Treasure, go on his site he only works with the very best musicians & his take on blues which mixes just a tad of Reggae into some of the numbers is unique. He has an amazing voice & plays great harp.
So ~ our last show for two months is Fri 15th July in Maidstone.
GET YOUR's your last chance before the arrival of Delta Moon who arrive in mid Sept.for their third UK tour.


From: Richard Brookes
Subject: FW: Chill out to a summer's evening of Jazz on the North Downs
Knockholt Carnival 2006

Date: 8th May 2005

Chill out to a summer's evening of Jazz on the North Downs

As one of its key events leading up to the Knockholt Carnival 2006 the Carnival Committee today announced an evening for all the family at the Knockholt `Jazz Picnic' in the village recreation ground on Saturday 30th July 2005.

An evening of New Orleans, Dixieland and traditional jazz will be performed by Phil Mason's New Orleans All-Stars, the internationally renowned jazz band which performs at major music festivals and is regarded as one of the biggest traditional jazz attractions at home and on the international scene.

The Knockholt Jazz Picnic promises to be a great night out for all the family who are encouraged to bring their own food and drink and relax to the mellow sounds of jazz on in this picturesque Kent Village.
This is one of several events organised prior to the Knockholt Carnival 2006 from which all profits raised will be donated to the Kent Air Ambulance Trust.

Knockholt `Jazz Picnic' featuring Phil Mason's New Orleans All-Stars.
Saturday 30th July 2005 (Gates open at5.30pm - band performs at 7.00pm)
Knockholt Village Recreation Ground, Kent

Ticket Prices:
ADULTS (£7.50): CHILDREN UNDER 12 (Free - max two per adult): 12 TO 17 YEAR OLDS (£5.00). These are discounted prices are for tickets purchased before Saturday 30th July.

For further information or to reserve tickets for the Knockholt Carnival `Jazz Picnic' call 01959 534600 / 533884 or email:
jazzpicnic_at_knockholtcarnival_dot_co_dot_uk_dot_ Also available from Knockholt Village Stores.

Media enquiries call Richard Brookes on on 01959 533639/07753 615684 or email:

1. Knockholt recreation ground is situated 4 miles North of Sevenoaks, Kent, 8 miles south of Bromley and 4 miles from J4 of the M25. For a map of where to find Knockholt visit

2. Jazz picnicers advised to bring their own food, drink and picnic equipment.

Kingston Barn

From: Folk in the Barn
Subject: FolkintheBarn News - Roll on December!!!!

Hi Folks

Thanks to those of you who have recently sent your cheque
for MSB and CQ tickets, they will be in the post today or
tomorrow. I have been waiting to get confirmation of
some very exciting news so that I can send it with the
tickets to those not on the email list.

As most of you know we have the wonderfully talented
Miranda Sykes and her equally wonderful, talented band
coming to the Barn on October 14th. There are still some
tickets left for that but not many......


We have the indefinable and hugely entertaining ColvinQuarmby coming in November for what is becoming a regular spot!
Tickets at £10 are now available for that gig - which is Saturday 19th November in the Kingston Barn. Sold out last time so
be warned......

But also.....

I can now announce that the amazing Martyn Joseph will be
coming to the Cathedral venue on Friday 16th December.

For those who don't know of Martyn (where have you been?)
the easiest way to find out more is check out his website

I came to know of him, again like most of the musicians I've come across in recent years, because of his connections with Show
of Hands. Steve Knightley met Martyn about 5 years ago at
the Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham. The two of them hit
it off straight away and ended up touring together along with their mutual friend Tom Robinson (yes THE Tom Robinson)
under the banner Faith Folk and Anarchy. You can probably
work out which titlle applied to who! The trio undertook two tours to great acclaim and two albums were released as a
result. The project ended due to Tom's radio commitments
and I was extremely lucky to be at the very last gig, which took place in Hammersmith, and which was an experience I will never forget.
Since then Martyn, who has a huge and devoted following of
his own, both in the UK and across in the US and Canada,
has guested at Show of Hands' annual family concert at
Abbotsbury and been on a couple more tours with Steve Knightley.
The following has been extracted from Martyn's website and
was written by Stewart Henderson.....

"Britain's two leading contemporary music magazines Q, and, MoJo, respectively, describe Martyn Joseph as having 'a depth, resonance and emotional punch, which belies comparisons', and as being
'an artist of enduring worth'. Meanwhile The Guardian was
transfixed by this gifted and gracious Welshman's 'burnished voice' whilst Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music and iconic songwriter himself, regards Martyn as one of Britain's 'most charismatic and
electrifying performers'. The Boston Globe concluded that the man was a 'profound experience'.

One observer after seeing Martyn in concert likened the experience and content to 'the beautiful business of being alive with all its jokes, absurdity and sadness, seared by music for the heart and head'. When you encounter Martyn Joseph, you'll hear likewise........."

I have seen him perform solo a number of times and on tour
with Steve, and also at Abbotsbury where he and Phil did a stunning version of 'One of Us' . He is one of my most favourite performers, his passion, presence and humour, combined with songs that move you to think, to pray, to cry and to smile, (And he's not bad looking either girls!)
plus the incredible way he plays his guitar, make him the perfect performer. And he's coming to Canterbury - HOORAY !!! Write it down now ..... Friday 16th December, Canterbury Cathedral International Study Centre. Treat yourself to an early Christmas present!
Tickets £13 and £11(cons), from me in the usual way, details at the end for those who are unfamiliar.

Right off for a cuppa now to calm myself down!! I must not wish the summer away. I must not wish the summer away, I must........

Take care

01227 831493

for tickets - please send a cheque payable to D Earl, to
18 Derringstone Downs, Barham, Canterbury, Kent
CT4 6QE stating which concert they are for. Best to email
me first to check and reserve them. Please include a
stamped addressed envelope - THANK YOU.

pps If I include a flyer with your
tickets perhaps you would be kind enough to display
it somewhere appropriate or pass it on to someone else
who you think may be interested.That would be great.
Many thanks, Debs.

Sussex Folk

From: Vic & Tina Smith tinvic_at_globalnet_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Eight Items of Folk Music News from Sussex

Thursdays at 8.00 pm
Contact tinvic_at_globalnet_dot_co_dot_uk or 01273 478124
June 30th
Elizabeth Stewart is indisposed and is unable to travel down from Aberdeenshire to perform for us. As a replacement, we are delighted to be able to present three other outstanding Scottish singers - SYLVIA BARNES, ALAN PRIOR & CAROLE PRIOR.

Programme for the remainder of this season:-
July 7th * £6.00 * MARTIN CARTHY
The leading performer on the folk scene for decades, Martin maintains his ability to provide spell-binding performances.
July 14th*£4.00 * TRIO THRELFALL
The unparalleled combination of the lovely singing sisters, Jane & Amanda Threlfall in the company of multi-instrumentalist, Roger Edwards. July 21st * £5.00 * LES CHAUFFEURS À PIEDS
We are delighted to be able to bring you this outstanding quartet from Quebec. Fine call & response songs and hard foot-driven dance tunes. July 28th * free admission * GRAND END OF SEASON OPEN NIGHT

+++Please note that the July 14th date with Trio Threlfall has been inadvertently missed from our advert in THE FOLK DIARY but we will definitely be in action that night+++

We are closed during August but we will be back in the autumn with SEPTEMBER - "ALL AMERICAN MONTH" with five weeks of top names:- 1st BRUCE MOLSKY
After that we are looking forward to hearing: -
Michael Marra, Sheila Stewart, Rattle On The Stovepipe (Dave Arthur, Pete Cooper, Chris Moreton). Oliver Mulligan & Brendan McClinchey, Jon Boden & John Spiers, Sara Grey & Kieron Means

Our website is at

Those of you with listings/ gig guides etc. are asked kindly to include these dates amongst them.
This has just been updated with listings of many folk song and dance events in
and around Sussex between now and the end of May. There are around 100 folk song and dance events listed on the site including Summer festivals. You can find it at
Most of the listings on the Sussex Folk Guide website are taken from the paper magazine, THE FOLK DIARY Issue no 213 covers the months of June and July and this is now available. It is packed with adverts for various folk festivals, folk music record companies, specialist shops, instrument makers and other services as well as pages of reviews of new folk
music albums. To obtain copies of this free magazine as it is published, please send SAE's to Vic Smith at the address below. It is also the address to send album review copies to. The copy date for the August/September issue is nearly upon us - June 30th. Potential advertisers are also asked to contact Vic for a
statement of our advertising rates.
THE FOLK DIARY is now available on-line. The magazine started out as the BRIGHTON FOLK DIARY more than thirty years ago before becoming the SUSSEX FOLK DIARY and eventually adopting its present title as its editorial area it covers grew. Throughout its long history the free magazine has been edited by JIM MARSHALL & VIC SMITH. The magazine is available on line. For some years now, all the listings which THE FOLK DIARY gives has been given in date order on THE SUSSEX FOLK GUIDE WEBSITE but now, the entire magazine is available on-line; go to the website for the FOLK AT THE ROYAL OAK, LEWES and then click on the "Folk Diary" symbol.
You will need Adobe ACROBAT READER to read the pages and, frankly, unless you are on broadband, the page will take too long to download. The size of each page is given by each page link and the content of each page is indicated. One advantage of having THE FOLK DIARY on-line is that the information it contains can be accessed earlier. The issue now on-line is issue 213 - covering the months of June and July 2005 - Issue no 214 (August/September 2005) will be on-line before it is sent to the printers so it will be the first place to look for the guide to what is happening throughout the area. The web counter shows that it is a service that is already being widely used but we would appreciate any comments you have on this and the way it has been done.
There has been a great increase in interest during this year in the multi-media shows with music that we have been involved in devising and presenting. This year we have presented many more of these this year than in previous years. These were sometimes developed for our own folk club at the Royal Oak, but we have been asked to take these to other clubs as well as folk festivals and the big world beyond the folk scene - literary festivals, woman's institutes and the like. Already these presentations have been booked for eight of this season's festivals, including Sidmouth, Whitby, Fylde and Tenterden mostly more than one at each festival. We have never previously sought bookings for these shows before now, but we feel now that we ought at least to say what is
Shirley introduces her very successful book published in 2004 about her song-collecting trip through the southern states of the USA with Alan Lomax in 1959 with readings from the book and musical and visual illustrations of the trip. Shirley shares the presentation with the actor, Pip Barnes. B) SHIRLEY COLLINS PRESENTS "A MOST SUNSHINY DAY"
Shirley shares her great love of English traditional music and song and in particular her love of the authentic music and song of Sussex. Her talk is illustrated with songs, music and a multi-media presentation. C) BOB LEWIS PRESENTS "SONGS WE USED TO SING"
Bob is noted one of England's finest traditional singers and has had a busy year at festivals in England and the USA. However, he also has a great love of some of the songs that he feels that the song collectors ignored - "Cockles & Mussels", "Billy Boy", "The Old Rustic Bridge" and so on. His participatory workshop with images and words on the screen has provided some great singing occasions.
A long radio interview by Vic Smith from June 1984 with the much missed great singing Rye fisherman is presented with illustrations and Johnny singing many fine songs interspersed with his life story
Gordon was one of England's finest and most distinctive singers. This is a long radio interview with Vic Smith from March 1991 and has Gordon telling his life stories which he intersperses with many of his fine songs. A slide show has been devised to illustrate the presentation.
A very lively interview with Bob Copper conducted as long ago as November 1970, after he had finished writing "A Song For Every Season" but before it was published. A slide show has been devised to illustrate the presentation.
Anyone interested in more details of these shows or of booking one for their own event should contact Tina at 01273 478124 or email her at tina_at_twistle_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk
The Saturday daytime instrumental workshops in Lewes organised by Valmai Goodyear - valmaigoodyear_at_aol_dot_com (01273) 476757 - continue to attract increasing support. Their highly successful programme continues with :-
ALISTAIR ANDERSON: English concertina, 2nd. July (Cancellation means that one place is available again.)
BEN PALEY: Fiddle, 9th. July
CRAIG MORGAN ROBSON: Vocal harmony, 8th. October &
CRAIG MORGAN ROBSON: Ballad forum, 9th. October
WILL DUKE: Tunes of Scan Tester, 19th. November
PETE COE: Northern dance music, all instruments, 3rd December SUE COE: Appalachian clog dancing, 3rd December (2-5 pm)
We have recorded a second album of this wonderful kora player and singer, this time a studio album that we will be working on
to release during 2005. We are currently arranging a second British tour for Sherrifo this autumn and the dates will be posted on his website as they are arranged. More details as they are finalised in this newsletter and on his website at
Anyone interested in booking Sherrifo for concert, school workshop, club or festival (all of which worked very well last September and October) is asked to contact Vic on tinvic_at_globalnet_dot_co_dot_uk or by phone on (01273) 478124. **********
Whilst the Royal Oak in Lewes are having their big American month in September, there will be another leading American, Jerry Epstein, making an appearance for a one-off revival of the Coppersongs Folk Club at the Central Club in Peacehaven. Jerry is a very fine performer and has been a long-term friend of the Coppers having arranged their first visit to the USA in 1994. More details from John Copper at john_at_jcopper_dot_fsbusiness_dot_co_dot_uk
...And if you are ever looking for a good barn dance band, look no further than THE SUSSEX PISTOLS - though you should get in quickly - available dates for 2005 are being snapped up quickly. Contact Tina on 01273 478124 or email her at tina_at_twistle_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk
The band's website is at


Vic Smith
26 Ferrers Road
East Sussex

Tel & Fax:- 01273 478124





From: WeJus4_at_aol_dot_com
Subject: re: live music listings for Canterbury Kent

Hi Beau,
I am soon to begin Live music promotions in Canterbury under the name 'PETSOUND PROMOTIONS' and am confident in saying that I will be delivering the very best in new live music to the city on a regular basis.

I have at the moment a very impressive list of acts to come down and play in the coming months and will be kicking it all off with a special warm up night on Saturday 25th June at KIAD Uni Bar, New Dover Rd, Canterbury with special guests 'THE PADDINGTONS' - recently supported 'THE LIBERTINES' on tour and still celebrating recent chart success (top 20) with their single 'panic attack'.
Ticket prices for the event are as follows; £5advance/£6 on the door/£3 after 11:30pm
Running times for the night are 8pm-2am with 'THE PADDINGTONS' onsateg at 10pm
Support comes from a local band, and the 'GET FUNK'D!!!' Dj's will be rounding the night off until the early hours.

Future events will be held in various venues around the city dependant on the size of the band in question
Any further details/enquiries to petsound_at_gmail_dot_com

Many thanks

From: Michael Clark

I'm putting on Darden Smith, fantastic singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas, at the Ship Theatre, Hollybush Lane, Sevenoaks, Kent on the 20th of July. Tickets are available from bookings_at_trueroots_dot_hypermart_dot_net_dot_ Info and postal bookings 01732 832452. There's also an excellent Tickets are£8 and £6 conc.
It would be great if you would list this as its my first go at promoting and he's a great artist.

Thanks and Best wishes

Michael Clark

0207 452 3375

From: Perry Scott
Subject: Greenpeace concert this summer

Hi Beau,
Do you know of any bands that would be interested in appearing at this summer's Northbound concert/mini-festival ? We are looking to start the event around midday-ish on the Saturday with some proper folk music, then slowly blend it with more Crosby,Stills and Nash type music going into the early evening and then back to a quiet folk session mid/late evening around a huge bonfire, inviting anyone that wants to join in (ie. the other bands and members of the public). Then, on the Sunday, we start again around midday and continue until about 8pm.

If you can pass this on to anyone you think might be interested, and let them have my mobile number and ask them to get in touch...
Hope you and some of your crowd can come along ;)

Scott P.

From: "Stepto, Paul"
Subject: Folk events

You might like to add to your listing:
Nellie's at the Ivy House, Tonbridge on Monday, 4th July 8 p.m. - Tony & Jane Petto;
and the Beacon, Monday, 11th July 8 p.m. - Liz Randall and Mick Lynn. Regards,
Paul Stepto

From: Hook The Band hooktheband_at_hotmail_dot_com
Subject: Friday night - plus dedicated Hook fans needed

Quick reminder that this Friday night is our 2 monthly stint at the The George Inn, Stone Street, Petham. Hook are hosting the evening and will serenade you into the weekend in our usual quirly manner. See you there.
Saturday 30th July we have a big gig planned at the Hope and Anchor in Islington. Apparently The Cooper Temple Clause, Hope of the States, The FutureHeads, Ash and U2 have all played there in the past! Check out the website...

They want us to bring at least 30 of our most favourite fans
along. We reckon we can do better than that but WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are prepared to look at hiring a minbus at Jo's expense to ship you lot up to yell and holler for us. Tickets cost £6, or £4.50 with a flyer (which we'll even provide for you!) Would you come, would you?
Please let us know by reply, if you would be up for a lift and a night out in the big smoke and if you want to tell some mates to pop along too we'd be mighty grateful. Email us back with your details and we will be in touch.

Hear from you soon?

love and hope

Check out for news mp3s gigs

From: sheilagreenfair_at_blueyonder_dot_co_dot_uk_dot_
Subject: Busker's festival, Maidstone: 13 & 14 August 2005

Please would you let everybody know there is a BUSKERS' FESTIVAL being held in Maidstone the weekend of 13th & 14th August; it's being put on by the Maidstone Town Centre Initiative. It's a competition - the buskers will play around the town on Saturday and then there will be six finalists performing in the Hermitage Amphitheatre on Sunday 14th. There are PRIZES which have been donated by several town centre sponsors.
Anybody wishing to take part, please contact Ian Ferguson on 07855 380981.
Look forward to hearing from you,

Sheila Kennedy Ferguson

Dear Beau

I understand you have had a chat with Margaret from the old house at home about our recent appearence on Simon Evans show.a pity you couldn't get along to see us at the Sweeps this year.

we are no longer known as sussed

new name is

A new mini cd of a few live songs is being prepared ....
come and see us at the Command House( Chatham) on the 23rd of Sept 9.00 pm or at the launch of the new Maidstone folk club in the post office social club on the 15th of August
Best wishes
Neil R Wood & Steve Mitchell aka Lapotaire D'Maigne

From: Maria long
Subject: gig - July

Dear Beau,

Please could post details of our next gig on your site:

Band: NEROLI - Acoustic based trio, violin and guitars, playing original indie/rock and folk.
Venue: Chambers (Cafe) Folkestone ( tel. 223333)
Date: Thur 21st July
Time: 9.00 pm
Many thanks,

Kind regards,