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March 2005


Some of this news is the same as last month's as that came out so late, but there are lots of new things and updates scattered through it. More calendar and event updates coming daily.

Brilliant news, with Laura's permission :

From: Laura Targett
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005
Subject: news from laura...

Hello people,

I'm writing to you to let you all know of Lily's entrance to the world early thursday morning! She dived out of the caul into the birthpool in record time, obviously in a hurry to find out what it's all about! She is beautiful and mostly very contented, she has the most amazing long, elegant fingers, musician's fingers I reckon...but I could be biased....and big blue eyes.

I'm very tired but well and quite euphoric really!

Hope you are all well and happy.

Laura x

Managed to find the time to listen to some music myself the other day, see the photo-reports on the new section: [Current Gig Photos].

KentFolk paid the first visit of what I certainly hope will be an annual pilgramage, to the London Fiddle Convention, at Cecil Sharp House. This was the 13th, but the first time I had heard of it ! see the second photo-report.

KentFolk is hoping to put on quite a bit of music this year :
The first is a St. Patrick's Night special - Thu. 17th March, with Camine : Top quality celtic music. Ramona Egle on fiddle and whistle, Zinta Egle on guitar. Remarkable harmony singing from these twin sisters. In the Red Lion Hotel, Canterbury Road, Wingham, Nr. Canterbury, Kent. CT3 1BB
With Irish food (excellent) : £12.00. Telephone: (01227) 720 217 Facsimile: (01227) 720 112 Email: reservations_at_redlionwingham_dot_co_dot_uk br>b>/b>p>a href="">b>/b>/a>p>b>/b>p>a href="">b>/b>/a>br>a href="../KF_gigs/KF_gigs_2005.html">/a>a href="../tickets">/a>p>p>p align="center">img src="./jpg/KIF_4533to534_Littlebourne-Barn_br_sm_web.jpg" alt="Littlebourne Barn" width="80%" >p>hr>P>br>br>a href="../Songs/AdrianOs-travels.html">/a>br>hr>p>!-- so Go to Ennis this weekend (13th, 14th) for the Ennis Trad. Festival :
wish I had the time ... -->!--

Stop-Press News

The Broadstairs Folk Week Annual Autumn Ceilid, this Saturday, 13th November, with Bograt and Akmed's Camel, has had to be cancelled, unfortunately, so please spread the word.


Monkey Puzzle

The KentFolk Gig in the King William, Littlebourne, was excellent, a completely packed pub and great music. Tim Edey sat in for part of the gig as well.

Monkey Puzzle offer : Remarkably good fiddle, whistle - some of the best bodhran playing in the country, and class guitar.
Top Celtic instrumental music, with some excellent gypsy rhythms as well :
Laura Targett, Lucy Randall and Pete Gazey.

Laura and Lucy have won the Wiltshire award for Young Folk Musicians of the Year. Lucy also won the Wiltshire award for Young Instrumentalist of the year. Laura is on walk-about mostly these days, touring with Celtic shows in Australia.
Laura Targett is back in the UK for a short while, so book Monkey Puzzle for gigs while you can. -->p>hr>p>h2>/h2>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>a href ="">/a>br>a href="">/a>p>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>p>p>a href="">/a>i>/i>p>br>br>i>/i>p>a href="">/a>br>br>br>br>a href="">/a>a href="">/a>br>br>br>br>i>/i>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>p>a href="">/a>br>a href="">/a>p>br>br>a href="">/a>br>a href="">/a>p>br>br>p>br>a href="">/a>br>a href="">/a>br>a href="">/a>p>br>br>br>br>a href="">/a>br>br>br>a href="">/a>br>br>a href="">/a>p>br>br>br>br>br>a href="">/a>br>a href="">/a>br>p>hr>p>h2>/h2>p>b>/b>br>p>p>br>a href="../index.html#GigPhotoIndex">/a>br>p>br>a href="">/a>p>br>p>br>p>br>br>p>br>!-- On the 1st Sunday there is a Celtic session at the Shipwrights Arms, Faversham;
-->a href="">/a>br>!-- On the 2nd Sunday there is the White Horse, Chilham, which is a mixed Blues / Celtic / Country evening; -->br>p>hr>p>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>a href="">/a>br>br>br>br @>a href="">/a>br>br>br>p>hr>p>h2>/h2>br>br>i>br @>/i>p>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>br>a href="">/a>p>b>/b>p>a href="">b>/b>/a>p>b>/b>p>p>a href="">/a>br>br>p>a href="">/a>br>!--


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From: Richard Townend richard_at_stjulians_dot_co_dot_uk


Thur 08.07.04 - Rosie Davis
Lewes - The Royal Oak, Station Street - 01273 478124

Late addition to listings...
Fri 23.07.04 - Lilly Drumeva and Grassroots
Sevenoaks - St Julians Club - 01732 458261 [tickets £6 - £4 conc.]
Lilly recently toured extensively in mainland Europe with her band Lilly of
the West. She is in the UK for a short stay and will perform specially on
this concert. Grassroots recently toured in Ireland, and were a great success at the North Wales Bluegrass Festival. Lilly will sing some songs
with Grassroots to finish the evening.

Sat 24.07.04 and Sun 25.07.04 - Surrey Mini Bluegrass Festival Grassroots, Monroe's Revenge, Deep Rive, Rosie Davis and many others Mickleham (nr Dorking) - village hall - Chrissie 01372 741262
Mon 30.08.04 - 'Kentucky to Kent UK' - 11am - 11pm
Betty Davila's Acoustic Astronauts, Sea Change, Andy Imms & Dave Marshall,
Rick Townend and others.
Sevenoaks - St Julians Club, Sevenoaks 01732 458261

Thur 08.07.04 (and second Thursday each month) Biggin Hill-Billies Biggin Hill - The Civilair Club, 174 Churchill Way - John McDonagh 020 8309

Sun 11.07.04 (and every Sunday) - Old Time Session
London - The Harlequin (behind Saddlers Wells) - Frank Weston 020 8552 8308

Mon 12.07.04 (and every Monday) - Hemingrass & friends
London - the Hemingford Arms, Offord Rd, nr Caledonian Rd rail station -
Caspar 020 8340 4683

Wed 14.07.04 (and second Weds each month) Old-Time session Lewes - the John Harvey, off Cliffe High Street - michi_at_compuserve_dot_com
Wed 14.07.04 (and fortnightly thereafter) - 9pm to 11pm Roger Churchyard
and friends
Hastings - The Stag, the Old Town [n.b. parking difficult - try Harold Road]
07800 711724 [Roger]

Sat 17.07.04 - Anuk Teasdale and Woody's Kitchen
Tunbridge Wells - Trinity Arts Centre, Church Road - 07939 223728 [Anuk]

Sun 18.07.04 (afternoon) - Dartford Ramblers & Keith Pearson's Coup-de-Grass
Dartford Central Park -
Mon 19.07.04 - Woody's Kitchen
Tonbridge - The Foresters Arms, Quarry Hill - 01892 784714 [Ron Jacobs

Weds 21.07.04 (and 1st & 3rd Weds each month) ROOTS - old time session at the Rainham Oast (near station) details from Graham Anstee 01634 260281

Tue 28.07.04 - Tun.Wells Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Club
Tunbridge Wells - The Beacon Hotel, Tea Garden Lane, nr Rusthall - 01732 458261 (Rick)

more sessions and regular updates on


From: Hook The Band hooktheband_at_hotmail_dot_com

Hello Hook fans!

we had a stomping time in Glasgow despite Jo becoming grumpy ( ;o) ) with a hangover and over-tiredness but now we're happily booked to do a few chilled out home town gigs in Canterbury.

1) 13th November- Local Hero Records
2) 21st November- The George- Petham ( stone street). ( possible lunchtime/evening)

Both these venues are lovely cosy and friendly - perfect for a more refined night out!

Do hope to see you there.. we'd be very chuffed

If you want membership for Local Heros call 01227 760801 and they will sort you out.

Check out for news, reviews and upcoming gigs plus how to get hold of our new Hook and friends CD "Square"



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