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January 2004


More video clips and photos this month, some taken at the Cajun Barn, some at Cajunologie's excellent New Year Eve's party, see below in the Cajun section, and some at a Happy Trails' gig - Trevor and Yves' new venture, where they explore the boundaries of new and old American music.


Celtic Sessions
If you have been looking for the Wednesday Celtic session at the George Inn, Stone St. this has now terminated again - the session is back in the Anchor Inn in Wingham, until further notice. However there are also now sessions in a number of pubs on different days of the week:

at the Anchor Inn, Wingham, on the A257 near Canterbury.

This has now moved to the Three Tuns, 16 Tannery St., Faversham;
There is also a mixed session/folk evening in the Kings Head, Hythe.

On the 1st Sunday there is a Celtic session at the Shipwrights Arms, Faversham;
On the 2nd Sunday there is the White Horse, Chilham, which is a mixed Blues / Celtic / Country evening;
The last Sunday Celtic session at Deal has no home at the moment.


Cajun Dances

KentFolk paid a visit to the Cajun Barn for Cajun Company from Holland, on the 28th December,
Cajun Barn, Eltham - go to their website and join at least 48h prior.

Cajun Company

This is a video clip of Cajun Company - click on it and it should down-load and play. It is 3 MBytes, so unless you have broadband there will be a very noticable delay.

Cajun Company fiddlers

This is a video clip of Cajun Company's pair of fiddlers - click on it and it should down-load and play. It is 3.6 MBytes.

Cajun Company fiddlers

This is an even shorter video test clip - click on it and it should down-load and play. It is 670 kBytes, so there will still be a delay.

The sound from the speakers totally overloads the microphone - I have done my best to restore it, but the sound is still very rough. I am hoping that I will be sent a CD of a recording of the gig, taken straight from the mixing desk - if so, I will try and dub the sound in.

The New Years Eve Cajun Dance with Cajunologie was of course totaly sold out, and was great fun, with two other supporting acts, including No Worries, but most of the evening was spent dancing to Cajunologie :



This is a long video clip of Cajunologie - click on it and it should down-load and play. It is 10.3 MBytes, so unless you have broadband there will be a very long delay.


This is a video clip of Cajunologie - click on it and it should down-load and play. It is 4 MBytes.


This is an even shorter video clip - click on it and it should down-load and play. It is 1.6 MBytes, so there will still be a delay.

The sound from the speakers totally overloads the microphone - I have done my best to restore it, but the sound is still very rough - I am afraid their was no recording made of the gig. So go get their CDs if you want to hear it properly !

Appalachian Dancing
Kay Anderson demonstrating Appalachian dancing - click on the picture to get a short 640 kByte video clip.

The next Cajun dance with Cajunologie will be in March, - there are two that month, the first on the 6th, at the Broadstairs Pavilion, the second on the 12th at the Vernon Holme School, Canterbury, then another on the 8th May, in the Littlebourne Barn.
There is a further one at St. Peters Church House, Cromwell Road, Whitstable, on the 5th June 2004.
Kay Anderson will be at the Littlebourne one to lead a short dance workshop, but do go to some of the workshops below if you wish to learn more about Cajun dance :

Cajun Dance Workshops

These workshops are led by Kay Anderson, with Wild Turkey (Yves and Chris from Cajunologie) providing the live music.

2:30pm - 4:30pm at St. Peters Church House, Cromwell Road, Whitstable; £3.50, ring 01227 779 178 :
22nd February 2004,
25th April, 2004,
23rd May, 2004.

Also 2:30pm - 4:30pm at Star Hill Function Rooms, Star Hill, Rochester. £3.50, ring Ann on 01634 405 840.
18th January 2004,
21st March 2004.


Check the calendar for Jazz - You will find Andy Maclean regularly in the Rose & Crown, Stelling Minnis, on a Wednesday, and the George Inn, Stone St. is now having Jazz on a Sunday, starting 2pm.
The Tiger at Stowting last summer celebrated 20 years of Jazz on a Monday with Ian Shawcross, without a break.

Happy Trails

Trevor Stephenson and Yves Langlois are not musicians to be constrained to a single genre - their latest venture is "Happy Trails".

They are exploring and developing old and new music of America - they have done a rough cut of a CD and have passed a copy to KentFolk to check out. KentFolk turned up at a gig of theirs at the Fox in Ashford, on the 12th of December, to record some more, and take video clips and pictures.

Happy Trails
Trevor on an traditional zinc washboard.

Here is a brief taster - if it whets your appetite, the CD launch is on March 13th in the Cafe Venue above the Canterbury Whole Food Shop. - I can not wait !

MP3 tasters from the first 2 tracks of the Happy Trails rough cut disk :
Happy Trails - Track 1 start.mp3 - Happy Trails - Track 1 - "A man who .." start : 17sec, 0.3 MBytes.
Happy Trails - Track 2 1st half.mp3 - Happy Trails - Track 2 - "Jenny Mule" 1st half : 1min 46 sec, 1.7 MBytes.

Happy Trails - Jenny Mule video clip

This is a long video clip of Happy Trails - "Jenny Mule" - click on it and it should down-load and play. It is 7.3 MBytes, so unless you have broadband there will be a very long delay.

Happy Trails - Jenny Mule video clip

This is a shorter video clip of Happy Trails - "Jenny Mule" - click on it and it should down-load and play. It is 1.8 MBytes

Video clips from the live gig - the sound has been dubbed in from a separate live recording in the pub - listen to the second MP3 track above to get the a better idea of the quality of the sound on the rough cut CD.





TUES 27th JAN 2004 The Bottleneck Blues Club _at_ The Roffen, Rochester. ME1 1DY


What a way to start the year, this is IT, real Chicago blues from Chicago! Dave Specter is one of the most interesting & refreshing guitarists I’ve come across, get a preview on his site Sonny (voted “Best Blues Guitarist” many times in Blues in Britain) will open with his legendary acoustic set to be joined later by his band & then Dave on his first UK tour. Powerful stuff!

FRI 13th FEB The Bottleneck _at_ Zaffa, Week Street, Maidstone ME14 1RH


Lazy Lester in generally considered to be the last of the old swamp-blues masters. From Baton Rouge, Louisiana Lester has recorded with Lightnin’ Slim, Sue Foley & Slim Harpo & is the author of many blues hits such as “Sugar Coated Love”, “I Hear You Knocking” & “I’m A Lover Not A Fighter”. I’m still working on a top support but you know I won’t let you down.

TUES 24th FEB The Bottleneck _at_ The Roffen, Rochester. ME1 1DY


This gig kicks off Toby’s major European tour which takes in the Beauvais Festival in France & a live recording session at The Tone Zone Studios on the 15th March plus over 20 other dates ~ full details on the club site or A finer guitarist & more entertaining performer you’ll be hard put to find. So Long Angel will be appearing as a duo & delighted us all over a year ago in Maidstone.

FRI 12th MARCH The Bottleneck _at_ Zaffa, Maidstone. ME14 1 RH


Well double headlines don’t come much better than this. One of the finest solo artists on the circuit plus the ever-eclectic Errol Linton who’s superb harp & vocals add a little Reggae to the blues stew.

TUES 30th MARCH The Bottleneck _at_ The Roffen, Rochester. ME1 1DY


Another double headline night. Jon Alex sent me a CD a year ago which I liked very much but I couldn’t organise a tour for him so our old chum Tone from The Crawley Blues Club has arranged this visit. John Alex is a lovely picker with a great voice. John Iden is of course the lead vocalist/guitarist in THE YARDBIRDS & a much-respected musician on the international circuit. His own band brings together old friends including sometimes founder & current Yardbirders TOP TOPHAM or GYPIE MAYO…….we’ll have to see who he brings along!


Monday 15th March ~ 6:00pm until it’s finished!

The Tone Zone Studios, Benenden, Kent

A live recording session with LITTLE TOBY WALKER & Guests

This will be to produce Toby’s new live album & if you would like to be part of this project (& be the fifth clap from the left!!) contact me immediately. There are limited spaces available & to help pay for the refreshments there will be a nominal £5 per head charge.

This is an interesting night out & you can see exactly how an album is recorded.


And later in the year : GUY TORTORA, WATERMELON SLIM, JIM CONDIE, HANS THEESSINK & GEOFF ACHISON who’s coming back for some major summer festivals…….& then CHRIS SMITHER, DELTA MOON, BEN ANDREWS & a whole bunch of old favourites with a few newcomers too.

We aim to only offer the very best in Blues & Roots with the finest artists from

around the World. Please help us to continue doing thatcome out & bring a friend!

Doors _at_ 8:00pm for over 4 hours of truly World Class music. Late licence, No Smoking area, Waitress Service, you may dine if you wish or just have a good time! Programme may change without notice. Prices may vary. Please check before setting out.

Tel: 01732 842452 Web: or email /span




Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 13:29:44 -0000
From: Damien Aked damien_at_aked_dot_freeserve_dot_co_dot_uk

(of Dammit!!!)

“ Wanted. Female singer / keyboard player to join Damien Aked playing original / contemporary music and songs. Tel: 01634

“ Damien is available to‘ Call’, play rhythm guitar and sing songs at ceilidhs, Barn dances etc. tel: 01634 378800.”

Thanks Beau.


Tim Edey emails me from his mobile phone :
From: Tim Edey tim_dot_dance_at_orange_dot_net
Subject: Hi Beau
Hi Beau Happy New year to you and Viv, i wish you both all the best for 2004,
I also wanted to thank you for all your help, support and advice over the last few years,i really appreciate all you do with kent folk and the gigs. How is all going? have you been busy?

im just back from dingle where i was playing some gigs with Seamus Begley, we had a great gig in Dolans warehouse Limerick. Im off to Galway tomorrow to record the guitars on a new album by Breda Smyth an amazing whistle and fiddle player then back down to dingle for bit.
I have some ideas for a little column on kent folk about home recording and simple production in folk music.
see ya soon, best wishes, Tim
Tim Edey Celtic/Folk Musician and Producer

From: andy renshaw andy_at_camine_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Camine up date

A happy New Year form all here at Camine towers, wishing you love and light.
Jan 15th Casey's Irish Bar, Canterbury, Kent. (01227) 463252 (9-11pm)
Jan 17th The Albion, Broadstairs, Kent. (01843) 862082 (9-11pm)
Jan 23rd The White Horse, Bridge, Nr. Canterbury, Kent. (01227) 830249 (9-11pm)

Jan 24th Prince of Wales, Hythe, Kent. (01303) 266270 (9-11pm)
Feb 6th Geogre Inn, Stone St, (Canterbury to Hythe Rd) (01227) 709247 - 1st of monthly stints. (9-11pm).

Feb 7th Fordwich Arms, Fordwich nr. Canterbury. The landlord Sean, a fine singer himself is, will be celebrating their 10th year. (01227) 710444 (9-11pm).

Feb 13th The Neptune, Whitstable, Kent. The Nep is a unique pub- it is built on the beach! (0122) 272262.(9-11pm)

Feb 27th The Neptune, Whitstable, Kent. (0122) 272262 (9-11pm)
If you are travelling any distance, it is always worth giving the venue a quick ring, as changes do happen from time to time. Catch you soon - Ramona, Zinta & Andy aka Camine.

Well, another year gone and some great moments for us. At last we have our long awaited up date of the website. New pictures to follow.
A heart felt thankyou to all who supported us in 2003, turning out in sun, wind and rain. For those who got along to the Last Night's Fun gig at Wingham village hall in Dec. you experienced what a great band they are - for those who didn't, bad luck cos you missed a brilliant night. Ramona and Zinta doing a fab slot. LNF were knock out. A few things to look out for in 2004, Camine will be starting a monthly residency at the George Inn on Stone St. in Kent from Feb 6th, then the first Friday of each month after that. A return to our old haunt at Casey's Irish bar in Canterbury following an absence of a few years. June sees Andy instigating the first Bridge folk festival (June 18th - 20th) in the village of Bridge, Kent plus a whole host of events coming up at the Café Venue upstairs in Canterbury Wholefoods care of Positive Arts. A venue that is emerging as a much needed alternative venue in Kent. With an audience capacity of 50, it is a rare halfway house between the pub and concert venue (also does great food and drink!).

From: Vic & Tina Smith tinvic_at_globalnet_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Eight items of Folk News from Sussex and a Happy New Year!
May I start by wishing you all A HAPPY NEW YEAR. To all those who work in whatever way for the furtherance of folk and traditional music, song & dance have all the successes they deserve in 2004.
We are delighted to see Bob's name appearing in this year's New Year's Honours List. Something needed to be done for a man who has done everything in so many ways to share his love of traditional song throughout his long life. This is an award that is long overdue and thoroughly deserved. ************
Station Street, Lewes
Enquiries:- (01273) 478124 or 881316
Email tinvic_at_globalnet_dot_co_dot_uk

Here is our adventurous programme for the next three months:-
Jan 8th * £5.00 * BOB COPPER'S 89th BIRTHDAY PARTY
Another opportunity for all of us to pay our respects to the icon of English traditional songs, and now to be able to congratulate him.. Many surprise guests.
Jan 15th * £3.00 * CLAUDIA GOULD & BEN PALEY
Claudia will be giving us her superb range of Appalachian ballads and songs, some accompanied by her son's fiddle. Ben will be playing Old Timey tunes. Jan 22nd * £5.00 * MARTYN WYNDHAM READ & NO MAN'S BAND
The superb singer is joined by John Dipper (fiddle), Iris Bishop (accordion & concertina) and Gary Holder (bass)
Two of the outstanding talents from the London Irish music scene. Kathleen is a lovely engaging singer and Danny a remarkable fiddle player. Feb 5th * £3.00 * IAN KEAREY
A powerful mixture of songs and tunes on a range of string instruments from Ian's very eclectic repertoire.
One of England's finest and best-known singing duo combine with Simon's fine blues tinged guitar playing to make a satisfying whole.
Feb 19th * £6.00 * ABDUL TEE-JAY
A great scoop and an interesting departure for us. Palm Wine songs & music from Sierra Leone. Fine singing and virtuoso guitar and a great performer. Feb 26th * £4.00 * TONY HALL
For many people, Tony is England's finest and most inspirational melodeon player. A good singer and a naturally very funny man.
Mar 4th * £4.00 * GORDON TYRRALL
A really outstanding performer; Gordon sings beautifully and has a range of traditional songs and settings of poems. A great guitarist and flautist. Mar 11th * free admission * OPEN NIGHT
Mar 18th * £5.00 * THE CITY WAITES
Lucie & Roddy Skeaping, Douglas Wootton and Nicholas Perry combine their fine voices and multi-instrumental talents in a melange of C17 & C18 popular music.
Three veterans of the London Irish music scene bring you authentic sounds on button accordion, banjo and piano.
The finest folk singing you will hear anywhere. Our all time top attraction.
Other guests in the new year will include:-
Judy Cook (April 8th)
Pete Morton (April 22nd)
Bayou Seco (April 29th)
Bing Lyle (May 6th)
Michael Marra (May 13th)
Jimmy Crowley (May 20th)
Shirley Collins - Talk & Book Launch (May 27th)
Sara Grey & Kieron Means (June 3rd)
Dick Gaughan (June 10th)
Andy Irvine (September 16th)
Jim Woodland (October 7th)
Our website is at

Those of you with listings/ gig guides etc. are asked kindly to include these dates amongst them.
The Sussex Folk Guide Website has been updated with listings of many folk song and dance events in and around Sussex between now and the end of January. There are over 100 folk song and dance events listed on the site. You can find it at
Most of the listings on the Sussex Folk Guide website are taken from the paper magazine, THE FOLK DIARY Issue no 204 covers the months of December and January. It also has adverts for various folk festivals, folk music record companies, specialist shops, instrument makers and other services. There are also lots of reviews of new folk music CDs and books. To obtain copies of this free magazine as it is published, please send SAE's to Vic Smith at the address below. It is also the address to send review copies to. The copy date for the February/March issue has just passed. The copy date for the April/May issue will be February 28th. Potential advertisers are also asked to contact Vic for a statement of our advertising rates. ************
Valmai Goodyear - valmaigoodyear_at_aol_dot_com - continues to organise some really useful Saturday daytime instrumental work shops in Lewes. The next ones are:-
Saturday 31st. January, Mick Ryan & Pete Harris, songwriting, singing and accompaniment
Saturday 13th. March, Brian Peters, melodeon
Saturday 3rd. April, Kevin Burke, fiddle
Saturday 5th June, Gina Le Faux, fiddle
Saturday 3rd July, Frances Wilkins (Solan) concertina
Saturday 4th December. Tom McConville, fiddle
A One Day Workshop...
1. Understanding Alexander principles for singing and everyday life 2. Opening and expanding your voice, body and confidence
3. Exploring basic voicework, centering techniques and songs
4. Voice for presentations and everyday communication
5. Breathing easily and effectively
6. Releasing stress and discomfort
7. Enjoying your voice and having fun!
8. "Non-singers" especially welcome!
Alan Mars (mstat) qualified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique in 1982. He studied singing and voicework as an integral part of his training. Alan has taught at some of London's top drama and music schools. He has also taught Alexander and singing at Cecil Sharp House - home of the English Folk Dance and Song Society.
Alan has written several articles on singing for a number of publications - some of which are reproduced on his website. His book ``Presenter`` on public speaking and presentation skills was published by Hodder and Stoughton this summer. Alan is a performing singer in his own right and sings traditional Scottish songs while accompanying himself on the Celtic harp.
Planet Janet, 86 Church Road
Hove, BN3 2EB.
01273 738 389
Date & Time:
17th January 2004 from 10 am - 4 pm
Cost: £35 (deposit £20 - payable to ``A. Mars``)
Booking & Info:
Alan Mars, 26 Ventnor Villas, Hove, BN3 3DE 01273 747 289 or 07930 323 057 or alanmars2003_at_yahoo_dot_co_dot_uk
7] SUSSEX ALL-DAY SINGAROUND at THE RAM INN, FIRLE Saturday 17th January. 11.30am - 11.00pm. Free admission. Pub Food on sale all day. this all-day song session was started a few years ago by Jerry Jordan. It will begin with half an hour of informal tunes while people arrive. After that the singing will start, finishing with half an hour of glorious choruses. The occasional instrumental party piece will also be welcome too.Organised by LEWES ARMS folk club, Mount Place, Lewes. Details:- 01273 476757 or email valmaigoodyear_at_aol_dot_com
8] ENGLISH TUNE SESSION at the RAM INN, FIRLE. 5.00 - 10.30pm This session will be held in the Court Room and will start early to suit people travelling down for the singaround at the Ram on Saturday. A relay of players will lead it. Admission is free. Organised by LEWES ARMS, Mount Place, Lewes. Details:- 01273 476757 or email valmaigoodyear_at_aol_dot_com
...And if you are ever looking for a good barn dance band, look no further than THE SUSSEX PISTOLS - though you should get in quickly - available dates for 2004 are being snapped up quickly.
Website at

Vic & Tina Smith
26 Ferrers Road
East Sussex

Tel & Fax:- 01273 478124