KentFolk News

April 2003


Things working again, still lots to do to catch up.
April and May calendars up - keep checking them, am still sweeping the county, lots more music to track down.

Am finding out how much music I have missed over the last few months - a pretty tough one for the music in the county - we have lost some good venues:
Clair has I gather packed up at the Admiral Owen - a crying shame, she was passionate about her music.

The Celtic Session was due to settle at the Compasses at Crundale - "The Lord Encompasseth All", as the old sign said - I gather the publican quit the day before, and the last I heard the pub was still shut.

We turned up for the last Sunday of the month session at the Prince Albert in Deal, and found the manager of 5 months standing had never heard of the session - is it really that long since I have gone there ? ... Pete May tells me it has moved to the Ship in Deal.

But there are some plusses, do check out the Beer Cart Arms, Beer Cart Lane, Canterbury, and Larry has a new evening in Simple Simons in Canterbury - last Wednesday of the month

Do send me gigs, I hope to now have a better chance of getting them up.

The associated web-page - will probably fold soon - no one has been bothering to use it, Greg and I are the main ones uploading gig information - that was not the point of creating it - it was meant as a service for musicians to enter their gigs on the interactive calendar, without waiting for me to have the time.

Very much enjoyed Tim Edey's Bright Fire: The Celtic Dance Show at Broadstairs Pavillion on March 17th, (for St. Patrick's week). He had flown in a dance group, excellent fiddler lass, and guitar player from Ireland; our own Lucy Randall on drum kit and bodhran. If you missed that or the different one in Chatham, make sure you book early for his next presentations.

Wednesday Celtic Session
If you have been looking for the Wednesday Celtic session at the George Inn, Stone St. it is now in residence at the Anchor in Wingham, where they have had a very warm welcome - please do support them and the pub.

The next Cajun event is a Cajun dance workshop with Wild Turkey (Yves and Chris from Cajunologie). The workshop is led by Kay Anderson, 2:30pm on 6th April at St. Peters Church House, Cromwell Road, Whitstable; there is another one there on the 18th May. £3.50, ring 01227 779 178.

then :
Cajun Dance Night with Cajunologie June 7th, St. Peters Church House, Cromwell Road, Whitstable. £6.50 : Gatefield Sound Whitstable, or ring 01227 779 178.

From: Katie Katie_at_micronet_dot_co_dot_uk
Subject: Gig list

For those who like to see a good girl, sing the big & bad's Katie B's Gig list:
Wednesday 16th Beer cart Arms - Stormy Monday. Turn up and be heard, we will be recording our new live album.
Friday 25th Gulbenkian Theatre. Katie will be playing with the finest musicians as part of 'Trilogy Unplugged' (see new theatre programme for details) Jo Hook will be performing with her band, and Jim Laslett will groove you away. Book early to avoid tears!. Tickets available from theatre box office 8, 5 concessions. - Poster