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January 2003


I said in August : "At last my computers are beginning to recover..."
and in December: The Windows intallation seems mostly OK and I have the latest Linux installed, so hope to get the calendar back up as soon as I can trawl the pubs and musicians for gig lists ....."

Now my laptop is dead, I am working on a borrowed machine - I have a new program and have used it to port some of my Linux work to MS Windows. Have used it to generate January and February calendars for KentFolk.
Do send me gigs, and I will try and get them up

But do check-out - Musicians please enter your gigs here on the interactive calendar, all you have to do is register.

Wednesday Celtic Session
If you have been looking for the Wednesday Celtic session at the George Inn, Stone St. it is still moving round; it is now in a regular rotation; see the calendar;
Update : the Black Robin sessions have moved to the Chequers on the Canterbury - Folkestone road at Selstead.

Cajunologie's New Year gig at St. Peters Church House was yet another sell-out, and a real cracker of an evening.

The next Cajun events are a Cajun dance workshop 2:30-4pm on Sunday 19th January, with Wild Turkey (Yves and Chris from Cajunologie), and the workshop is led by Kay Anderson. Doors open 2:15. Bring own refreshments. St. Peters Church House, Cromwell Road, Whitstable. £3.50 For tickets or more information call Karin : 01227 779 178; and another by them is on February 9th at Star Hill Function Rooms, Star Hill, Rochester. £3.00, ring Ann on 01634 405 840 .

David Pleasants writes about the WHITE HART FOLK CLUB :
From D_dot_J_dot_Pleasants_at_btinternet_dot_com
Hi Beau,
Just a reminder, if you could possibly make the alterations I asked for in this e-mail I would be very grateful. I do appreciate what an enormous task it is but we are having our second guest, GEOFF HIGGINBOTTOM ON 16 JAN 03, so if there is any way you could get something up for us before then I would be eternally grateful. Happy New Year.
----- Original Message ----- From: David Pleasants
To: beau_at_kentfolk_dot_com
Hi Beau,
I came on to the website to let you know that we are now having the occasional guest but I found that the links to the Hythe web site are not there. I assume that is because of your crash.
I would also like you to amend the club description as we are now having the occasional guest. Could you please amend it as follows: "Mostly singer's nights with a wide variety of styles but we do have occasional guests."
I would be grateful if it could be added, with the link to the website through Bob, as the new landlord and landlady, Terry and Tracy, have given the place a definite lift and have also been very good for the Folk Club. The address is: 71 High Street,HYTHE, Kent. Tel:01303 263 121 .
Your time and effort is much appreciated.
Their web site is at :