KentFolk News

December 2002


I said in August : "At last my computers are beginning to recover..." and did proceed to reconstuct the source of Kent-Folk, and built August, September and October calendars, did lots of work work, and just as nearly everything was back on my lap-top, the new hard disk started giving problems !

I have yet another new hard disk, I just hope that this one lasts longer than the few months the last one lasted - the suppliers, Simply, have been most apologetic but have failed to refund my money after a month of correspondence. The Windows intallation seems mostly OK and I have the latest Linux installed, so hope to get the calendar back up as soon as I can trawl the pubs and musicians for gig lists.
Do send me gigs, and I will try and get them up

But do check-out - Musicians please enter your gigs here on the interactive calendar, all you have to do is register.
(If your postcode is not CT, then there will be a short delay while your registration is enabled.)

The on-line shop is now live - I just have to find the time. Musicians - we would like to sell your CDs on the site over the web - please contact me or the web-master if you are interested.
We now have Tim Edey's CD 'Daybreak', the Kadril Double CD 'All the Best', Jo Hook's new CD and the latest Cajunologie disk 'Touiler' on the web site, with more to come soon. Canterbury-Kent music store - this link will take you to, once there select "shop", login (so we know who to send the CDs to), enter the music store, and select and purchase your CDs.

Wednesday Celtic Session
If you have been looking for the Wednesday Celtic session at the George Inn, Stone St. it is still moving round. I will try and find out - else ring the pubs.

Jazz on a Friday
The Jazz wi`th Andy Maclean that was at the George on Shalmsford St., Chartham, following the closure of the Three Horseshoes, is now at the Chequers on Stone St.
and he is also at the Rose and Crown in Stelling Minnis on Wednesdays.

Cajunology were on for the last night of the festival, in the Festival Club, but were sold out almost from the start, and a cracker of a gig it was.
They are hoping to have their new CD ready for that yes it is done and was launched at the festival ! - I have a preview copy - you can now order it from Canterbury-Kent Canterbury-Kent music store.

Their gig on 9th Nov, Wingham Village Hall also sold out well in advance.

The next Cajun event is a Cajun dance workshop 2:30-4pm on Sunday 8th December, with Wild Turkey (Yves and Chris from Cajunologie), and the workshop is led by Kay Anderson. Doors open 2:15. Bring own refreshments.
St. Peters Church House, Cromwell Road, Whitstable. £3.50 For tickets or more information call Karin : 01227 779 178.

Cajunologie are reviving their traditional! New Year's Eve Cajun dance this year - Ring Karin : 01227 779 178 or Trevor or Nina (see musicians list)