KentFolk News

October 2002


I said in August : "At last my computers are beginning to recover..." and did proceed to reconstuct the source of Kent-Folk, and built August, September and October calendars, did lots of work work, and just as nearly everything was back on my lap-top, the new hard disk started giving problems !

The Windows intallation seems mostly OK and I have the latest Linux installed, but must do some more backing up, then concentrate on work for the moment.
Do send me gigs, and I will try and get them up

But do check-out - Musicians please enter your gigs here on the interactive calendar, all you have to do is register.
(If your postcode is not CT, then there will be a short delay while your registration is enabled.)

The on-line shop is now live - I just have to find the time. Musicians - we would like to sell your CDs on the site over the web - please contact me or the web-master if you are interested.

Wednesday Celtic Session
If you have been looking for the Wednesday Celtic session at the George Inn, Stone St. it was at the Chequers on the Folkestone road at Selstead, then moved back to the George; that has I am told been closed for a while by the new owners, so the session is at the Hop Pocket in Bossingham, off Stone St.

Jazz on a Friday
The Jazz with Andy Maclean that was at the George on Shalmsford St., Chartham, following the closure of the Three Horseshoes, is now at the Chequers on Stone St. (not Oct. 11th) - good turn-out I believe.
and he is also at the Rose and Crown in Stelling Minnis on Wednesdays.

It is the Canterbury Festival this month, so go enjoy -
Cajunology are on for the last night of the festival, in the Festival Club, but have been sold out almost from the start, I am afraid.
They are hoping to have their new CD ready for that - look on Canterbury-Kent for it soon.

Shelagh Bradley (Kate's mum) wrote : "Beau can I interest you in promoting an amazing Flemish band called Kadril"
"They play traditional tunes on traditional instruments (Pipes, Fiddle, Accordion, Mandolin, Hurdy-Gurdy, Nyckelharpa) which have been amplified, as well as electric bass and guitar. Their singer is a lovely young lass with a powerful pair of lungs and they are a very pleasant and talented bunch of blokes."

Well I saw them at Favesham Hop Festival - 9 people on stage and more than 20 instruments - "some young, some not so young" to quote Jack Pound - no I mean the instruments - I had to ask about some of them, from fiddle-hurdy crosses to optically keyed pipes driving a sampled synthesizer. Brilliant music, the floor was full of dancers, top quality sound.
There is a double CD of their music if you'd like to hear them, available soon from Canterbury-Kent, but for the moment get it from : 01795 536635 : Mike Wheeler, Flat 2, 109 West St., Faversham. ME13 7JB.