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KentFolk News

December 2017

Here are a compact direct-access Contents list for the News pages, plus two new sections :
[ Added Recently ] [ Facebook Gigs ] [ Contents ]

Total number of Current Month's News Items : 56

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Most of the KentFolk music news is just going into the section below : Added Recently
Hot news still going on the KentFolk FaceBook page, and that is also inserted into this page, just below this section.
My research is going very well, and is keeping me very busy, so less day to day time for KentFolk these days.

Also now very involved with trying to get Manston Airport back up and running, see :, so not had much time for KentFolk in 2017.

KentFolk Google/Facebook Music Calendar :
For some years there has been an auto-updating KentFolk Google/Facebook Events calendar, for any quality live music event in or near Kent, UK :
However Facebook or Google have changed something, and it has stopped working.
Really sorry but at the moment I do not have time to try and fix it.

KentFolk mobile App for a Kent Music Events Calendar, Music News, etc. :
KentFolk now also offers a simple App for mobile devices, for smartphones and tablets - should now work with most devices. This App includes Gig Event and Calendar pages, Music News pages, pages for Sessions, Open Stages etc, as well as photos and videos of past events.
The simplest way to get the KentFolk App is just to point your mobile browser to and say yes to installing the App, and then follow the on-screen instructions. Else use the QR reader.
There are now over 230 users of this App, not all inside Kent.
The August 2014 calendar started with :
August 2014
I hope I will have time to get it working again soon.
Have fun at the music - Dr. Beau Webber

Good effects from the Live Music Bill being passed :
There are now a number of new music venues in Kent, some of them micro-pubs. There is no doubt that the music is picking up.
122 gigs were upload to the new KentFolk Google/ Facebook calendar in February, and 168 in March, see :

There are now major ongoing upgrades on how news is handled on KentFolk.
The main effect that you will see is that news items from well verified news sources will arrive on the KentFolk News pages quicker (even when I am busy).
The down-side is that if you are sending news items, please make sure your subject line is snappy and informative, I will no longer necessarily be hand-editing them for you :

For gigs and events, something like : event title - where - event date : i.e.: Steve Morrison - Wrotham Arms, Broadstairs - Saturday, 7th Jan. 2012.
For gig lists, something like : group or venue - Gig List - month start to month end i.e.: The Barge, Gillingham - Monthly Gig List - February 2012.

But if you have a format you have been using to send me news for some time, no problem, I can usually work with that.

The up-side is that whan you are reading news, as well as the usual Genre, Venue, Regional .... classifications for news, there is now also an "Added Recently" directory, at the top, where you can look through recently added news items : Added_Recently .

To send info to KentFolk see the KentFolk How-To news items listed below :
Web info
......| KentFolk How-Tos

......| ......| How to send event items for the KentFolk Calendars.html
......| ......| How to send news items for the KentFolk News pages.html Updated
......| ......| Images - emailing efficient formatted announcements with photos, posters and flyer.htm
......| ......| The lazy way to send a news item to KentFolk with embedded images and fancy text.htm
......| ......| Using MS Word to create a KentFolk News item with embedded images and fancy fonts..htm

KentFolk now has a Facebook presence; see :
and I am flagging some breaking news there.

Check out the KentFolkVideo page on YouTube.

And now the latest KentFolk Facebook News is available right here, see just below :

Want rapid access to info on the Kentish music scene ?
Add " for Live Music in Kent" to your iGoogle page.

Click on the [+Google] button to add this KentFolk Gadget to your iGoogle homepage.

It will help take you into the depths of the KentFolk site, hopefully directly to the pages most relevant to your interests.
Scroll down on the gadget to see the latest news items, without even having to leave your iGoogle home page.

For late-breaking News see :
KentFolk Facebook News :

Multi-level directories of News :
Do keep sending me items for both the calendar and this news section -
Please see the info at the bottom of the news pages for guidance as to good formats to send me news items for these pages - large .jpg files are not easy to use - and also for suitable formats for event listings for the calendars.
cheers, Beau.

KentFolk Music web page

Kent 100

Added Recently
......| 2017-12-01 - Eric Martin_s Cajun Ramblers.html
......| 2017-12-01 - Event Invitation - Anchor Twanchors.html
......| 2017-12-02 - December gigs for Dave Ferra - Porch Swing Blues.html
......| 2017-12-02 - New release from Tim Edey.html
......| 2017-12-05 - Give the Gift of Folkways.html
......| 2017-12-05 - Wessex Acoustic - 19th January - GEOFF LAKEMAN + Rod Jenkins.html
......| 2017-12-06 - Event Invitation - Dog Gone _ ROOTS _.html
......| 2017-12-06 - Event Invitation - Fordwich Acoustic Xmas Special.html
......| 2017-12-06 - Event Invitation - Smugglers Session -- Gentlemen of Few.html
......| 2017-12-06 - Song Collectors News - Join us on our January field trip in Ireland - Apply here to come.html
......| 2017-12-07 - FOLK A THE DRUM (FATD) CHRISTMAS DINNER - 14 DECEMBER 2017.html
......| 2017-12-07 - Latest news from Walthamstow Folk Club.html
......| 2017-12-08 - Event Invitation - The Trunkles Invicta Vellum Banjo Band.html
......| 2017-12-09 - Event Invitation - Will Duke at Tonbridge Folk Club.html
......| 2017-12-10 - EGERTON FOLK AND BLUES CLUB TUESDAY 12 DECEMBER 2017 @ 8PM .html
......| 2017-12-10 - Event Invitation - Crisis at the Little Albion.html
......| 2017-12-10 - Event Invitation - Sweeps Festival Concert Night.html
......| 2017-12-10 - Kent Venue to host the finale of International House Concert Day _The Festival_ .html
......| 2017-12-11 - Event Invitation - Free Range presents Songs and Dongs curated by Emily Peasgood.html
......| 2017-12-11 - Event Invitation - Smugglers Records Xmas Shindig - Cocos Lovers.html
......| 2017-12-12 - Event Invitation - __NO Fordwich Acoustic on Xmas Eve__..html
......| 2017-12-13 - Dates for your diary.html
......| 2017-12-13 - Event Invitation - A bit of Christmas Folk.html
......| 2017-12-13 - Event Invitation - Live Music at Sandwich Bowls Club.html
......| 2017-12-13 - Event Invitation - Mulled Wine and Mince Pies - The Annual Event.html
......| 2017-12-13 - Event Invitation - The Remains Of Johnny Cash - Live at The Anchor (Wingham).html
......| 2017-12-14 - Moby, Monster Magnet, Jethro Tull, Roxy Music, Peter Hook & The Light and more.html
......| 2017-12-14 - The Gift of Music.html
......| 2017-12-15 - Event Invitation - Dog Gone _ ROOTS _ Christmas Party.html
......| 2017-12-15 - Event Invitation - Smugglers Session -- Molly_s Lips -- Dj Joe Russell.html
......| 2017-12-15 - Mailout 15th December.html
......| 2017-12-16 - Event Invitation - Friday @ the Phoenix - Xmas Special.html
......| 2017-12-17 - Knight & Spiers Debut Tour.html
......| 2017-12-18 - Music for Change Winter Newsletter.html
......| 2017-12-18 - OYSTERNEWS DECEMBER 2017.html
......| 2017-12-19 - Bottleneck News and Update.html
......| 2017-12-19 - Event Invitation - Bamboozle.html
......| 2017-12-20 - Event Invitation - The Native Oysters Band.html
......| 2017-12-20 - Merry Christmas and a Happy Year.html
......| 2017-12-21 - Event Invitation - The Native Oysters Band Triple Bill Fundraiser Fund the Phoenix.html
......| 2017-12-21 - FW - Kent Venue to host the finale of International House Concert Day _The Festival_ ( prompt).html
......| 2017-12-21 - The Music of Our Time.html
......| 2017-12-22 - Event Invitation - Boxing Day Session at the Tales.html
......| 2017-12-23 - Live on the Border January 2018.html
......| 2017-12-23 - Wessex Acoustic - Season_s Greetings.html
......| 2017-12-24 - Wassailing Pilgrimage, 6th January.html
......| 2017-12-25 - [Dog gone _ROOTS_] British Bluegrass Music Association - BBMA.html
......| 2017-12-27 - Faversham Folk Cub.html
......| 2017-12-27 - Nearly New Year Do with Eric Martin_s Cajun Ramblers.html
......| 2017-12-28 - Event Invitation - CHRIS BERRY.html
......| 2017-12-28 - Event Invitation - Fiddle & Faff at Tonbridge Folk Club.html
......| 2017-12-28 - Open Mic - NRBC - Yipee.html
......| 2017-12-28 - What_s New in 2018.html
......| 2017-12-29 - Event Invitation - Bob at Elsies.html
......| 2017-12-30 - Event Invitation - Anchor Twanchors.html
......| 2017-12-30 - Event Invitation - Eric Bibb - UK Tour May 2018.html