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Subject: FW: Benefit night for Adrian O on Friday 1st July at RMA



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Subject: Benefit night for Adrian O on Friday 1st July at RMA
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Dear All


last Friday at Deal the idea of a benefit night came up and Avril and I chatted about it again last evening to try and sort it out.


Adrian O has always been there for the music, good causes and for everyone in need since time immemorial so it's the right time, we thought, to think about him for a change and the benefit to him and Sue would be best described as financial to reflect the fact that he's unable to work and earn money. 


As this e-mail will only be reaching the contacts on my mailing list please spread the word around to other friends at Deal and music makers who know Adrian O, who've escaped my mailing list.  Clearly we're all also thinking of t'other Adrian (Barrett) and would wish to send him and Carole a big bunch of flowers to express our love and affection for them both, from the same benefit night, Friday - 1st July in Deal.


May I suggest that we use the evening to hold a BIG raffle and if everyone who comes along can bring a prize it could be a mammoth raffle and I'm sure we could also sell tickets to the RMA membership in the bar if Yvonne was willing for us to raise additional cash for the benefit night?


Secondly - for the people who know both Adrians - we could suspend the entrance fee to regulars and ask for donations for entry which usually means that folk musicians will dig deep into their pockets and produce more than the usual fee of 1.50 ea or 2.00 for listeners?    For the people who don't know the Adrians it wouldn't be fair to ask them to pay more and the usual rate will apply as their entrance, above?


Avril will ensure that this is announced at each folk club evening leading up to the benefit night and with your help and contacts we should be able to pull in the crowds to support it.


Thanks very much for your help and if anyone can think of anything more productive than the above just shout and we'll do it!