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Subject: Music Workshops

Attachments: 19 20 Mar Workshop Flyer.pdf; 19 20 Mar 11 Workshops Booking.doc


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Jerry Tozer.



Following the success of our last weekend workshop in Moretonhampstead the next is on 19/20 March 2011 with Ian Dedic (The Committee Band, Panjandrum), Jo Freya (The Old Swan Band, Token Women, Blowzabella), and Paul Burgess (The Old Swan and Mellstock Bands).


The morning workshops are for ‘single instruments’ (boxes with Ian, fiddle with Paul, and wind and other instruments with Jo) and we’ll look at both tunes and technique.  On the last workshop weekend, concertina joined the boxes on one day and the windy instruments on the other – there is flexibility!


In the afternoon we will split the group into multi-instrumental ‘bands’ to work on playing for dance —so emphasis on feel, lift and tempo. 


Saturday will focus on the English tradition, and on Sunday there will be more of a Euro flavour.  We will also look at some less common but very catchy and danceable non-English tunes for English dancing.


We’re planning for between 10 – 15 people per workshop; enough to create a fun dynamic, but not so many that you get lost in a crowd. 


Accommodation – you can choose from bunk room, b&b, hotel, or holiday flat/cottage at Budleigh Farm; visit and choose your own (please mention you are coming to the workshops).  I should be able to arrange parking for motorhomes, and camping for the hardy! 


Please email jeremy.tozer_at_btinternet_dot_com or visit   or or  for further details.