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Hiya Everyone
Well - what an evening we had with ahab. Some of us are still swooning! Those boys are set for super-stardom that's for sure, and we had them first! They've promised to come back next year - and I'm looking forward to it already! The evening gave us a few more 'firsts' ! Even Steve Knightley doesn't get young ladies in the audience shouting out 'we love you' !! - and it wasn't me - honestly!! Joking aside - they were a great bunch of lads, friendly and charming and excellent musicians with great voices and some very catchy songs that will gain them attention far and wide.

Well - now for something completely different!

Tomorrow night sees Folk in the Barn's first presentation of one of Traditional Folks finest artists - Martin Carthy.

Did you know... Martin Carthy - as well as inspiring the aforementioned Steve Knightley and the even famouser Sir Bob Dylan himself ....was the man who taught Paul Simon to play Scarborough Fair? No - I didn't until a very good friend informed me and it's true apparently. We really are not worthy. If you're thinking - oh well I'm not sure he's my thing - just remember he is a living legend and we may not be lucky enough to book him again. This is an amazing opportunity to see the man that pretty much started the folk scene as we know it. If you're uncertain about what to expect from the others supporting Martin - check out this track from Marry Waterson and Oliver Knight.

and then compare it to this one

Their late much missed mother - Lal Waterson. They are unsurprisingly so similar.

Tomorrow night - Fri 25th March
Canterbury Cathedral Lodge
Doors 7.15pm for 8pm start
£14 / £12 concs
Martin Carthy with Chris Parkinson supported by Marry Waterson and Oliver Knight (son and daughter of Lal Waterson)

Amazingly - only half the tickets have gone so far - so don't worry about checking with me, there will be plenty of availability. It would be great to have a few more friendly faces to welcome Martin and family to Folk in the Barn and Canterbury. Those of you currently in Bhutan are excused! Yes - this email is read in the himalayas - how amazing!!

If you want to know more - here's some blog...
"A lot of people have been waiting a very long time for Marry Waterson and Oliver Knight to make music together. After all, they've been living, breathing and practising it all their lives, having inherited the famous musical legacy of one of Brit folk's most revered families, the Watersons.
Marry & Oliver have an intuitive partnership but it was a long time in gestation before the sudden explosion of beautiful, evocative, mysterious songs which have blossomed on their debut album together, hence The Days That Shaped Me is an album born of circumstance rather than design.
Marry's singing had been on the back burner since she left the family farmhouse in Flyingdales Moor near Robin Hoods Bay where the whole Waterson clan then lived to pursue a career in graphic design, which escalated into sculpture, renovating houses and raising a family.

Oliver, meanwhile, had been working as a gardener, but his inventive input on the Once In A Blue Moon and A Bed Of Roses albums with his mother Lal alerted the wider world to his skills and many of folk's leading figures started beating a path to his Panda Sound studios to engage him as arranger, producer and sound engineer.

Lal Waterson's death in 1998 initially scuppered any thoughts Marry may have had of singing seriously again.

"Mum always encouraged me to sing in the house, in the car or wherever we were and I always enjoyed the physical act of singing in the first week after she died I could listen to her music, but after two weeks I couldn't touch it. I couldn't be around it and it took me nine years to be able to sing the music that had been the soundtrack to my life."

The breakthrough came when the Waterson family were booked to appear at London's Royal Albert Hall in 2007. When, accompanied by Olly, Marry stepped forward to sing one of her mum's most celebrated songs, Fine Horseman, there wasn't a dry eye in the house and a queue of people collared her afterwards to tell her she'd turned them into emotional wrecks ("how do you think I felt?" she muses).

They all had a question too: when was she going to record an album? A Lal tribute show at London's Cecil Sharp House later that year once more pitched Marry and Olly on stage together and the creative vein they'd both suppressed for so long was finally unlocked. New songs flooded out of them and they spent more and more time crafting them in Olly's studio until one day, much to their own amazement, they realised they had an album.

Their mother's influence is self-evident - one of the tracks Angels Sing is not only about Lal but includes some of her own lines, as does Rosy - yet it has a unique, genre-defying atmosphere entirely of its own. "Marry doesn't have a musical training or any grounding in how things should be done so there are no rules and that creates its own quirkiness - something that was also there with mum," says Olly. "I just sing whatever comes into my head and Olly helps me structure it," agrees Marry. "Songs are about personal experience, about childhood memories, love, death, the various things we all experience..."

It took them forever to get it together but - organic, original, vivid and gloriously real - the Marry Waterson-Oliver Knight partnership is set to carve its own place in the family legend.

Back soon with some more exciting gigs to tell you about....

But in the meantime - if you're free Sunday night - you can see the very new Duo 'Jackson & Earl' or ' Earl & Jackson' !! at the Unicorn, Bekesbourne - free admission open mic. Yes - Luke's got me singing with him - we did a little gig last weekend and it went quite well. But don't worry - it's only one song and it's just for fun. I'm not giving up my day job. Some great news just out - Luke has been booked to play at Show of Hands Abbotsbury Festival (solo!!) - see for details.

Don't forget - we have Mike Silver coming to the Kingston Barn - Saturday 9th April. He is one of my favourite voices and nicest people you could meet.
Enjoy the beautiful sunshine - long may it last...

Debs Earl

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