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Subject: The Travelling Talesmen etc

Hey Everybody
I'm overwhelmed with the brilliant response to the Spring Concert programme. You are all stars and its going to be a successful run, thanks to you all. Still plenty of tickets left for all concerts at the moment.

I had a brilliant time at the Folk Awards - I really felt like Cinderella going to the Ball. Everybody was there! On one side of me sat Seth Lakeman, Steve Knightley and Jackie Oates, and on the other Ralph McTell, Ashley Hutchings and American record producer Joe Boyd (Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Liege and Leif etc) Woo hoo - did I feel special! On my table was Eddie Barcan (director of Cambridge Folk Festival) and Reg Meuross amongst others. Everyone was friendly but the friendliest bunch of all were the Fishermens Friends. Not just friends of Fishermen apparently, happy to be friends of anyone, including me! I was talking to them about a possible tour of Kentish harbours - who knows it might happen one day. Did you see them on the New Youngs Seafood ad last night - look out for it - they are such nice guys and their rousing performance along with Chris Wood was the highlight of the evening for me. More info and list of winners here

Talking of Chris Wood - I'm glad we booked him before he was acclaimed 'best folk singer' and 'best folk song'. We might not be able to afford him now! Tickets are now available from the Whitstable Playhouse for his concert there on June 11th and I'm pleased to say our very own Luke Jackson will be opening for Chris.

Our first gig of the year was wonderful. A sold out Barn gave Debs and Stu Hanna (Megson) a great reception and their superb performance was rewarded with a standing ovation. Their third visit and how they have improved and gelled in that time, those harmonies and beautiful melodies combined with Stu's funky playing are the best they've been. There are some pics up on my facebook page as a reminder of a lovely evening. We were routing for them to win 'best duo' at the folk awards but that went to Nancy Kerr and James Fagan, worthy winners too. A special mention must go to the visitors from the South of France and from Switzerland who travelled all the way just to see them.
I can't believe we're only a few days away from our second concert. This Saturday night we have two of the West Country's finest singer songwriters. Introduced to us by Phil Beer a few years ago - Reg Meuross and Tom Palmer are both superb entertainers in their own right. We get to have the benefit of both of them at the same time, it really is a double headline concert. I've put some video clips on the Folk in the Barn facebook page to give you a preview. We put the cds on in the Barn at the Megson concert and they really sounded great, prompted a flurry of ticket sales on the night. Currently the venue is only about half full so it would fabulous to fill a few more seats by Saturday to give these guys a really warm welcome. Saturday 19th February - St Gregorys Centre for Music, Christ Church Uni, Canterbury. Full details on Tickets £13 or £11 concessions. Hope to see you there.

Got to go and attempt some singing now myself, see you soon.


Debs Earl

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