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1. Mrs Yarringtons Music Club - Hell Said the Dutchess. Tues March 1st. SUSSEX
2. Lewes Saturday Folk Club MARCH. SUSSEX
3. Horsham Folk Club March. SUSSEX

From: Mick Hoad <mickhoad_at_hotmail_dot_com>
Date: 28 February 2011 08:57:18 GMT

Tuesday 1st March
Crowhurst Park

As part of there British tour accordion trio Hell Said the Duchess arrives at Mrs Yarringtons Music Club on 1st March, featuring Karen Tweed with Hannah James & Becky Price they present an elegant, eccentric and effervescent concoction of traditional and original music, bringing together their various influences for a Grand Girls’ Night In, featuring dance music and airs from Ireland , France , Scandinavia and 18thC England , plus songs and dances from the Northern English repertoire performed by clog-stepping virtuoso Hannah. Karen Tweed, once a  teacher at Bexhill High and with many local friends, is now highly respected and almost iconic on the folk circuit, formed this accordion trio in 2009 for a one-off show and enjoyed it so much, they decided to do some more, not least for the chance to wear lovely frocks and prove that the accordion can be a highly expressive instrument, capable of great beauty and subtlety and not just a large noisy box designed to drown out bagpipes; although that can be useful sometimes!
Hell Said the Duchess have been whirling around the UK bringing their beautiful and wacky arrangements to a host of intimate venues.
Tickets available form  or The Kings Head, Battle for £10

Mick & Dave
Mrs Yarringtons



From: ValmaiGoodyear_at_aol_dot_com
Date: 26 February 2011 15:17:28 GMT
Subject: Lewes Saturday Folk Club in March (The Room In The Elephant)

MARCH 5th      
Wonderful singer & multi-instrumentalist who has played with Blowzabella, Old Swan Band, Coope/ Boyes/Simpson/Freya/Fraser/Boyes, Token Women & Scarp.

MARCH 12th    
Brilliant Geordie fiddler & singer with stylish young guitarist.

Lewes Saturday Folk Club Workshop No 142
MARCH 12th

10.45 a.m.- 4.45 p.m.  Places £35
Tom's lovely, flowing‘Northern swing fiddle’ combines Scots/Donegal & Newcastle styles  The workshop will show you how to play simple tunes making them lively & danceable.  Everyone has a 'fiddle voice'; Tom will help you find yours on your fiddle & bow.
Music will be sent out in  advance. Booking forms for workshop & evening from the club & its website.

Lewes Saturday Folk Club Workshop No 143
MARCH 12th
2.00 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.   Places £10  (_at_ The Crown Inn)
David is a brilliant young guitarist, singer & songwriter  recently graduated from the Newcastle University traditional music degree course.
He's  touring with Tom & also US fiddler & singer Christi Andropolis. He's recorded with Rubus & Sandra Kerr. The workshop will cover melody playing (fingerstyle & flatpick) accompaniment (chords) alternative tunings, scales, warm-ups & improvisation.
Booking forms for workshop & evening from the club & its website.
MARCH 19th   
£8 (£6 workshoppers)
The patron saint of the English concertina & a fine Northumbrian piper.

Lewes Saturday Folk Club Workshop No 143
Saturday /Sunday 19/20th March

Places £60 for 2 days, £35 for 1 day  10.45 a.m.- 4.45 p.m.
Two days working on the music of Alistair Anderson's brilliant Steel Skies Suite under the composer's direction; music reading essential. There will be a final performance early on the Sunday evening starting at 7.30: admission £2 for listeners. The full performance takes just under an hour.
There will be an informal session afterwards. Booking forms for workshop & evening from the club & its website.

MARCH 26th    
Our own Stuart Walker is joined by Jen Ranger & Chris Armstrong: traditional songs in captivating three-part harmony.

Valmai Goodyear
20, St. John's Terrace, Lewes, BN7 2DL

01273 476757

Lewes Saturday Folk Club, Elephant & Castle, White Hill, Lewes BN7 2DJ
Residents: Bryan Creer, Dave Earl, Sandra Goddard, Valmai Goodyear, Don Morgan, Steve & Diane Nevill, George Oakley, Denise Savage, Derek Seed, Stuart Walker

Workshops last a full day. The tutor performs at the club on the Saturday evening.
Booking forms can be printed from the website about four months before the event.

19 Feb CLIVE HARVEY Ukulele
26 Feb CHRIS FOSTER & BARA GRIMSDOTTIR Icelandic vocal harmony/balladry
12 March TOM MCCONVILLE Fiddle
12 March DAVID NEWEY Guitar
19/20 March ALISTAIR ANDERSON Steel Skies Suite & performance (any instrument)
9 April THE CLAQUE Ballad forum
30 April SARA GREY Banjo & song
4 June MARTYN WYNDHAM-READ & IRIS BISHOP Singing & accompaniment
11 June JOHN KIRKPATRICK John K's tunes (any instrument)
16 July BRIAN PETERS Melodeon
17 July BRIAN PETERS Ballad forum
15 Oct TOM & BARBARA BROWN West Country songs
29 Oct JODY KRUSKAL Concertina

Bryan Creer, Suzanne Higgins, Valmai Goodyear


From: "jbyng" <jbyng_at_btinternet_dot_com>
Date: 28 January 2011 16:39:06 GMT
Subject: RE: Horsham Folk Club - Gig list

Sunday 6th March  
Sarah McQuaid
Sarah is a versatile and beguiling performer of her own elegantly crafted originals, traditional Irish and Appalachian folk songs, Elizabethan ballads, 1930s jazz numbers, surprise covers and lively guitar instrumentals with panache and poignance.
Her deliciously earthy voice delivers a powerful emotional punch that’s matched by her distinctive, eloquent guitar style. Add this to a real rapport with her audience, and you have all the ingredients of a great night out.
Born in Madrid and raised in Chicago, Sarah lived in Ireland for 14 years before moving to Cornwall in 2007. Despite having only been touring as a solo artist for three years, she’s in high demand on the international folk circuit, thanks chiefly to her warm and engaging live performances.
Admission £5, members £3, under 18s free.

Sunday 13th March  
Gren Bartley
Gren explores the whole range from traditional English songs to the darkest American blues ballads. Add to this his impressive songwriting and you will find an artist that is sure to be an important contributor to the roots scene for many years to come. Gren's live act is his strongest asset as he believes that the stage is where "real music happens". His guitar playing is effortless and his lyrics, delivered in his gently compelling voice, sweep audiences through the spectrum of musical landscapes he visits. He has an extraordinarily wide repertoire of both original and traditional songs. He has toured all over the UK and is quickly building a core of fans wherever he goes.
Admission £5, members £3, under 18s free.

Sunday 20th March
Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner
Lynne & Pat are two of the most experienced and established harmony singers on the folk scene and we are glad to welcome them back to Horsham.  They lean towards traditional English material, but also perform their own material and Victorian/Edwardian songs. Their interpretation of both contemporary and traditional material is sensitive, moving and has plenty of humour. Lynne and Pat offer a wide range of musical material, ranging from traditional, Victorian and Edwardian to contemporary, rude, silly and self-penned, all delivered with their unique blend of harmony and humour
Admission £5, members £3, under 18s free.

Sunday 27th March  
Open Floor
A chance to have a go with a song, a tune, a poem or a silly dance in a relaxed, friendly but irreverent atmosphere.  No going up to a microphone - just do your thing from where you are and you don't even need to stick to folk.  These nights are always popular.
Admission £2, members £1, under 18s free.



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