From: Spyboy Info [info_at_spyboy_dot_co_dot_uk]

Sent: 07 March 2011 16:37

Subject: Updates - Jacqui Dankworth - And twice Knightley in Alfriston

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Hello and Sorry to those of you that have had problems accessing the

Hailsham Pavilion website......


Attemps have been made to "patch it up" but it is a bit hit and miss and as I understand  plans are afoot to build a brand new site with a new address...

Iíll let you know what happens but meanwhile if you want to book tickets for a Spyboy show being staged at the Pavilion you will probably have to use the phone 01323 841414


The same applies for Spyboy shows being staged at other venues - they can ONLY be booked by phone on 01323 841414



(I am happy to reserve seats for you if you cannot get through to the Pavilion)


Steve Knightley - Alfriston Village Hall (picture attached)

After that magical summerís night in Alfriston last year we have decided to do it all over again.....

This yearís date is Wednesday 29th June - Tickets (being limited to 100) will ONLY be available by phone from the Hailsham Pavilion (01323 841414) from Tuesday 22nd March see


If you are checking the website you will see dates for some of the early Autumn shows


Meanwhile our next show at the Pavilion is on this coming Saturday (12th March) with Jacqui Dankworth and her Band

I have a few "house seats" towards the back of the auditorium that are being made available at £12.50 instead of £20.00......

They can ONLY be obtained by answering this message through this email link info_at_spyboy_dot_co_dot_uk (please do not contact the Pavilion)

Tickets are available on a "first come first served" basis

Details of the show can again be seen at