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Music News Nashville Daily Mailer for March 21, 2011


Good morning...


Starting May 1st, we are going to be "expanding" Music News Nashville to include an online "print" magazine.  It is being designed to look like an actual newsstand magazine, readable as a PDF file and online.  We will be publishing it twice a month - on the first and fifteenth.  Along with the new look, we will continue updating the daily news and gig information on the MNN website as usual, but will be changing the way the site works as well.


What I would like to request of you, the readers, are two things:


FIRST - we are going to have a "Reader's Comments" section, much like "letters to the Editor", in the new magazine.  We'd like for you to send us your comments on stories and articles you've read on MNN (or anywhere else, for that matter) as they relate to the music industry, politics, life, or whatever you might want to talk about.  We will include a number of letters in each issue and ask that you sign them with your first name and hometown, i.e. "Jim from Baton Rouge, LA".


SECOND - We are going to be needing ADVERTISERS and the rates are good (you can visit the MNN website and click on MISC, then AD RATES to find out).  Your ad will look just like it would in a print magazine with one exception... it will be linked to the URL of your choice where readers can click and go to see your services and products.


We are working to make MNN better for YOU, our readers, and hope you'll like the changes coming.  In the meantime, please continue visiting Music News Nashville for the latest information on the music industry in - and out of - Nashville.




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