From: J.B.W.Webber

Sent: 25 March 2011 17:57

Subject: RE: Early Day motion and proposed changes to the Licensing Act 2003 - hopeful


Dear Penny,

What I believe may be hopeful news re the recent Early Day Motion on Live Music, and the possible deregulation of entertainment from the Licensing Bill.


I did write to my Kent MP (Julian Brazier), enclosing a copy of my 2008 graph of the fall-off in live music  .... his reply said :

"... I share your concerns that Kent has seen such a dramatic decrease in the number of venues now putting on live music events. ....

I have ... written to the Minister at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, asking when there might be an announcement on the results of the consultation that was carried out. ...."


Julian Brazier has now written :

"... I am now able to enclose a very encouraging reply that I have received from the Minister for Tourisn and Heritage about live music performances,

As you can see, he supports the intentions and directions of Lord Clement-Jones' Bill  on Live Music but would like to go even further by deregulating entertainment from the Licensing Act altogether. I am glad that there are plans to cut the red tape to encourage the performance of more live music - a vibrant cultural sector is very important for the community.

This is good news and I look forward to hearing more in due course."


The letter from John Penrose, Minister for Tourism and Heritage dated 22nd March 2011, says :

" ... As your constituent may have seen, Baroness Rawlings was pleased to announce during the debate of the Second Reading of Lord Clement-Jones' Private Member's Bill on Live Music that the Government supports the Bill's intention and direction. I also want to look into whether we can go further than the Bill by deregulating entertainment from the Licensing Act 2003 and hope to be in a position to say more in due course."



                Dr. Beau Webber