From: Kat Warburton [Skiddle] [kat_at_skiddle_dot_com]
Sent: 10 February 2011 16:32
Subject: Are you promoting a Festival? Skiddle can help...

We are launching our festivals 2011 section in February and we are giving you the heads up before-hand to ensure you are included in all of our festival coverage.

Already we have festivals listed on the site at and selling incredibly well. Don't miss out on all this fantastic promotion by putting up your event late!

Here's out guide to getting the most from Skiddle for your 2011 festival:
Event Listing

Firstly you need to get your festival listed! This is important so we can include you in our festivals section. Remember to select 'festivals' in the event category.

Why don't you drop me an e-mail once you have added your festival so I know to include you within our main festivals area and within any additional promo that will be taking place on that particular week. E-mail kat_at_skiddle_dot_com_dot_

Flexible Ticket Options

Skiddle are trusted as a major ticket outlet for many festivals across the UK and Europe. With our very busy festivals area this is an ideal opportunity to turn those visitors into buyers!

We understand that ticketing is crucial for your event. That's why all promoters selling with us have access to a dedicated account manager and full control over their event and tickets 27/4 online.

We also have full customer service available by phone and email 6 days a week and look after all aspects of your ticketing in house.

It is so simple to get your tickets on sale and will massively boost the amount of promotion you get through Skiddle.

Simply click the tickets tab in the promotion centre, select your event from the drop down box and add a few ticket details. Alternatively give us a call and we'll be happy to place your events on sale for you.

We operate several types of ticketing - from ticket-less entry through to posted tickets and barcoded entry.

By default all tickets are added as eTickets so if you'd like to discuss another type, give us a call and we can discuss what's best for you.
You will receive a daily ticket count so you can track your sales and you have full control 24/7 of your tickets via your promotion centre so you can increase/decrease your allocation accordingly should you wish. You can also track where your customers live through our live statistics right down to their street name via the map in your promotion centre.

You will receive the full ticket price and we charge your customer approximately 10% on top as a booking fee (contact us if your ticket is over £100 so we can re-negotiate the booking fee). We will remit you your money on the Tuesday after your event so long as you have a ticket agreement on file. These can be found in your promotion centre under the tickets tab.

** eTickets:
This is ticketless entry so there are no postage costs for the customer. We will email them confirmation, the customer attends your event and simply gives their name and shows their bank card as proof-of-id. You will receive a list of customer names, their order details and last 4 digits of their bank card number to confirm your guests. All very easy and used by 1000s of event promoters around the country on a regular basis.

** Posted Tickets:
We can alternatively send out tickets if you wish. You can either supply us with your tickets or we can print them here (price starts at £20+vat for 200 tickets) and then the customer is charged an additional fee for recorded delivery at £1.85 per order. This is recommended only if you are planning on selling >500 tickets to reduce entry times.

** RapidScan Tickets:
Why not take advantage of our state-of-the-art technology? We can hire you our barcode scanners (often for free) meaning a much quicker entry for your customer at the event. There are certain requirements when hiring out these scanners (starting with selling over 500 tickets) so please e-mail ben_at_skiddle_dot_com if you are interested.

General Festival Promotion

* 3x national e-shots listing all the festival we have on sale
* Site skin advertising our festivals section for 2xweeks

* 3x festival highlights in our national newsletters

* Leaderboard banners linking to our festival section

* Skyscraper banners linking to our festival section

* Numerous editorial pieces including previews, line-up announcements, competitions and reviews for many of the festivals we have listed on our site
* Additional editorial coverage for those festivals on sale with Skiddle
Inclusion in all of the above is FREE when you place your event and tickets on sale with Skiddle

Coverage for YOUR event

If you get your festival on sale with Skiddle we will;

* Include you in our Festival 2011 Guide. This will be a one stop page which will advertise all festivals on Skiddle as well as live coverage from festivals, festival previews, dj updates and exclusive news as well as dj mixes and festival tips and survival guides. It's also top of google for "2011 festivals" so very busy already!

* Special Feature your event which will give it plenty more promotion around the site

* Give you discount on advertising packages (see below for prices)
* Give you plenty of FREE editorial (previews, lin-up announcements, news etc)
* Assign you an account manager to work on the best ways to increase ticket sales for you

Important Note:
We're very generous with our promotion as we know it helps sell tickets and keeps everyone happy. We go way above what most other websites/outlets will offer. We do ask for one simple thing in return - ensure we are listed on your marketing as an official ticket outlet please!

Advertising Promotion

(If you sell tickets with Skiddle then the below advertising will be discounted by 15%!)

We have some great festival packages available to you:

National e-shot (goes to over 120,000 of our opt-in members) - £250+vat

Festival Package 1 - Light Coverage £230+vat

* 50mile dedicated e-shot (up-to 42,500 of our opt-in members) * 4 week banner (1,500 impressions per day)
* 2x week featured listing (gets your event seen up-to 5x more than an average listing)
* 2x week homepage panel
* special feature*
* editorial content**

Festival Package 2 - Medium Coverage £500+vat

* 100 mile radius dedicated e-shot (over 70,000 of our opt-in members) * 50 mile radius dedicated e-shot (up-to 42,500 of our opt-in members) * 4 week banner (3,000 impressions per day)
* 4 week featured listing (gets your event seen up-to 5x more than an average listing)
* 4 week homepage panel
* special feature*
* editorial content**

Festival Package 3 - Heavy Coverage £800+vat

* 2x national dedicated e-shot (goes to over 120,000 of our opt-in members)
* 4 week banner (6,000 impressions per day)
* 8 week featured listing (gets your event seen up-to 5x more than an average listing)
* 4 week homepage panel
* special feature
* editorial content**

**editorial content includes previews, line-up announcements, competitions and reviews. All based on content that you send over to our editor
Note: discounts and free promotion is based upon you advertising Skiddle as an official ticket outlet on all your promotional material. We reserve the right to remove any discounts if this is not adhered to.

Free Facebook App

Would you like to turn your Facebook Fan page into a ticket shop, making it easy for your Facebook fans to buy tickets? Our Facebook app is free to install, updates itself automatically and shows all your events with live ticket availability...

See an example here:

Rep System / Social Ticketing

Sign up to our new rep system to increase promotion for your festival. Already we have had tons of promoters sign up to use this free facility. If it means selling more tickets by having an army of reps spreading the word on social networking sites through no effort of your own then you would be mad not to!
Get started by visiting and clicking the 'Reps' tab once logged in.

Ticket Checkout on your website!

Let your customers purchase their Festival tickets straight from your website. Simply log into your promotion centre, find your event under "Event Listings" then click "SELL" and select "Add ticket box to my website".

This automatically updates, and sends visitors direct to our shopping basket, bypassing any other distractions and maximising your sales dramatically.
If you place your tickets on sale exclusively with Skiddle we can also customise this further, get in touch!

Skiddle Double Decker Bus!

In case you haven't heard, Skiddle have a double decker bus, converted to provide multimedia coverage of your event! With onboard computers we can update Skiddle live with photos and blogs from your event!

If you'd like some excellent coverage of your festival, get in touch and we may be able to bring the bus to you! Email rich.dyer_at_skiddle_dot_com
Many Thanks

Kat Warburton
Senior Account Manager
Skiddle Ltd
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M:// 0794 479 1966
Twitter: skiddle_com