From: michael wheeler [boxsmwrc_at_btinternet_dot_com]

Sent: 28 January 2011 11:21

Subject: The Bear


Hi Beau,  sad news I am afraid. The Bear will close on the 14th Feb 2011, and our final Folk Music session will be on the 10th Feb 2011.

 I recall when the item was circulated about getting more music in Pubs some people resented some of the comments that I made about keeping pubs open first and think about music second. Well we have our second pub closure in 2011 in Faversham, with the "Windmill" going on the 4th Jan 2011 and I guess the "Crown and Anchor" will be next.

Could you put the facts on your website so that for the future people do not have a wasted journey, and also that all musicians will be welcome to the final night, to round of what is one of the longest running sessions in Kent. Start time is 9 PM or 2100hrs for the military types.

Sad but true.