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Subject: Musical Traditions Club Winter 2010 - 2011


Dear Members & Friends,

Hope to see you at our Christmas Party on 10th December!

All the best,

Peta & Ken

Musical Traditions Club Winter 2010 - 2011

Friday 10th December

Xmas Party with The Posh Band

(Reg Hall, Ed Caines, Ken Lees, Sue Bainbridge, Simon Ritchie).

Great tunes, songs and step dancing with hilarious monologues from Jim Ward.

FRIDAY 14th January 2011


Kate is a brilliant singer and award winning fiddle and banjo player. Her music is drawn from her lifelong experience and love of the American old-time country tradition and she has been bringing country music to life in the UK for many years.


With Gail Williams and Jim Younger


4th Feb Kathleen O'Sullivan & Billy Teare

4th March Jim Bainbridge

8th April Askew Sisters

17th June Bloomsday event with poet Racker Donnelly

MAY 6th- 8th 2011 Keith Summers Festival Grace Toland & Brian Doyle, Patricia Flynn, Mick Quinn (tbc) , Oliver Mulligan & Brendan Mc Cauley, Joe Aitken, Geordie Murison, Dan & Bonnie Milner, Jeff Warner, John & Katie Howson's East Anglian Concert Party .


 The King & Queen, 1 Foley Street, London W1W 6DL Nearest tube: Goodge Street / Warren Street.  Parking OK after 6.30. 

Club runs 8-11pm    Admission for club nights : Members 6, concs. 4

Non - Members 7,concs. 5      






  Reg Hall's Traditional Irish session runs at The Auld Triangle Finsbury Park on Sundays from 8pm ( N4 2QW ,junction of St Thomas's  Road /Plimsoll Road)



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