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"music to your ears..."     2.08.2011

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From the CMO's desk:

atubaceoIf you are a musician or a listener (or both), you've gotta love this. From the American Heritage Dictionary, we call your attention to a truly beautiful noun, consonance:

1.        Agreement; harmony; accord. 

2.        Close correspondence of sounds. 

3.        The repetition of consonants or of a consonant pattern, especially at the ends of words, as in blank and think or strong and string. 

4.        Music: A simultaneous combination of sounds not requiring resolution to another combination of sounds for finality of effect and conventionally regarded as harmonious or pleasing.

It is firstly about agreement, a wonderful experience when it happens. There is a story in an extraordinary book, The Elegance of the Hedgehog (Muriel Barbery), about consonance; a young girl character, Paloma,  is watching synchronized diving on TV, where two young Chinese divers simultaneously perform the exact same dive at the same moment.

As she is watching, the two girls take their turn- after a few graceful bounces they plunge off the high board -- Paloma holds her breath as the divers spin through the air, miraculous in their consonance-- but just then, something happens, they get out of sync. "One of them is going to reach the water before the other! It's horrible!"  What was potentially a 'magic moment', a work of artistry, crashes down, Paloma's heart drops- she practically has to look away before they reach the water, it is almost too much to take.

Paloma records this incident for her "Journal of the Movement of the World", where she is keeping her innermost thoughts- even at her young age she is frustrated by "all those things that pass before us, which we miss by a hair and which are botched for eternity..."

As a player, in a band, I know just how the divers feel, how Paloma felt watching: the never-ending quest for those moments of consonance, when it all comes together, and the uneasy feeling when its not. But the quest never ends, as aspiring artists continue to search for the "odd moment of beauty, where time is no longer the same...a sort of interlude in time, something suspended, an always within never."

"Beauty, in this world." 

Rave on, Paloma, rave on...      cf



Really? Absolutely- how about the 15th Annual Cheltenham Folk Festival coming right up, February 11-13 in Cheltenham, Great Britain, featuring some of the very best of the UK folk world.

In 1996 Cheltenham Folk Club organiser John Shorter approached Cheltenham Town Hall with the idea of a mid-winter folk event to "banish the winter blues". He wanted to produce an event that preserved the roots of Folk tradition, showcased budding new talent, and created a friendly atmosphere.

With another great line-up shaping up for the 2011 Festival, they have put together a program that showcases the latest from new, young performers such as The Askew Sisters, Pilgrims' Way and the Melrose Quartet, to The Yetties - stalwarts of the English folk scene playing their last ever Festival gig, through to huge headliners Jon Boden and The Remnant Kings, Nancy Kerr and James Fagan and finally a rare festival apperence from Irish supergroup Lúnasa.

More info here- the season is upon us!!!


South River BandReykjavík, Iceland Folk Festival, March 9th-11th: Reykjavik Folk Festival 2011 is a folk music festival where 14 Icelandic bands perform music of different types and origins but what all the artists have in common is that they play folk music, blues, world music or a mixture of all this. This new festival is an initiative by members of South River Band.

The Sarasota Folk Festival - March 26 & 27, 2011: If Iceland is too much of a pull, head down to Sarasota, FL for a fun weekend. Primarily centered around acoustic folk music and singer/songwriter performers, you will also hear blue grass, old time, blues, country, jazz, pop and Irish. Thirty musical acts will be performing on three stages, plus a workshop area where you may get some pointers on playing an instrument, singing harmony, or writing songs. 

Featured Songs / Artists


We Steal Flyers We Steal Flyers is a catchy acoustic duo touring out of Northumberland in the UK, and they offer up the title track from their new album, this is very cool: Our World is a Celtic flavored power-ballad of the first water, click and download....More downloads available in the media player on their artist page -- thanks, Derek & Shaggy!

Our World / / Free MP3 Download / We Steal Flyers Artist Page


Char and AmberChar Butler and daughter Amber Whitworth were born in the heart of America where the winds come sweeping down the plains in rustic Oklahoma. They describe their music as a "spiritual odyssey, ethereal voices in sync beckon like celestial mermaids for the listener."

Char received the 2010 Indie Artist Award from Starliners Radio in the Netherlands on May 29, 2010, for "Peace (Whatever Happens)", chosen by the listening audience of the radio station by a voting process. Listen, download the full-length stereo track- thanks, ladies!

Peace (Whatever Happens) / / Free MP3 Download // Artist Page


Carter FamilyFrom the efolkMusic Archives, a classic from the Carter Family. Little Log Cabin By the Sea is from recordings that the trio made during the "Border" radio shows in the late 30s. A.P., Sara, and Maybelle Carter were the first vocal group to become country music stars, with a career that spanned from 1927 to 1956. "Mother Maybelle" continued to tour into the 1970s; this is a seminal band in folk music, download this track! Special thanks to Copper Creek for this track.

Little Log Cabin by the Sea / / Free MP3 Download / Carter Family Artist Page


David RoonDavid Roon offers up "Sphere" from Skies full of Seas, his first recording of original material. Living in northern Idaho, David makes his music "in the interstitial spaces between canoeing and exploring wild places, romping with family and friends, and reading to exhaustion."  Lovely playing and singing with a Celtic flavor, listen and download this free track: 

Sphere / Free MP3 Download // David Roon Artist Page

Last But Not Least:

Pick it!


freemp3sThat's right, just like 1999 and Napster all over again, we've opened the efolkMusic "Member Library" doors wide, each and every full-length stereo track is available for instant (almost) download. We've abandoned the donate-to-download requirement, in the hopes that more fans will enjoy more music. Fill your ears!

That said, we still need your help supporting these exceptional artists and their music, through our website and outreach activities. Please consider making a secure donation, no amount too small or too large. Donations of $30 or more get great premiums, like our 106-song MP3/CD Sampler, Vol. 6, shipping now to new and renewing donors.

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