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CALL OUT : Urgent - Waltzers wanted for London performance - next week!

From: "kerry fletcher" <kerry_at_kerryfletcher_dot_co_dot_uk>
Date: 25 January 2011 17:55:10 GMT
Subject: [kerryfletcher] Urgent - Waltzers wanted for London performance - next week!

Hello Everybody,

I've been speaking to an artist, Sophie and she is looking for waltzing dancers for her piece - see the details below... it's short notice but I think it would be fabulous if some of you could go and perform for her work! Even if you can't make the rehearsal, it might be ok to go through it on the day.

Please contact Sophie directly but copy me in (kerry_at_kerryfletcher_dot_co_dot_uk) just so I can keep in the loop.

All the best, Kerry


Organised by the Slade School of Fine Art- I have an 8 minute slot for my tea-dancing installation as part of an evening of performance art, held at the Bloomsbury Theatre on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd of February.

The dance is going to be based upon a traditional tea-dance waltz- but the couples will move in a shape which represents the orbit
of Halley's comet around our solar system!

I am holding a rehearsal at the Bloomsbury Theatre at 3p.m until 4p.m on Monday the 31st- If you are able to attend the same time on Tuesday the 1st as well that'd be brilliant, but I am confident that we can sort everything out on Monday!

It is curtain up at 7:30p.m each performance night- my slot is in the first half so if you'd like to leave during the interval that's fine or if you'd like to stay and watch the second half I'll buy you a ticket! If you have any friends or family who'd also like to come and watch here is where you can buy tickets for 5, (3 concessions)
search for `Platform 1'

I'm really looking forward to working with you! I'm very excited about this performance. If you'd be able to take part please call me as soon as possible on 07735009468! Or drop me an email Sophie.rose311_at_hotmail_dot_co_dot_uk

Many thanks,
Sophie Rose Asquith

Sculpture B.A, Slade School of Fine Art.
The Bloomsbury Theatre 15 Gordon Street London, WC1H 0AH



We look forward to another year with SEFAN - the e-listings is great by the way - very useful. Kate Murdoch, Making Music South East, Eastern Division

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