From: Carol Bryden [carolbryden12_at_btinternet_dot_com]

Sent: 04 January 2011 19:09



Dear All


If you attended the last Crabble Mill evening in December you will know that after 7 years of running Crabble Dave Pleasants has decided to have a well-earned rest and has passed over the running of the evening to me. I would like to thank him wholeheartedly for his hard work over the years and for making these evenings such a pleasure for both performers and audience alike. I look forward to seeing David at the Mill in the future. I also think I must thank Bill Hislop (and his daughter Val) for his support of these evenings, many of which he actually MCíd in Davidís absence. His continuing support and advice will be much appreciated, (if heís still speaking to me.)


Whilst we are on the subject of thanking people, I should also thank all of you who attend these evenings regularly either as performers or simply to watch. Donít forget you are offering valuable support to Crabble Corn Mill. I hope we can count on your continuing support throughout 2011.


I have received a number of comments and ideas, all of which have been taken on board. If you would like to email me with your thoughts before the next Crabble evening please do so.


I would like to confirm that CRABBLE CORN MILL ACOUSTIC NIGHT (Working Title) will be held on Friday 28th January 2011 in the usual format. We are not proposing to have a finishing spot for January but will start again in February. If you would like to book a finishing spot please let me know as soon as possible together with any preferred months. Also, if you would like a floor spot this month please email me.


Kind Regards


Jim Bryden