From: Folk in the Barn [debs_at_folkinthebarn_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 03 December 2010 18:23
Subject: The Aggies are coming!

Hi Everyone
Just a quickie before my internet expires again. Apparently it doesn't like minus 9 temperatures and who can blame it. For those - like me - that have been wondering what on earth is going on! As things stand we fully expect to go ahead with Sunday's St Agnes Fountain Concert. I've spoken to the Aggies and they are determined to get here and not let you down. They forgot to pack their shovel but say its ok as they can always use Chris Leslie's mandolin to shovel the snow away - ahhhhh!! All the main roads seem to be clear now and the Council have assured me that the car parks have all been cleared and gritted and the venue will be accessible and warm. Assuming we don't have another major dump of snow - we will see you all there. If you're someone with a 4 x 4 thats coming, and have room to spare, maybe you could post on the Folk in the Barn message book or Facebook to offer lifts to others who may be close by and lacking that facility - just a thought. Another idea, if you're worried about getting home afterwards - Joe Passey who very often puts the artists up in his wonderful B&B has some spare rooms he has very kindly offered to Folkinthebarners for a discounted price of £45 per room including breakfast. He is in Wincheap, just a 20 minute walk from the venue. Contact Joe at Wincheap Guesthouse 01227 762309 and say I sent you.
Should the situation change, I will send out an email and put a message on the website, so please check your computer if in any doubt before setting off. It just remains for me to dig my car out of a massive snowdrift - If I'm not there Sunday night - you'll know I'm still digging!

A couple of people have spare single tickets for Show of Hands tomorrow (Saturday) night at the Gulbenkian. Let me know if you're interested and I'll put you in touch. Best to text me as well, 07799790738 as my internet is intermittent at the moment.

Keep warm and travel safely


Debs Earl

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