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Subject: Hackney Hoedown THIS weekend!


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Dear Cut A Shiners (and welcome new subscribers!)

Ha ha, here's a reminder about our big show this weekend!

It's a "Folk Rave" according to TimeOut, we "like" that.

and we're now on twitter.

So, this is just a repeat of the last email cos we're well lazy innit, so you don't have to read it, just come along for a party!

Tame The Vampire Squid!
Check this out too...pretty cool

Lastly, we pay tax on every (paid) gig we do.
Get Sir Philip Green and Vodaphone to do the same!

(just cos this is a party don't mean we can't be political!)
(Actually, this isn't even political, it's just about fairness. Yeesh.)

Hackney Winter Hoedown Spectacular 
Saturday 11th December
Stoke Newington Town Hall

it's only a hoedown!

Cut A Shine Barn Dance
Fat 45 Jump Jive Swing Band
Sheelanagig Gypsy-World-Folk
Carny Villains

what, another hoedown?

Saturday 11th December
7:30 - 2am
12 advance, more on door
Stoke Newington Town Hall
London, N16 0JR
tickets here


We're running "Barn Dating" at this event, hosted by The Royal Society for the Pursuit of Lovebirds.  Don't be scared by this, it's a side attraction, a way of getting reluctants partnered up and dancing. It's fun, it's simple, it's not cheesy. Barn Dancing and Swing Dance is kinda like speed dating anyway except you don't have to listen to a load of twaddle. 

And straight guys, get it together for once and buy tickets in advance, woman already outnumber you!

What else...

The venue is AMAZING. Art Deco. Great sound system. Lights. Everything. Swish. Swanky.

Plus, we're running til 2am with non stop bands.

And the bar is stocked with all yummy discerning drinks from small scale producers, non of your corporate cr*p here thank you very much.

And Lastly, we've set up a new website with flashy things on it, because we take ourselves oh so seriously.

Cut A Shine



Other Performances out and about town

food, whiskey, dance all in
see website for details.





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