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Subject: PigNews: Christmas is comin'


Hi folks,

Sorry to the folks at Eastbourne - we didn't make it for our gig on 1st December due to not being able to find the car underneath the snow - or indeed a road to drive it on. We hope to get down to Eastbourne some time later next year.

Weather permitting, the following seasonal gigs are coming up:

Friday 10th December (8.00 pm) - Carols at Elsie's, The Queen's Arms, Cowden Pound, Edenbridge. All welcome, mince pies and other festive fare provided courtesy of the indomitable Elsie.

Sunday 12th December (8.30 pm) - Ron's Session at the Kentish Horse, Markbeech - some Pork Scratchings will be in attendance, and all singers, musicians, poets and party pieces are most welcome. These sessions around Edenbridge on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday just keep getting better and better.

Friday 17th December (8.00 pm) - Pig's Ear are guests of Orpington Friday Folk at the Liberal Social Club, Station Road, Orpington. Bring your holly and ivy for a festive sing.

Tuesday 21st December (9.00 pm) - Pig's Ear are guests at the Punch and Judy, St Stephens Road, Tonbridge. There's cracklin' good music every Tuesday night at the Punch, so make it a date, support a landlady who is doing a lot for live music in Tonbridge, and have a jolly fine evening to boot.

Sunday 26th December - yes, that is Boxing Day, but it's also Ron's Session at the Wheatsheaf, Marsh Green. We voted last time to try holding it on Boxing Day, but earlier than normal - around 6.00 - 8.00 pm. If you're bored with turkey and relations, here's your excuse to get out!!!

See you soon,


Pig's Ear
Sue, Grant, Lyndsey and Keef
Cracklin' Good Folk

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