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efolkMusic Community News --12.16.2010

Happy holidays: 2000 free MP3 tracks


2000 Free MP3sHow does 100 hours of free music sound to you? We've opened the doors to our "Member MP3 Library", almost 2000 full-length stereo MP3s are now FREE!  As per our mission, we are doing what we can to get more good music into your ears!  Starting NOW, all downloads are available to ALL VISITORS, no membership required, take one, take a thousand.

Starting our second decade in operation, we've come to realize that requiring a "supporting" ($$) membership for access to our huge archive of tracks was, in fact, not in the best interest of our artists. We want the WIDEST DISTRIBUTION possible, as this is music worth listening to.  We hope this change will in turn bring more visitors and cause more exposure for the "mighty fine" artists on the efolkMusic roster.

SO no more "memberships"...but, hey, that doesn't mean we don't want and need your support; We're just moving to a sort of "honor" system, with a sliding scale from $0 to whatever you want to give. Click here to help us continue to provide this service for artists AND fans- take what you want, give what you can.

This is an all volunteer operation, no salaries, no expense account lunches, ALL proceeds go into the website. Please consider helping us pick it up and carry it on..  Thanks!!!


Ho, ho, hoHow about Don Dixon doing Every Day Will Be Like a Holiday (listen & download) or maybe Joel Mabus with Let's Do Christmas Right (listen & download)?? This is classy work, here, from legends- have YOU heard their music??? Trust us, we are EXPERTS, we would be highly paid if our pundrity had McMass-market appeal.

And everybody loves the hammered dulcimer, don't they, especially this time of year? I'll bet you haven't heard Jon Sobel's Don't You Know That It's Christmas? (listen & download) with the nice HD part;  or what about Jack Herrick's Christmas Bell (listen & download) from Bah! Humbug!? If it doesn't put you in the mood, nothing will.

There's a lot more where those are, waiting for your click -- all full length stereo "open format" MP3- download all you want -- and thanks one more time to our artists.


That's what the guys used to say, as they helped connoisseurs separate the wheat from the chaff, and it's exactly what we try to do at efolkMusic

From the very start, efolkMusic has curated a "filtered" roster of artists and music. We listen to and can recommend -- some more heartily than others, of course -- EVERY ARTIST on the website.  There's plenty of crap on the internet, we like to think that it's better to have a select collection of quality music than a gigantic hog trough that is 98% filler.

Browse our FREE downloads, listen to full-length previews, read stories from the road, listen to our in-house radio feed, cruise the folk festival and folk radio show databases, find new artists -- your ears will thank you.

We will, too, just for stopping in. And if you want to help us in this important work, consider a (tax-deductible) donation to our nonprofit- donations of $30 or more get our great 106-song MP3/CD sampler as well...


According to the New York Times (10/25/2010):

11: The percentage decline in private donations to the nation's biggest charities last year ? the steepest one-year drop in 20 years, according to Philanthropy 400, an annual survey by The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Six of the 10 largest private charities reported a decrease, including the United Way (No. 1 ), the Salvation Army (No. 2), the American Cancer Society (No. 7), and the Y (No. 10). The survey reflected the sluggish economic recovery; contributions are not expected to rebound by the end of 2010.

Arrrgh...if you can, help out....please consider a donation to help keep this nonprofit growing!!!!


Exceptional musicians wanted: Arguably the premier nonprofit web-based organization dedicated to "furthering the understanding, appreciation, preservation, and performance of traditional and contemporary folk music from around the world...", efolkMusic is always looking for artists to add to our curated roster- send us a link where we can hear your music!

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