From: David Pleasants [david_at_plesbit_dot_net]

Sent: 20 December 2010 15:00

Subject: FATD 23 DEC 10 & 30 DEC 10 - CATD 23 DEC 10


Good afternoon all,


As those who were at our brilliantly enjoyable Club Christmas Dinner last Thursday are aware, it is my intention to keep the Club running over the Christmas/New Year break. I shall be there both Thursdays as will Gillian and if no-one else turns up we shall use the time for some much needed catching up on rehearsals!  Hopefully it won't come to that and you will feel the need to get out and "folk" as a way of getting away from the craziness of Christmas and either the apprehension of or the actuality of the turkey left-overs!!


For those who have managed to get this far and are curious enough to wonder what CATD is then you will be pleased to know that it stands for Carols at The Drum!  Unfortunately we were unable to perform at the intended time last Saturday as nobody from either the choir, if you can call us that, or the congregation could actually get there because of the weather.  The executive decision was therefore made to pull the plug, so to speak.  A further decision has now been made to change the date, but not the time, so CATD, which should last about an hour, will take place on Thurs 23 Dec 10 at 1900 hours followed by FATD at 2030 hours.  Please excuse the military speak but my brain was painted khaki a long time ago!  Hopefully some of you will feel like doing both and will therefore come along to sing some carols and listen to our performance carols when you will be able to sing along with choruses.  After that we can move into the back room and have a good old "folk". 


See you there I hope.


Best regards