From: Dr. Beau Webber [J.B.W.Webber_at_kent_dot_ac_dot_uk]
Sent: 26 April 2006 15:29
Subject: Images - emailing efficient formatted announcements with photos, posters and flyers

Bands and organisers of events go to some trouble to produce good looking emails with photos, and posters and flyers describing  events.
However these frequently require a vast amount of web space and transmission bandwidth compared with simple text announcements.
Thus it has frequently been the practice of organisations that forward such emails, such as SEFAN, to strip out photos and attachments so as not to swamp some users with too much data. Similarly KentFolk used mainly to post text on the News web pages, as each attachment or photo had to be handled individually and converted for the web, and photos  - that is no longer the case, and graphics are now welcomed, but please do re-size them so they fit on the page and they do not take an inordinate amount of space and band-width.  
There is a simple answer to this space and bandwidth problem - rather than embedding photos or sending photos, posters and flyers as attachments, to just include a link to an existing copy of the photo, poster or flyer already on the web. This works particularly well if you already have a venue or musician's website.
Two examples :
Embedded picture                                            Pointer to picture on web
  - this takes up space on everyones machine           - this is just a line of text ...
How does one include pictures in ones' emails this way ?
Well one problem is that one has to have at least one copy of the picture/poster/flyer on the web somewhere - this then saves everyone else having to keep a copy - for how many people is this a problem, that can not upload to the web anywhere ? (Google Page will give everyone 100MByte of free space to do this, but it has not quite reached the UK).
The picture/poster/flyer does not have to be embedded in an html document (though it can be, see below).
When one directly embeds a picure in one's email, one includes a picture from ones hard drive, say :
This image gets encoded and embedded into the email, which has a pointer to it in the appropriate place that looks something like :
Thus one way to re-point to a  picture/poster/flyer on the web is just to do a search and replace on the src entry in one's email text,
so for an image at : 
the src line becomes
However  the easy way to do this is just use ones email editor to "insert picture",  and then instead of browsing to an image on ones hard disk one just pastes into the "Picture Source" box the URL :
Job done, the email is only a few 10s of bytes larger, not many kByte, yet still has the picture.
Suppose the image is already on the web, one knows  but not the name of the .jpg ?
(I am assuming you have permission to use the picture.)
One way to find the name of the image is to right click on it and chose properties,  where one can copy and then paste the address (URL).
Are there any other differences ? - This way the reader of the email can choose just to read the text, or to download the picture over the web and see the email in its full glory ... and KentFolk and other web pages can easily display the email with pictures on the web.
I hope this makes sense,
    Beau Webber   

From: SEFAN [mailto:admin_at_sefan_dot_org_dot_uk]
Sent: 25 April 2006 10:27
To: J.B.W.Webber_at_kent_dot_ac_dot_uk
Subject: images

Hi Beau,

I'd agree that links to images are going to be the best way to put
images or whole fliers into an email. Perhaps you could write
a paragraph or two on how to send efficient formatted announcements and
we'll put it on our web site as one of our "How To" sheets.

Thanks for thinking of this, it hadn't occured to me. 

Penny, Anthony,
can you recommend a better route, what are your thoughts ?
 thanks again,
        Beau Webber

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