How to send event items for the KentFolk Calendars

Event information for the KentFolk Calendars can be sent as a short plain text, html, Word document, or MS Excel spreadsheet.
Please email them to to beau_at_kentfolk_dot_com

If you already have a gig list on the web, I may be able to read it (if you give me permission, and if it is not too complicated) directly over the web, just send me the web address (URL).

For event listings, please do not include lots of text about each item, or pictures - if you want to send these, send a separate email for the News pages, see the separate how-to.

The information that is needed is : Year, Month, Day, Event Name, a few words describing the event, Time, Ticket price and where to get tickets, and Venue location including postcode (I convert this to an link to an e-map).

I can (with luck) automatically read a number of plain text, html and spreadsheet formats, but the format that will get the fastest response is the KentFolk Event Format (see below).

Examples of simple formats that can be read are :
Plain Text :
(it helps if different items on each line are separated by "|" or "-") :

RMA Club |37 The Strand,| Walmer,| Deal CT14 7DX


7th April Friday Folk Club |Guest: Dave Ferra | 8.15-11pm
12th May Friday Folk Club |Guest: Richard Grainger | 8.15-11pm

Html information laid out as a list :

RMA Club - 37 The Strand, Walmer, Deal CT14 7DX

Html Tables
are ideal, particularly if the columns are labled :

Fri 3 Mar Angel - Addington Hot Rats Duo 8.45pm
Sun 5 Mar Neptunes Hall - Broadstairs Hot Rats Duo 4.30pm
Tue 7 Mar Cellar Bar - Central Hall Hot Rats Duo 8pm Tickets on 01634 338338
Thu 9 Mar Kings Head - Rochester Hot Rats Duo 9.00pm
Fri 10 Mar Caseys - Canterbury Hot Rats Duo 8.45pm
Wed 22 Mar Plough - Lucent Street Hot Rats Duo 9.00pm
Fri 24 Mar Prince of Wales - Strood Hot Rats Duo 9.00pm
Sat 15 Apr Theatre les Insolites - Gravelines The Hot Rats 9.00pm Contact us for details
Mon 17 Apr Barge - Gillingham Hot Rats Duo 9.00pm
Thu 20 Apr Cullins Yard - Dover The Hot Rats 8.30pm
Fri 21 Apr Black Horse - Thurnham Hot Rats Duo 8.45pm
Wed 26 Apr Plough - Lucent Street Hot Rats Duo 9.00pm

KentFolk Event Format :
This is a very regular format, that uses single lines of info with one character descriptors (followed by a space) :
Y: Year
M: Month
D : Day
G : Gig name and info
T : Time
I: Additional info such as prices and contact details
V : Venue

These all 'persist' so repeated information does not have to be re-typed,
but if one particular gig is at an unsusual time (lunchtime ?), or has specific information such as a price, you can use :
t : time
i : info
where the information only lasts for that gig, then returns to the persistant info.

  Example for Deal Friday Folk :

Y 2006
T 8.15-11pm
V RMA Club |37 The Strand,| Walmer,| Deal CT14 7DX

M April

D 7
G Friday Folk Club |Guest: Dave Ferra

D 14 21 28
G Friday Folk Club |Singers Night

M May

D 12
G Friday Folk Club |Guest: Richard Grainger

D 5 19 26
G Friday Folk Club |Singers Night

Note how for repeated events (i.e. singers nights), the days can be listed on one line. The blank line following each event (D,G) is essential.

The less work I have to do to edit or re-type your gig info, the faster it is going to get onto the calendar ...
and it can be less work for you ... a particularly compact gig list :

  Example for Open Mike, Swanley :

Open Mike Swanley

G Acoustic Open Mike | Session
I All forms of | acoustic music |welcome, free. |
V Birchwood,| London Road,| Swanley.

Y 2006
T 8:30 - 11pm

M May
D 17 24 31

M June
D 7 14 21 28

If you are wondering what the vertical bars are for, they are hints to my program as to where to break lines, for the narrow column listings on KentFolk Calendar pages