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Subject: Why Girlyman?

Welcome if you've just joined us! Be warned that this secret organisation exists purely for the extreme pleasure of the members. If you're in any way against feeling happy and uplifted, then leave now - save yourself before it's too late. If however you're curious and want to see just what everybody, I mean everybody is talking about - then keep reading, buy a ticket (or two) and prepare to suffer the hopeless addiction that is wonderful - live - folk and acoustic music. Don't tell everyone though because we, the privileged discerning elite, wouldn't want the Marlowe masses to discover our secret world would we! Would we?? hmmm - Well I wouldn't mind actually - it would help with the mortgage lol! Oh forget all that previous twaddle, tell the world, drag along your auntie, we're big enough to share our fun.
Right - back to business. What a night in the Barn with the ELO guys!! Packed? we had to turn people away at the door! Funny how it was Mik Kaminski and his virtuoso fiddle, I'd been most excited about, but on the night was won over by Phil (Hairy monster) Bates and his virtuoso guitar. I loved that he stood in front of a fan. No not you Simon, an electric fan. Was it to blow his flowing hair back in a 1970's BeeGee-esque effect, or does he suffer from the heat? Not sure which but it was very effective. I meant to make use of it myself, as seconds before I went up to announce the start I spilt water all down my trousers and was worried that you'd all notice and think the worst! Fortunately the stage lights seemed to dry them out quickly and everyone was polite enough not to mention it!! Great show, great musicians, standing ovation, they're re-booked already for 2012.

What's next? I hear you ask.
Well it's Girlyman. This is probably one of my most looked forward to gigs - ever! I can't actually believe there are still loads of tickets to sell for this. Someone suggested that maybe the name is putting people off!! Or maybe it was naughty Keith Donnelly referring to them as Ladyboy! Forget that - Girlyman are three young classically trained singer-songwriters, with the uncanny ability to read each other's minds onstage. Independent Music Award Winners - their current superb cd 'Everything's Easy' was recently the biggest selling album on CD Baby, thats out of 278,510. One of the biggest independent bands in the States, Doris, Ty and Nate have recently been joined by drummer JJ Jones, formally of Po'Girl (who I saw in Whitstable and were F A B).

Why 'Girlyman' ? They say - when asked - 'if you put all three members of the trio into a blender, what you'd get, would be a 'girly man'. It hints at how the band has never quite fit into the mainstream. (Just right for us then). Nate likes to wear make-up on stage (who doesn't? - I've seen Seth Lakeman's dressing room !) (JOKE! sorry Seth) Doris is Japanese-American, and Ty is a grown-up tomboy. The name Girlyman is a way of playing with that. They are not weirdo's I promise. (not that there is anything wrong with weirdo's)
Here are some reviews and comments from others....

“Tired of discordant progressive and oh-so-experimental indie rock? Girlyman makes folkpop music that is defined by stunning three part harmonies and beautiful melodies. This music makes you want to sit back, close your eyes and listen.” The Washington Post

“Really good, really unexpected, and really different.” The Village Voice
“The group’s harmonies roll and tumble, soar and blend, like those of folk music’s most intriguing harmony groups.” Dirty Linen Magazine
"Girlyman has done it again. Lyrics worthy of study, intelligent and emotional, couched in lush, innovative, heart-breaking harmonies." - A fan.
Girlyman's second CD - Little Star. Released in 2005 by Daemon Records. "Just when you really get into the groove of one of the best new folk-rock bands to appear on the scene since Ani DiFranco reinvented the "one girl, one guitar" routine, Little Star is over. At the end of "This Is Me," you're abandoned, left howling for more; naked, crazy, and prepared to hunt down Ty, Nate, and Doris so you can make them sing to you all day long. Then the repeat function on your stereo kicks in, and your inner beast is calmed for another 46.4 minutes." Boston Edge

And from Facebook....
"Fellow Girlyfans! If you haven't seen Girlyman live, you are in for a TREAT!! They are even better live, then they are on their wonderful CDs! I've seen them 5 times in the US, and now that i'm in Singapore.. i'm plotting ways to get them here! ;-) " - Daryl Van Hale

Back in May, they played on Radio 4's - The Music Group

I found them online by chance a few years ago and became addicted to their sound pretty quickly. I was therefore amazed and thrilled six months ago to be told they were coming over for their first UK tour and I could have the chance to book them. I like the story I heard that their fans all clubbed together to pay for a certain type of very special, very expensive microphone, to make recording their voices sound as perfect as they would naturally. What devotion eh. I believe some fans are coming over from the States to follow their Tour. I think the acoustics of St Gregory's will perfectly suit their soaring, tumbling, blending harmonies, I've been assured that the drums are very subtle and enhance the arrangements, not just bish bash bosh!
You can preview their music here and see them here

Please come, you'll absolutely love them I promise!

(Ty, Nate, Doris and JJ) - St Gregory's Centre for Music, Christ Church Uni, Canterbury Saturday 2nd October 7.15pm for 8pm Tickets £14 Student discount £10

We added the student price to try and encourage some of the University students along. If you've already booked a ticket and are a full time student, let me know and I'll refund the difference.

Other stuff...
The weekend after next see's the annual Tenterden Folk Festival. Tenterden is always a nice place to visit but from the 30th Sept - 3rd Oct it will come alive with Morris Dancers and performers from all over the UK. The line-up includes Alchemy, Band of Two, Barron Brady, Capella, Pete Castle, Karen and Colin Cater, The Claque, Roy Clinging, Cross O'th Hands, Paul and Liz Davenport, Vic Ellis, Doug Euson and Sarah Matthews, Roy Harris, Keith Kendrick, Dick Miles, Sylvia Needham, Mike Nicholson, George Papavgeris, The Ram Company Ceilidh Band with caller Ian Carter, Mike Silver, Suffolk Step Dancers, John and Karen Sweeney, Barrie and Ingrid Temple, Ticklish Allsorts Show, Tinkers Bag, Phil Trainor, and Steve Turner, plus I believe Luke Jackson will be making an appearance.

Well there's a lot more but you've probably lost the will to live, so I'll save it, but will just mention that St Agnes Fountain is nearly sold out so be quick if you're planning on coming to that.

All details on the website and more on Facebook too.
Back soon with some very very exciting news...


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