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Subject: Can we have Summer back please!

In the words of Gerry Colvin - can someone - 'turn the sun back up to heat... let this summer last for one more week' (or 6 at least!). I blame all those people at Cropredy Festival, its tempting fate, hoping to have three warm dry days at a festival with no roof! Sorry, I'm jealous, I had such a great time at Cropredy last year and wished I could have gone again - especially as Martyn Joseph was playing there for the first time. If, like me you'd have loved to hear Martyn's Cropredy debut, well you can - ta da !! .... plus interviews with Mabon and other bits and pieces. Sounds like Martyn was well received, and the tracks from his new album sound great, can't wait for that to be released. He's changed the name of the album from 'Lonely like America' to 'Under Lemonade Skies', and explains why in the Cropredy broadcast. You'll have to listen to find out!! Don't forget you can see him in person performing songs from his new album on the 10th November at St Mary's Church, Sandwich. A simply stunning live performer and a concert that I'd highly recommend.
Great to see some of you at Broadstairs, and a real honour to be asked to MC in the Marquee. Hope you enjoyed the shows, those that came along. All the artists I saw were amazing and hats off to Kim and team for another superb Festival.

Don't forget that Faversham Hop Festival is coming up from the 3rd - 5th September. Lots of music at venues throughout the Town, including the Fat River Band, Chimney Boys and the wonderful Hot Rats. Go along and soak up some atmosphere and Hops!

Some of you may know of the excellent Yamaha Music School in Canterbury. They have been re-branded and are now called 'Your Music School'. They have an extensive musical accessories department, not instruments, but all the bits and pieces musicians need like strings, cables, drum sticks, drum heads, tuners, straps, capos, slides, music stands, mic stands and reeds etc. During August they are offering 20% off all purchases, so go along and stock up on those essentials.

Folk in the Barn concert news....

Only 20 or so tickets left for Mik Kaminski - one of Rock's greatest fiddle players, performing with the Beatles, Blues and Blue Violin project on 10th September in the Kingston Barn. I predict this will sell out soon, so let me know asap if you still want a ticket - £13.

Girlyman tickets are also selling well - 2nd October, St Gregs - book soon to be certain of yours.

Jigantics, Luke Jackson, Acoustic Architects - tickets available online now at I was fortunate to be present in the recording studio in Banbury last week to witness the Jigantics recording their first 5 tracks. It was fascinating to see how it is done, and very exciting to be at the birth of a brand new project. They still need to record the vocals and then mix it down, but already its sounding so good, I can't wait to hear the finished product. Marion's fiddle playing was so beautiful it made us cry! Afterwards at the curry house - who should be on the table next to us, but Gerry Conway himself, about to launch into rehearsals for Cropredy... Small world eh!

Martyn Joseph - November 10th, St Mary's - tickets selling daily, but plenty left at the moment.

St Agnes Fountain - Dec 5th, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, - nearly half the tickets sold already and its only August!

All tickets available to book online at

Must dash the phone is ringing, its probably Gerry Colvin still grovelling for forgiveness! Ha!

More later....


Debs Earl

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