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Subject: 2010-09-15 - Crampton plays Chambers in Folkestone


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Christopher Peter SmithSeptember 15, 2010 at 8:46pm

Subject: Crampton plays Chambers in Folkestone


Crampton plays a mean bottle-neck on a ancient looking National Steel whilst providing his own percussion via stomp box. Add some gravel vocals and the occasional harmonica burst and really the man can't be beaten!

John Crampton, an amazing one-man blues band with steely reverberating guitar and harmonica galore. His playing was like a locomotive, his singing like an angry chainsaw and as he steamed through his set ... this man could not be faulted.

Blues in London

One of the countries long serving blues masters - John Crampton brings his own unique stamp on the Blues from Brighton to Folkestone this week with a very rare appearance in the town. The Chambers in Cheriton Place is fast becoming the venue in town to catch artistes that rarely venture into our neck of the woods or international solo acts who are touring the UK & Europe & kinda just pop in to say hello!

Recent blues & folk acts that have played include Martin Harley, Kingslim Jim, Rory Ellis(Australia) & Kris Dollimore with the Groanbox Boys from the US providing a much needed injection of international Folk music into the town. Lets not forget The Strong & Silent Types - who'll be returning soon - from Holland who WOWED the audience with a night of stunning Gypsy Jazz!!

John Crampton will be playing from 9pm onwards this Thurs 16th September with an evening that promises something very special for lovers of the Blues. Growling, stomping, bottle-necking & percussive mayhem from this one man whirlwind.

This qutoe from the organisers of this years 2000 FESTIVALTREES festival kinda sums it up!

"Oh man this is gonna be ace. We saw Crampton live last year and were stunned by the effortless way in which he creates such power and furious energy. .. you'd swear he was backed by the Trojan Army. Crampton plays an awesome combination of gravel-throated vocals, and low-down- and-dirty-foot-stompin'-blues. You'd be a fool to miss it... " 2000 Trees Festival (2010)

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