What tunes do they play at the different sessions ?

So you would like to play at a session, but you need to know what tunes to practice first.
This information is provided over the web by Banjolin's excellent site, go to :


Suppose you are interested in the Anchor, Wingham sessions :

Under Selection choose Anchor, and click on [Find Tunes],
and you should get a list of 111 tunes any of which the regular players will be able to join in with you when you propose the tune.

The tunes are provided in 4 different formats, including abc (there are good free abc players which will play the music for you, I use AbcMus), and PDF, which gives the music in staff notation in a form suitable for printing.

There are also some gig-reports from sessions, with photos and down-loadable .mp3 music :
Celtic Session :
French/Breton/European Session :