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Welcome to the new year here at The House Concert Hub, looks like a bumper one with so many of you touring and using this site as a meeting place, (let me know of any spare dates I'll advertise them on the front page)  thanks to everyone for their support for the site in 2009, and particularly thanks for the kind donations to Its up keep from those who have found gigs and other valuable help here, its great to know its all making a difference.



Sample CD


I decided to hold on the House Concert Sample cd as a lot of folk were skint before Christmas, but I'll need to bash on now or it won't be a first birthday cd any more, its going well, Americana UK and a few other pblications and radio people are going to do features on it, so I need to get it all sorted this month, We still have a couple of spots left on the cd please let me know by return if your interested, I did get some more responses from people who are not featured yet but have lost your info (computer problems) so please if your interested and not on the sampler cd site now let me know I'll fix it and get you on the CD.
Flyinshoes Review
FSR is going from strength to strength, with nearly as many unique visitors every day as this site (around the 150 a day mark)  feel free to join us there to, however here is a tip, your hub events are now automatically featured on FSR front page, as well as The Hubs front page so its good free publicity to people who really care just for posting an event to the House Concert Hub.
Its always good to hear from you please let me know any thoughts on how to make the site better, heres an other tip, all the modules on your page can be draged and dropped into any place you want them IE you can feature your music and/or perhaps your videos at the top and tuck away the latest activity down the bottom or as a side issue.
Rob Ellen
PS we need more hosts,(as ever) let your mailing list know about the site, you can share to them myspace, face book etc and indeed twitter (even) from your site, let them know that I'll help get them started as a host, all they need do is post a page here and I'll take it from there

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