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Subject: Open Stage
Hello all, On behalf of my friend Phil and to ensure that Ceej's open stage legacy continues please see below.
Friends, Romans, countrymen, folk women and everyone else…
I’m doing one of my occasional plugs for the legendary, eclectic and eccentric Wednesday night open stage at The Smack in Whitstable.
For those of you who have been before, you know that there’s a place in your soul which has been missing it (unless you’ve been a regular attendee, in which case let me clarify that it was nothing personal and it’s just the dog’s way of being friendly), so seize the day and pop along!
To those of you who have not encountered the myriad delights of this event, why not dip your toe in the metaphorical water (it’s probably safer than the sea, although that’s not a legally binding statement) and have a bit of Whitstable culture (again, that’s not the sort you’ll find growing on you after a swim in the sea). We’re very trendy, according to some bored journos in London, you know; even that Kirsty Allsopp was here a while ago and she’s from Channel 4, so you know it’s all hip and cool. Daddio.
If you fancy participating and strutting your stuff musically (or poetically even) on the stage, then turn up, sign up and do your ten minutes or so of entertainment.
Songwriters - it’s a good way to test your latest idea in front of an understanding (some might say slightly oiled) audience.
Covers merchants - how does your new ‘reinterpretation’ fare in public? Find out without risking scuppering your carefully compiled set at a ‘proper’ gig.
New performer - commence your habit of ‘treading the boards’ via a gentle initiation. Just do one song if you’re nervous!
Musicians - looking for other musos? It can be quite a useful recruitment area. Not only may you find like-minded beings but you can discover out if you’re musically compatible.
The opportunities are endless! But only if you’re there…
Kick-off is usually at 9.00 or a bit before. Depending upon how busy things are, it is wise to arrive by 8.30 to sign up if you wish to play. Every week is different…
Thanks for your indulgence
Phil, standing in for Ceej.

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