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Re. Open Stages:

I have been running The Smack (Whitstable) open mic night for four years now & it is very popular, EVERY Wednesday! A small stage with a very welcoming & supportive audience. So many extremely talented musicians turn up & play - but beginners welcome too. All syles of music welcomed too, with instruments to use.
The 2nd Saturday of the month open stage at The Smack, is a bit quieter as far as musicians go - so plenty of space to play for a longer slot too.
The Pier Open stage is finishing after a year - I had to give something up, as I am 25 weeks pregnant!!
The Carpenters Arms (Canterbury) Open Mic nite is on the 3rd Friday of every month. Again - popular - & all musicians/ listeners welcome. This one has been running for a year & a half.
My latest open stage is at the wonderful music venue - Orange Street Music Club - the next Penny Theatre??? I am running this on the last Thursday of the month, but it will soon be twice a month. It is so popular, about 10 acts don't get on!! So, turn up early or contact cj.
Hope this is ok. I provide all the equipment and the times are 9 - 11, sometimes starting at 8.30 if it is really busy.
07961 113452
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Hi CJ,

OK, thanks, have added all your open stages to the KentFolk file of regularly repeating gigs - They should keep repeating for ever - so do tell me when they change !
Also done a friend request on myspace !

I have an OpenStage news section on KentFolk - so also please send me a few paragraphs as a news item !

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Hi - cj here. Here is my Myspace address - here you will find all my open mics nites!!!! Cheers.