From: ceej jones [cjstrumstheguitar_at_hotmail_dot_co_dot_uk]
Sent: 23 July 2009 17:02
To: J.B.W.Webber
Subject: RE: Open Stage info update ?
Hi - hope all ok.
Here are my current Open Mic Nites:
ALSO . . . .
Cheers, cj x

From: J.B.W.Webber_at_kent_dot_ac_dot_uk
To: cjstrumstheguitar_at_hotmail_dot_co_dot_uk
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 15:24:04 +0100
Subject: Open Stage info update ?

Hi CJ,
can you update me re your Open Stages ?
The current info on KentFolk is as below, some of it is now quite old :
the Open Stage page :
 the Open Stage News : :
 Open Stage
......| 2009-05-25 - Two new open stages.txt
......| 2009-07-21 - Sunday Open Mic Night at The Sondes Arms, Selling.htm
......| 2009-07-21 - Sunday Open Mic Night at The Sondes Arms, Selling.pdf
......| CJ's open mic nights.txt
......| Jack Pound's Open Stage.txt
......| Monthly Open Stage list.txt
......| Open Mic Nights - Chislehurst - hosted by the Missouri Gutts.htm
......| Open Stage - Phil for cj.htm
......| SEFAN 2008-04-02_02. Open Mike at The Pig Butcher (formanlly The Fireman's).htm
 Your people might like to know of a new fast-track way of accessing the KentFolk Open Stage page and news updates, see below :

A preliminary KentFolk iGoogle Gadget : 
                                this is just an image:  
 Follow this link to see a live version :
 These gadgets are small panels of info you can add to your iGoogle Home Page : just click on the [+Google] button...... 
   this button should work :
Gadgets powered by Google
- together with others such as weather and travel maps, national rail travel tools, news feeds ....
Alternatively they can be embedded in web pages, so you can quickly jump to a particular part of KentFolk :
        - Folk&Roots now has one on their links page for Kent :
I have attached the few lines of code to embed this gadget into a web page.
 The KentFolk gadget takes you straight to say the Open Stage info from your iGoogle home page, without even having to open-up KentFolk first.
I hope your people find it useful.

--Forwarded Message Attachment--

Kent Folk

Click on the [+Google] button to add this
KentFolk Gadget to your iGoogle homepage.

This Gadget will help take you into the depths of the KentFolk site.
Scroll down on the Gadget to see the latest news items.

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