From: Watson, Sue [sue.watson_at_pfizer_dot_com]
Sent: 16 February 2009 09:14
Subject: Lift needed

Hi Beau,

Great to see you at Deal for Tom McConville the other week.

I just had a look at your site and noticed that you're trying a lift section. I'd love to get over to the Drum at North Stansted any thursday - I can get a lift back, so all I need is to get over there, so I thought I might try your website and see if it would work. Here goes -
Needed - Lift from Deal/Dover to North Stansted - Any Thursday evening I am looking for a lift from Deal/Dover direction over to the Drum at North Stansted (Hythe turnoff of M20) on any thursday evening to attend Fok at the Drum. I can get a lift back - just need to get over there. Happy to contribute towards petrol costs. If you can help please contact Sue Watson sue.watson_at_pfizer_dot_com_dot_ Thanks.
Let's see if it works!