From: David Pleasants [david_at_plesbit_dot_net]

Sent: 02 September 2010 13:40

Cc: Kathy & Bob Drage; Brian Withstandley; Cloudstreet; Paul Sirman; Scolds Bridle (Sue Bonsfield)


Attachments: GUEST AND CLUB.NIGHTS SEP 10 - JAN 11.doc


Good Morning All,


This has been a very long morning for me as I had to deliver my son to hospital at 0700 for his left leg to be straightened as, we hope, the final surgery to rectify the results of his skiing accident in Jan 09!


As some, but not all, of you know this will necessitate Dannie and I being away from home for some considerable time, two, maybe three, months to assist him with his recovery as his lower leg will be in a frame.


The club will be in the very good hands of Bill, as acting MC and Gillian, as acting treasurer with the normal team of ladies, Everal, Maureen and Val, doing the front of house as usual.


For those of our guests who need accommodation, Cloudstreet and Scolds Bridle, do not panic!! I shall be at home to look after you and to run the club on our guest nights.  All being well I shall see you all at Fylde Festival this coming weekend, 4 & 5 Sep, anyway when hopefully we shall be able to discuss accommodation requirements.




For those who thought Paul Sirman would be at FATD on 9 Sep please note that the attached forecast of events is correct, NOT "AROUND KENT FOLK" (AKF) which went to press before we made the change.  PAUL WILL BE OUR GUEST ON 16 SEP 10.  This change was made for purely selfish reasons as Paul and I both want to go to see The Yetties final concert at The Bluebell Railway on 9 Sep 10.  We only discovered that the concert was on when we went to their previous concert there recently and after we had made the booking.  For any Yetties fans out there, have a look at their website as they finish altogether next year after an incredible Fifty years on the road.  If any of you want to update old Yetties LPs to CD contact Bonny Sartin through the website and he will send you a CD version for a very reasonable fee.  Bonny is very quick to respond to e-mails and extremely helpful as well.


For Beau Webber and Sue Watson, would you be kind enough to ensure that the change of  date for Paul to appear at FATD is as widely advertised as possible and Sue could you or Adrian make an announcement at Deal the week before, 10 Sep, please.


We have three really good guests to round off this year for us. Paul and Cloudstreet have been several times before but it will be a first for Sue and Liz of Scolds Bridle.  I have been watching them at Lancaster Maritime and Fylde Festivals for the best part of ten years now and I always thoroughly enjoy both their performance and their material.  Their maritime numbers are mainly concerned with the fishing from the Fylde coast with a good few of Ron Baxter's brilliant songs in their repertoire.  They concentrate to some extent on the women and children who were left behind to fend for themselves in difficult circumstances when their men folk were at sea and all too frequently found a watery grave.  They are by no means confined to maritime material and I am really looking forward to having them both performing for us at FATD.


Please make sure that you put the dates of our guest nights in your diaries and on your calendars so that you do not miss out on what will undoubtedly be three really great nights of folk music a its best.


I shall be sending out a separate e-mail for bids for floor singers for 16 Sep shortly.


Looking ahead to next year, I have Feb to Jun booked already with firm dates and also Oct.  I have also negotiated with two other really good performers for later in the year, more of that in a moment but our confirmed guests for 2011 are:


17 Feb 11     Derek (Giff) Gifford (an old friend of the club).


17 Mar 11     Sarah McQuaid (Sarah is Irish but based in Cornwall but this does NOT mean that we shall be having a wild and raucous Paddy's night).


7 Apr 11        Debra Cowan and John Roberts (Debra is American, a very nice lady, and John is a Brit based in the USA).


19 May 11     "No Worries" (old friends of the club whom I have taken far too long to get back to the club)


16 Jun 11        Bryony (Three ladies who started singing together in 1980 and are now touring together again not least amongst them the incredibly powerfully voiced Alison Younger who forms part of Les Barker's hilarious Mrs Ackroyd Band).


20 Oct 11        Tom & Barbara Brown.  (Nothing further needs to be said.  We have had two brilliant nights with them previously).


I have also been negotiating with Brian Peters and Johnny Dyer & Vicky Swan for dates at the back end of next year, of which I hope to inform you shortly.


Finally, this e-mail is brought to you by the wonders of modern science and a clever programme called "logmein" which allows me to send this e-mail to you from my own computer back in Kent whilst seated at Simon's computer in Salhouse in Norfolk.  The only thing is it means leaving my machine on all the time at home so that I can gain access to it from here...........I wonder what my electricity bill will be like!!


Best regards