From: David Pleasants [david_at_plesbit_dot_net]

Sent: 20 September 2010 00:50



Good Morning All,


Crabble has crept up on me this month so my apologies that this reminder is somewhat late.  Unfortunately I cannot be there this month and neither can Bill so Sue Watson has very kindly agreed to be your MC for the night.


Anderida, that is: Ian Kirkland, his daughter Alison and Teresa Colton are doing the finishing spot this month.  They are very good and always produce a varied set that I know you will enjoy so please go along on Friday and give both them and Sue your support, not forgetting, of course, that the main beneficiary is the Mill itself!  I hope I shall make it next month and see you then.


Don't forget Tenterden Folk Festival which starts on Thursday 30 Sep, now has a full day of activities on the Friday and finishes late on Sunday 3 Oct 10.


Best regards