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Hi there folks!


There is a change of guest for our special Hop Festival concert on Friday, 3rd September.


Due to entirely unforeseeable circumstances, Craig and Willoughby have had to cancel BUT the good news is that THE HOT RATS will be replacing them to help us kick-start the festival.  The Rats play what Traditional Music Maker has described as the most exciting Celtic style folk/rock/world roots music in the South East and feature Ian Cutler, a fiddler of such energy and dexterity that it's amazing his fiddle doesn't catch fire!


In addition to the exciting, foot-tapping stuff there are songs a-plenty, some traditional and some penned by Doug Hudson who is the lead singer and guitarist.  All this is driven along by the powerful bass playing of Mike Peters who also contributes the vocal harmonies.


Admission is 7 and the doors open at The Chimney Boy, Preston Street, at 8pm with the music starting at 8.30.  Reservations and further information can be had from yours truly on 07980 203992.


Come along and help start to get the annual festivities of to a blazing start!  See you there!


Mary Henderson

Faversham Folk Club