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Music News Nashville Newsletter for August 23, 2010


Good morning...  


Dan's thought for the day:  The sole purpose of a child's middle name is so he can tell when he's really in trouble.


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- Quarterfly Signs to Rock Ridge Music Wiht New Album Coming in Early 2011
- Blake Shelton Returns To NBC's Today Show For Third Time This Year
- Mike Farris Assembles the "All Star" Cumberland Saints For a New EP to Benefit Nashville Homeless and Flood Relief
- Sons of Sylvia 'Hanging On' to Carrie Underwood Tour Gig
- Taylor Swift and Kanye West to Share the MTV Stage Again?
- Trace Adkins Weighs In on Ground Zero Mosque Debate
- Blake Shelton Introduces 'Drake Skelton'
- Jimmy Wayne Fights Hunger With Bryan Foods
- Gary Allan Joins Houser, Niemann On "Pain" Tour
- Miranda Lambert Readies Live DVD


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