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Subject: Hello Sunshine!

I've had to tear myself away from my veggie patch and the beautiful (about time) warm sunshine to send you some updates. Yes I know - the sacrifices I make for you lot !!
First - Wow - Gigspanner - Wow! that's all I can say. Apart from this..... simply the most beautiful, uplifting, almost transporting - musical performance that you can experience. Peter Knight, Roger and Vince together are incredible. Absolutely loved it. They'll be back because a Gigspanner gig is something very very special - they are fast becoming favourites, and it just works so well in the acoustics of the Barn.
Enough of last week. Next up is Fairport Convention with their Spring Acoustic Tour. Next Thursday at the Cathedral study centre or Lodge as I should now call it. It just doesn't feel like a Lodge to me! I think of Travel lodge - nah! International Study Centre sounds much posher! Anyway - sorry if you haven't booked - its completely sold out ( Hooray!) Don't despair completely though because if you want to go on the waiting list - there are always returns by the time the gig comes round.
The most important part of this letter is now - so pay attention please. On Sunday 6th June - just two weeks away - we have the next gig in the Kingston Barn and so far only a tiny fraction of you have been moved to book your tickets. I'm really hoping that you're all holding back for some reason and bookings are going to flood in between now and then. I know for a fact that this will be one of the most entertaining concerts we have ever held. If it was just Flossie on her own, or just Keith Donnelly on his own, you would be in for a wonderful wonderful show. But wanting to give you the very best entertainment its possible to have - we have them both! The only people I should warn not to come - are those with a sense of humour bypass. You'd hate it! It will be very funny. I know both Flossie and Keith fairly well and they are both natural born funny people. They can't help but make you laugh, and you won't be able to help yourselves. So you're gonna feel good, and happy, but also you are going to be stunned and moved by Flossies stunning singing voice, performing her own material and also that written by Keith. If anyone is going through a tough time and needs cheering up - come along, it'll help I promise! Both highly regarded artists in their own right, Flossie supported Show of Hands on their Autumn County Towns tour last year - you may have seen her at Maidstone. And as a duo they were chosen to support Fairport Convention on their winter tour - a very prestigeous achievement. They've also been booked for Cropredy Festival this summer, so they are obviously held in high esteem by those in the know! They will be each be doing a solo set before the interval, then part two will be together as a duo. I just can't wait - they are brilliant. Tickets just £12 - I hope you can come - please ring or email me to book. 01227 831493

Other stuff...

Charity Open Air Concert
Some of you know of our own terrific young singer songwriter Luke Jackson - a few years ago we discovered that his sister rode at 'The Paddocks' where my daughter Rosie also used to go. On Saturday 7th August 'The Paddocks' are holding a Charity open air concert. The idea is raise funds for the charity, 'The Paddocks - Riding for all' and to showcase local musicians. The Charity provides horse riding opportunities for people that would not have these opportunities. They provide training opportunities for volunteers and people with hidden disabilities, to expand their knowledge, increase self esteem, and provide a firm foundation for further development in any field. One of their many aims is to develop life skills for people with behavioural difficulties. For more information follow this link.
Luke of course will be playing - the event is headlined by 'Van Dave', supported by Ross and the Wrongens, Tom Vafidis, The Alchemists and solo artists; Luke Jackson, Dani Groombridge and James Thorn. Tickets are a very reasonable £7 in advance, full booking and artist details are at Worth the ticket price to see Luke alone!

Lounge on the Farm vote
Our resident Fibbers band 'The Acoustic Architects' formally known as Homage - or Bob, Dave and Steve's band! (who are actually very good) , are hoping to be able to play at Lounge on the Farm this year, but in order to do so they need to win votes. Anyone willing to help our friends - please go to and press 'VOTE' They'd be everso pleased to get the chance to play - and they deserve it. Check them out first if you like at .
Kent Folk Bluegrass
Kent Folk has another of their Bluegrass concerts - tonight at the Grove Ferry - Allison Williams (clawhammer banjo, vocals) & Chance McCoy (fiddle, banjo, vocals), £10 - full details at Beau_at_KentFolk_dot_com 01227 721 736 07544 915 464

Other FitB news
Few tickets left for Steve Knightley on 30th June and plenty left at the moment for Cara Dillon on 3rd July, all details as per usual on
Keep spreading the word and supporting Live Music

Thanks - back to the sunshine. Enjoy the rest of the weekend

Debs Earl
01227 831493

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